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FRONT PAGE  |  10/17/2019
SATURDAY, AUG 4, 2018  |  22 comments
The Southern Baptist Convention is undergoing a seismic shift

The Southern Baptist Convention is not just changing; it has changed. Many will consider it a blessed conversion. Others will feel disenfranchised, marginalized, and excluded. This convention confirmed that my decision to retire at the end of this year is well-founded, because I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness.

Southern Baptists were all about evangelism and missions for many years, but in the last decade it seems that we have changed our focus; and the decline in baptisms at home and abroad have been precipitous.

Chuck Kelley, president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, has explained, “The true bad news is that when you put last year in the context of all previous years, it indicates the SBC is in the midst of a decline that shows no sign of either slowing down or turning around.”

The new emphases subtly infiltrating Southern Baptist life seems to be social justice, the ...

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· Page 1 ·  Found: 22 user comment(s)
News Item8/8/18 5:57 AM
Dr. Tim | Possum Hollow, USA  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
Golden oldies, Jim? Don't you mean moldy oldies?

News Item8/7/18 5:38 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Eschatology="The doctrine of the last or final things, as death, judgment, and the events therewith connected."

Soteriology="2. (Theol.) The doctrine of salvation by Jesus Christ."

[URL=]]]The Christian Right Movement[/URL] is a disaster for the mission of Christians! ' "The Reconstructionist movement and its allies and offshoots, by substituting political and cultural action for the proclamation of the Gospel, by substituting eschatology for soteriology, and by mangling the Gospel itself, have become tools of Romanist political action" (3/02, The Trinity Review).' excerpt from, [URL=]]]Notes on Reconstructionism[/URL]. Conservative Christians are overlooking [URL=]]]The Deadly Dangers of Moralism[/URL] and of political action. [URL=]]]Dominion Theology/Kingdom Now/Reconstructionism[/URL] is an anti-Biblical curse. [URL=]]]"Christian" Activism?[/URL]

Actually I'm going to have to go over the Phil Johnson one because I think he's added to it! But, Tim, there's always new people around who should see these things and some of the golden oldies here will suddenly realize their political actions are foolishness!


News Item8/7/18 9:10 AM
Dr. Tim | Possum Hollow, USA  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
Wow, Jim, you haven't dragged that one out for a week or two. Why do you keep trying to fire spent bullets?

News Item8/7/18 2:08 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Phil Johnson wrote:
...America’s moral decline has accelerated dramatically since evangelicals became politically aggressive in the late 1970s....they have been remarkably ineffective when it comes to using politics to reverse America’s moral and spiritual decline. In fact, if you measure their success or failure according to their own stated political ambitions, evangelicals have failed spectacularly in America’s political arena.... [ ]

Worst of all, during that same period of time, the evangelical movement has completely lost its spiritual influence, because the evangelical segment of the church has grown increasingly worldly. Evangelicals have become accustomed to compromise. They have abandoned (or else are in the process of abandoning) virtually all the doctrinal distinctives that made them distinct from Roman Catholics and nominal Christians whose faith amounts to a kind of civil religion. Evangelicals have pretty much forfeited whatever real moral and spiritual authority their movement ever had.

excerpt from [URL=]]] (Politically Incorrect?)[/URL]

Written way before the 2016 election ❗

Well, I think the original message was written before 2016; it he might have added to it?


News Item8/5/18 5:35 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Tim, I don't know if you thought you heard me saying nice things about the people that were commenting on this particular page of History. I don't know if I saw anyone in there that I could consider very Christian either, including Randall Balmer who is an Episcopalian priest--but has many interesting things to say about evangelicals, which he once was one----[URL=]]] (God In America: Transcripts: Hour Six - "Of God and Caesar" | PBS)[/URL].👍

'Rev. RANDALL BALMER: Many evangelicals were not even registered to vote because politics is dirty and unseemly. "And besides, Jesus is coming back at any time to get us out of this mess, so why should we worry about the temporal order." That was a very, very real sentiment among America's evangelicals for the middle decades of the 20th century.

'This was an alternate universe within the larger American culture. It was possible, and I can attest to this personally, to grow up within that world, within that subculture and have very, very little commerce with anyone outside of that world.'

As history, I will still highly recommend the above, but for theology of these men or perhaps other programs that made up this PBS series, I won't recommend. 👎


News Item8/5/18 10:31 AM
penned  Find all comments by penned
did you know.... the REAL ID Act (HR1268, year 2005)has passed and by 2020 you will be forced to comply?

this will include:

facial recognition
birth certificate
social security card, etc

your face will be in a database

article 16.9, United Nations "everyone in world must have ID"

refusal means... no flying, entering federal building


News Item8/5/18 10:25 AM
Dr. Tim | Possum Hollow, USA  Find all comments by Dr. Tim
Why would anyone who purports to be a Bible-believing Christian remain in a church that is affiliated with other churches where the Word of God is held in utter contempt and every man does that which is right in his own eyes? The only conceivable answer is cowardice. People are afraid to turn their back on generations of traditions. They're afraid to offend mama and Aunt Susie. They're afraid they won't find another church that they "like," which is simply another way of doing what is right in their own eyes. Whether you are a Southern Baptist, United Methodist, Anglican, Presbyterian, or whatever, you should either "come out from among them, and be ye separate," as commanded, or at least be honest enough to throw in wholeheartedly with the sodomites you already tacitly support by association.

