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FRONT PAGE  |  10/20/2019
MONDAY, JAN 22, 2018  |  68 comments
Evangelist Franklin Graham defends Trump against Stormy Daniels reports
Pressed on the possibility that the Journal’s report, and subsequent confirmation by multiple news outlets, were accurate, Graham argued that any such transgression would have no bearing on the man Trump is today.

“I believe at 70 years of age the president is a much different person today than he was four years ago, five years ago, 10 years ago,” Graham said. “He is not President Perfect.”

On the subject of Trump’s moral character, Graham reiterated his faith in the president’s “concern for Christian values.”

"We certainly don't hold him up as a the pastor of this nation and he is not," Graham said. "But I appreciate the fact that the president does have a concern for Christian values, he does have a concern to protect Christians whether its here at home or around the world and I appreciate the fact that he protects religious liberty and freedom." ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item2/27/19 6:54 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln (Stormy Daniels weighs in: ‘Michael, I’m proud of you’) from,
ABC Radio Online wrote:
Shortly before the committee took what was expected to about an hour break for lunch, the adult film actress at the heart of president’s hush money payments controversy released a statement during Cohen’s testimony, saying she’s “proud” of Cohen for “finally beginning to tell the truth about what you did.”

Stormy Daniels, whose name has been repeatedly invoked over the course of Wednesday’s hearing for her role as the recipient of a hush money payment, appeared moved by Cohen’s testimony.

“I can hear the pain and regret you feel for betraying your family and your country,” she said. “Thank you for having the courage, at long last, to begin to tell the truth.”

Cohen executed the $130,000 payment to Daniels prior to the 2016 election. President Trump has denied having an affair with Daniels....

Really quite interesting article by ABC Radio. It's actually quite long, and I only put up the part that was pertinent to this thread. I assume we will be hearing more about this testimony. I only looked at part of hearing on t.v., a small part of it that. I seen the missed all the juicy pieces.

News Item2/27/19 11:05 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Stormy Daniels does get mentioned in this NPR prepared transcript. Or she is reference to, anyway. (Michael Cohen Prepared Testimony for House Oversight Committee---Transcript)


News Item8/27/18 6:51 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Is the Don going to turn out to be the fun president that we thought he could?
Noah Feldman wrote:
In the span of one week, we learned that the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York had both secured a guilty plea from Trump Organization lawyer Michael Cohen and offered an immunity deal to the company’s chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg. President Donald Trump should be worried. Once the Southern District gets its jaws onto a string of crimes, it doesn’t let go.

Weisselberg, as part of his deal, will likely be required to provide information on all criminal activity he knows about. That spells potential disaster for Trump personally, and major problems for his presidency. That’s apart from any potential state-level criminal investigation by the New York district attorney’s office....

... Cohen’s guilt did not depend on whether he was ever paid back by the Trump Organization for the payoffs he made to two women alleging affairs with Trump. According to the prosecutors (and the plea itself), Cohen’s campaign-finance crime was complete when he made the payment from his own funds in coordination with the campaign....

--[URL=]]]The Prosecutors Who Have Declared War on the President[/

News Item7/21/18 8:03 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
There is no question that people shouldn't be using physical violence on political questions, and from the Christian perspective even moral ones.

Penny, you should also ask what inspired this behavior many well-known people, have quit the Republican party because of Donald[URL=]]]"an ignorant, amoral, dishonest and manipulative, misogynistic, philandering, hyper-litigious, isolationist, protectionist blowhard"[/URL]Trump such as Daniel Pipes or [URL=]]]This November, cast your vote against the GOP[/URL], an excellent opinion piece done by the conservative Pulitzer prize-winning columnist, George Will ❗👍


News Item7/21/18 4:28 PM
penned  Find all comments by penned
for many, its not about truth and never was,

they speak in order to curse.

we Christians do not understand this because we are not wired this way.

it took me months of prayer to come to understand we are watching an occultic practice unfold

(my apologies to others who are faster learners)

Title: “Non-Binary” Thug Attacks and Spits on Teen Trump Supporter in MAGA Hat (VIDEO)


News Item7/21/18 12:48 PM
Lurker  Protected NameFind all comments by Lurker
Jim Lincoln wrote:
Oh, the Trader Trump tapes
--[URL=]]]Avenatti says Cohen's Trump recording 'is not the only tape'[/URL] ...Yikes❗ I have to stop this I think I'm getting a twitch in my eye❗
From the article: "Avenatti said the FBI is already in possession of the tapes after they raided Cohen’s home, office and hotel room in April as part of a criminal investigation into his business dealings.
“There’s nothing that’s stopping Michael Cohen from releasing the audio recordings that he made between him and the president concerning my client, Ms. McDougal, and others,” Avenatti said."

So if the FBI has the tapes then how is it possible for Cohen to release them? Jim, are you so enamored over any dirt on Trump that you've lost all ability to reason? And then there is the attorney/client privilege. Apparently Avenatti isn't concerned with that since Trump isn't his client. Yet he's a credible attorney?

Avenatti is a slimeball using a porn star to get into the national spotlight to further his career. He's probably paying her to agree to be his client. Yet you quote him with glee.

