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FRONT PAGE  |  6/16/2019
FRIDAY, FEB 2, 2018  |  6 comments
Ofsted chief rebukes Church of England: We need powers to inspect Sunday schools

The proposals to allow inspectors in to 'out-of-school' educational settings, first mooted under David Cameron's premiership, were eventually dropped in 2016 after a personal intervention by the Archbishop of Canterbury amid warnings they could lead to Ofsted inspectors sitting at the back of Sunday school classes.

But today the new head of Ofsted put the plans back on the table and insisted rogue practices in a small segment of out-of-school education settings 'need to be tackled'.

Amanda Spielman rebuked the Church of England for opposing the plans and insisted new legislation was necessary to monitor 'what is happening under the radar in so-called out-of-school provision'.

She insisted that 'no one is proposing a troop of inspectors turning up at Sunday schools' but the previous proposals by the Department for Education wanted to force institutions that teach under-19s for more than six ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item2/3/18 8:47 AM
Chris G P from England | England  Find all comments by Chris G P from England
6 hours a week. This will be based on the secular humanist "British values" espoused by wavy Conservatives and the left socialist Labour Party of Jeremy Corbyn, and the Liberal Democrats as well.

The evangelicals have resisted this until now, but I don't know how long they can continue to resist this pressure. Please pray.


News Item2/3/18 8:43 AM
Chris G P from England | England  Find all comments by Chris G P from England
To return to the actual subject of this thread, the threat that this all-powerful government body in England and Wales, (Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own autonomous and separate set ups), OFSTED poses to British education and indeed any young people's or children's activities is immense.

OFSTED has virtually unlimited powers to inspect, report on, fail, put under special measures or even close or forcibly amalgamate any school, institution or activity that may come under its remit, in connection with children or young people between virtually birth and 18 years of age.

There are a number of activities that at present are exempt, such as certain foreign private or foreign government expatriate schools, some other private or independent schools, military linked schools, and at present, church youth activities and Sunday schools.

Suddenly, after a "Trojan Horse" scandal of Muslim dominated state schools in Birmingham, that came to light, encouraging terroristic and non-politically correct Muslim practices imposed on both children and staff, the wavy "Conservatives" and OFSTED want to enforce their secular humanist vision not only on the schools, etc., but now to extend their remit to any, and I mean any, activity involving children and young people for more than


News Item2/3/18 5:07 AM
Calvinist Satire  Find all comments by Calvinist Satire
Yikes, I hope you don't think that's a good article, because the comparison between the troll label and what the homosexuals do...that's ridiculous, and in fact, if we use his standards, you would be compared to what the homosexuals do concerning labeling people. LOL

the author also fails to grasp that MB and James White debated the Oneness Pentecostals, also the author uses double standards, is not very clear in his argumentation, and is just ignorant of some common facts.

And I guess the most important thing is that neither James White or Michael Brown died for me, Jesus Christ died for me, furthermore James White is did not invent Calvinism nor is the doctrine of Calvinism dependent on James White, what you're demonstrating is a strong hatred towards certain people who believe in Calvinism.

So in essence, you just took a cheap shot to mock, slander, lie about, insult, and display your strong dislike for people you don't like. Way to fulfill the second greatest commandment 🦄


News Item2/2/18 8:25 AM
calvinist sat here  Find all comments by calvinist sat here
Calvinist Satire wrote:
World news ...
Breaking news as I speak. Hanky Handkerchief ‘The Fable Answer Man’ reports with weeping and gnashing of unorthodox false teeth that Calvinist Satire may have been captured by tongue-in-cheek 'specially gifted' armed minions who are weary of his ‘O’ despicable me’ (Romans 7: 24); though liking the James White cloned bow tie. Though penniless he has been instructed that until he elects to purchase of his own free will, a $1 million dollar Benny Sin designer label suit (all proceeds to Benny, amen, hailalooza!), hence fully jettisoning his Calvinist attire, he will be ever imprisoned; bound to a continuationalist diet of Michael Brown ear worms and one pie-in-the-sky penticostalot pork pie.

Meanwhile any hope of the great Calvinist Champion coming to the rescue with that better medicine for those desiring the sincere milk …


News Item2/2/18 6:10 AM
Ignominious Emirakan | lie pie  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
Lies Teach Evolution-abuse!

Grand Canyon Took Millions of Years to Form .see Mt St Helens in "is Genesis History" intro.
The Geologic Column is a Fact (fossils age prove it - how do we date fossils ? By location in strata. ( like coelacanth ?🐟)
Natural Selection Causes Evolution ( quality control/ like claiming inspectors at car factory prove autos evolved from
Roller skates??

Moth evolves ( glue to trees &stage photos)
Homologous Structures Show Common Ancestry "roller skates have wheels, space shuttles had wheels. So skates evolved to shuttles)
Embryology Proves Evolution
Haekel's faked drawings still being used - even after Dr Richardson exposed this again in the 90's. Too good a lie to abandon as they kill babies based on lie they're in " fish stage"
Vestigial Structures Exist ..
" I will pay to remove your tailbone "
Complex Structures Like the Eye Can Evolve in Small Steps .15
Darwin admits this scares him- but proceeds to spin a myth. Irreducible complexity

Evo-Tree of Life Evidence?
orchard, not Tree- no connection at base of their fake tree17

Smaller simpler? Yeah, the " simple cell" more complex than space shuttle- and self replicating!!

School satir


News Item2/2/18 2:55 AM
Calvinist Satire  Find all comments by Calvinist Satire
World news: U.K. Recruits Kent Hovind to inspect public school classes.

In a controversial move, the U.K. has apointed the famous/infamous Christian Creationist Kent Hovind to inspect the teachings of the public schools, "I guess I'm honored" said Hovind while loading his PowerPoint slides, "These kids are being taught that they came from a rock, it's ridiculous."

Although opposition is coming from the political & educational side, however this really didn't concern Hovind, he said, "I'll debate 100 professors at once with half my brain tied behind my back."

When asked if he'd debate the politicians, he said, " Well you gotta understand, the word 'poly' means many, and a tick is a blood sucking animal, so you put the two together and you have a bunch of blood sucking animals, in my opinion that's a perfect example of what politics is."

At publishing times, Hovind inspected 20 public schools in one day, and reported 50 teachers to the police for teaching lies in the textbooks.

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