News Item8/5/18 10:01 AM
penned  Find all comments by penned
the hirelings have managed to initiate the agendas of the hillaree campaign within the convention even though a secular public was able to vote against it!!!

though they are not majority, they do not care.

a lesson from cultural marxsm is rule through fear, innuendo, deception, false teachings.

isn't it something that al mohler, all he can say about revoice is that it is making a bridge to lgbt and is causing confusion?

are these men not in prominent positions affecting the budgets of many?

are not those on ERLC salaries involved in many of these kinds of things?

why should southern baptists tithes go into this agenda?

where are the leaders to speak the truth?

why covering up that the revoice leader was asked on a radio program if he would run a similiar one for "pedophile" Christians?

indeed, is the revoice leader, if asked, willing, oh yes willing to run a similiar meeting for "PEDOPHILE" Christians"?

SOuthern Baptists...... you are being made utter fools of.

let the cleaning up of the old patriarch commence.

"thou shalt not be a bigot"


News Item8/5/18 9:57 AM
Chris G P | England  Find all comments by Chris G P
Another problem is the emotion charged “spiritual formation” programmes increasingly being used in “Christian” colleges, universities, Bible Colleges, seminaries, as well as in “Christian” societies in secular HE establishments, not based on the Bible or on God’s Word, but on emotion, feelings, emptying one’s mind, repetition of Christianised mantras, etc., and also the “kumbaya” mentality of getting along with other religions, and lifestyles without confronting them, even leading to a subtle, and sometimes not so subtle Universalism.

These also lead to a “One World Church” idea, which ultimately will lead to the eventual leadership of the Pope in Rome and the Catholic Church over this “One World Church”, which will eventually include all the other religions as well!!!


News Item8/5/18 6:44 AM
Chris G P | England  Find all comments by Chris G P
One huge problem with the SBC, as far as I understand it, as well as the right wing political affiliation being actively preached in many of the churches, (now changing to a left wing affiliation because of this new “social justice” swing and takeover happening now), was that the leadership of the SBC never properly dealt with the curse of Freemasonry, which I understand is rife in the membership and the leadership of many SBC churches, but swept it under the carpet.

I also believe that there has been a very mechanistic Finney-style “salvation” process of altar calls, walking the aisle and 14 year old church member’s children almost automatically “making a decision” and being baptised as “believers”, and then promptly rebelling against the faith in the upper reaches of high school or in college or university when exposed to Lineralism and evolutionary theory.

Some of these kids haven’t totally rebelled or gone atheistic, but have picked up enough left wing rubbish from HE to return to SBC churches, to infect them, and take over the leadership.


News Item8/5/18 5:25 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
WFP, you made some very good comments especially your last sentence. 👍 However the problem goes back further then the 1980s. It was a problem of Jerry Falwell and even Francis Schaeffer.

God in America  -- American Experience wrote:
NARRATOR: But as the Bush presidency bogged down with the war in Iraq, it became clear that yet another Republican administration would fail to push through key parts of the evangelical agenda, including constitutional amendments banning abortion and gay marriage.

Rev. RICHARD CIZIK, National Evangelical Assn., 1980-2008: George W. Bush turned out to be a huge disappointment to evangelicals.

RALPH REED: There was a feeling that, "Hey, we worked all these years, we elected all these people, and what do we really have to show for it?"

NARRATOR: After a 30-year journey into politics, some veterans of the evangelical movement concluded their strategy had been flawed.

--[URL=]]]   (God In America: Transcripts: Hour Six - "Of God and Caesar" | PBS)[/URL] Continued

News Item8/5/18 5:21 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
God in America  -- American Experience wrote:
RALPH REED: We too often acted like just another lobby group, treating the Republican Party as synonymous with our agenda.
Rev. RICHARD CIZIK: Ultimately, it's evangelicalism that suffers. We lose our capacity to be an arbiter in society of what is moral and immoral because we've sold our birthright out to one political party.

Rev. ED DOBSON: There's a huge danger in getting too involved in the political process. You can either be a prophet who stands on the outside of culture and argues against the injustices, or you can be the king. And I don't think you can be both.

STEPHEN PROTHERO: A lot of the changes that the Christian right wanted were cultural changes - to use their own language, sort of "changes of the heart." But you can't really change that through electing presidents because by definition, it's cultural. But they did change our politics in that they brought religion and politics closer and closer together and they created a model that was effective...

--[URL=]]]   (God In America: Transcripts: Hour Six - "Of God and Caesar" | PBS)[/URL]

News Item8/4/18 6:56 PM
Wayfarer Pilgrim | Lubbock,tx  Find all comments by Wayfarer Pilgrim
In the 80’s -2001, a Southern Baptist Church was where everyone went for all the right and wrong reasons. I was at the FBC of Lubbock adult Sunday school class in 1985 , when our director said the only reasons adult Sunday school existed was for business contacts and business contacts. No other reason. Deacons were business leaders, their wives were Mary Kay salespeople and their kids were hellions. With that, the revivals dried up, and I bet, that story was duplicated everywhere. There were more church splits caused by church debt , old people dying off , pastors leaving and by not making overspending payments that anything else . And in the meantime, families ruptured, people left church for good and in its last gasp, the SBC decision to become a political offshoots of the RNC didn’t revive the church.
Now the good news, people who go to church, probably are saved and if not are being drawn to salvation by the Holy Ghost. So how to fix it, Preach the word, evangelize and love people , give thanks to the Lord for every season, we’ve got this hope in earthen jars.

News Item8/4/18 4:55 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
One can have mixed feelings about J. Gerald Harris, he has some good (bad) things to say about Islam, q.v., [URL=]]][/URL], but why the defense of Trump's toady, Pence

John MacArthur wrote:
Also, many present-day Christian activists seem to be unaware of how much their methodology parallels that of liberal Christians at the turn of the twentieth century. Like those misguided idealists, contemporary evangelicals became enamored of temporal issues at the expense of eternal values. Evangelical activists, in essence, are simply preaching a politically conservative version of the old social gospel, emphasizing social and cultural concerns above spiritual ones. In that framework the government becomes more and more the earthly ally (if he can persuade it to support his special agenda) or enemy (if it stays opposed or unresponsive to his agenda) of the Christian. But the ideal human government can ultimately do nothing to advance God’s kingdom, and the worst, most despotic worldly government in the end cannot halt the power of the Holy Spirit or the spread of God’s Word.
excerpt from, [URL= ]]] (The Futility of Political Change)[/URL]

News Item8/4/18 3:46 PM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
From article:-
""Fourth, the menacing worldly view of tolerance has raised its ugly head in the Baptist church. There was a time when lifestyles embodied in the LGBTQ community were universally condemned.

Today because of the normalizing of this deviate behavior in the media, the propagandizing of students in the schools, and the sensitivity training of corporate America we are getting too comfortable with sin and tolerant of aberrant lifestyles. The pulpit must not be silent in this day of tolerance lest our congregations become lukewarm. George Whitefield said, “Congregations are lifeless because dead men preach to them.” Adrian Rogers said, “The sins we once hid in the back alleys, we now parade down Main Street.”"

Oh Dear! The dreaded lurgy of Liberalist ideology creeps into SBC and poisons the doctrines. It's epidemic!


News Item8/4/18 2:00 PM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
The Quiet Christian wrote:
May the Lord revive our faith & trust in Him alone that we may do the good works that He has prepared for us to do, and then only in His name, for His sake, and for His glory.
Amen QC, lovely words indeed.

News Item8/4/18 11:41 AM
The Quiet Christian  Find all comments by The Quiet Christian
I read the article & agree with its author. He mentions five new empheses within the SBC: "social justice, the social gospel, feminism, tolerance, and intolerance." And then he exposes their faults. Same might be said of other conservative denominations and conventions, sadly. May the Lord revive our faith & trust in Him alone that we may do the good works that He has prepared for us to do, and then only in His name, for His sake, and for His glory.

News Item8/4/18 10:26 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Mark Labberton, President of Fuller Seminary wrote:
The word "evangelical" has morphed from being commonly used to describe a set of theological and spiritual commitments into a passionately defended, theo-political brand. Worse, that brand has become synonymous with social arrogance, ignorance and prejudice — all antithetical to the gospel of Jesus Christ.....
--[URL=]]] ( Are evangelicals today more devoted to Trump and the Republicans than the gospel?)[/URL]

Christopher Brittain wrote:
....Here we get to the heart of the challenge confronting not only liberal Christianity, but also evangelicals and neo-Pentecostals: modern individualism. Increasingly, Christians (liberal or otherwise) believe that they have the right to decide for themselves what they will or won't believe, and whether they will or won't show up for a worship service. For many, identifying one's identity as "Christian" does not necessarily commit oneself to a particular belief or practice....
---[URL=]]] (Plague on both their houses:..)[/URL]

It's time to tell Jeffress etc. to take their version of conservative Unitarianism and go somewhere else❗👎


News Item8/4/18 9:05 AM
Allie  Find all comments by Allie
Thanks to The "Gospel" Coalition and the ERLC. They have been working overtime to destroy it through socialism, race baiting, homosexual double speak, and animal rights foolishness.

News Item8/4/18 3:18 AM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
"Second, consider the social gospel, which has surreptitiously found its way back into our denomination. The social gospel embraces ministries that provide help to the needy – clothes closets, food banks, and health-clinics – almost anything that would contribute to the welfare of society. Churches should be engaged in these social ministries, but these ministries should not be the primary objective. Every social ministry or act of kindness should create a bridge to share the Gospel."

This fellow got it right.

In the UK the Salvation Army is well known and well respected by most all people, for its social works; but it is not well known for preaching the gospel, which it never does.

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