You are sick, man.


News Item7/21/18 11:24 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Oh, the Trader Trump tapes
Morgan Gstalter wrote:
“I know for a fact that this is not the only tape,” Avenatti said. "I think this is a very serious matter and I think that any or all audio tapes that Michael Cohen has in his possession relating to this president should be released for the public.”

"There are multiple audio recordings, and our position is that they should be released immediately. So again, the American people can decide what the next steps are. Period."

– @MichaelAvenatti tells @mitchellreports

--[URL=]]]Avenatti says Cohen's Trump recording 'is not the only tape'[/URL] ...Yikes❗ I have to stop this I think I'm getting a twitch in my eye❗

News Item5/6/18 3:03 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Snopes wrote:
“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”
― Theodore Roosevelt
--[URL=]]] (Theodore Roosevelt on Criticizing the President---True)[/URL]❗👍
I never even expected the Don would be so entertaining
ABC Radio News wrote:
Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney for President Donald Trump, did not rule out the possibility that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen might have made payments to other women beyond porn star Stormy Daniels on behalf of Trump....
--[URL=]]]Trump lawyer doesn't rule out possibility there were payments to other women[/URL]

News Item5/6/18 10:21 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
I definitely pray for the country and the Don❗ since the American voter is part of the government, I have a certain duty to comment on it. For example,
Politico wrote:
...Giuliani’s emphasis that the payment did not involve campaign funds seemed to be an attempt to preserve the legal argument that the money was paid for personal reasons unrelated to the campaign.

Trump’s statement last month that he did not know about the payment is likely to be closely scrutinized by investigators, although neither the reporter asking the question nor Trump clarified just when he learned about the payment. Prosecutors sometimes cite false public statements as part of an attempt to obstruct justice by confusing investigators....

--[URL=]]]Giuliani: Trump repaid Cohen $130,000 for Stormy Daniels hush agreement[/URL]

Various comments by Giuliani we're almost amusing. I recommend the article.

By the way, Lbug, did you avoid commenting on Obama when he was President? There seems to be a constant bombardment on him. [URL=]]]The First White President)[/URL] doesn't deserve the same attention?


News Item5/3/18 3:46 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
"First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be offered on behalf of all men for kings and all those in authority, so that we may lead tranquil and quiet lives in all godliness and dignity. This is good and pleasing in the sight of God our Savior"
1 Timothy 2:1-3

Are you doing that Jim? You claim to be Christian, are you obeying the above verses?

Like his predecessor Barak Obama, Donald Trump is an unregenerate vile sinner in need of prayer.
"If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make Our home with him. Whoever does not love Me does not keep My words." John 14:23-24


News Item5/3/18 3:29 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
The Don in Chief's falsehoods have not only increased but are at an increasing rate!
See the post before this one
Glenn Kessler, Salvador Rizzo and Meg Kelly wrote:
In the 466 days since he took the oath of office, President Trump has made 3,001 false or misleading claims, according to The Fact Checker’s database that analyzes, categorizes and tracks every suspect statement uttered by the president.

That’s an average of nearly 6.5 claims a day.

When we first started this project for the president’s first 100 days, he averaged 4.9 claims a day. Slowly, the average number of claims has been creeping up.

Indeed, since we last updated this tally two months ago, the president has averaged about 9 claims a day.

--[URL=]]]President Trump has made 3,001 false or misleading claims so far[/URL]
Abraham Lincoln said or, wrote:
You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

News Item5/3/18 12:50 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Reuters Staff wrote:
....“Money from the campaign, or campaign contributions, played no roll (sic) in this transaction,” Trump wrote.

His comments come after former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who joined Trump’s legal team last month, said on Wednesday Trump had repaid Cohen the hush money that was given to Daniels.

Trump had told reporters on Air Force One last month that he did not know about the payment to Daniels or the source of the money....

...Asked about the president’s tweets on Thursday, her lawyer Michael Avenatti told MSNBC the president had opened himself up to another possible lawsuit for defamation.

“Our case just got exponentially better,” Avenatti said. “This is not about sex ... this is about a cover up.” ...

--[URL=]]]Trump says campaign funds were not used to pay adult-film star[/URL]

News Item3/26/18 4:26 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Some of the latest material about Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump from the BBC. [URL=]]]Stormy Daniels 'told to leave Trump alone' over affair claims[/URL]

There hasn't been so much excitement in a western democracy since Bruceloni was prime minister of Italy!


News Item3/24/18 8:38 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
PBS News Hour wrote:
Mark Shields:

Well, I think — I honestly don’t know, Judy, how much legal jeopardy he’s in.

I would say what he’s finding out are the limitations of being president. I mean, when you’re a billionaire in New York, real estate, and you have got somebody who’s going to bring a charge against you, there are ways of dealing with that, whether it’s through veiled threats or power or talking to people or money or payoffs.

And those aren’t available to you as president in the same way....

I mean, you know, at some point, at some point in this whole drama, the religious right has to confront itself in the mirror, and it has to look and say, you know, we’re not asking the president to be a paragon of personal behavior, but when his behavior apparently reaches the level of just total, total dishonesty and deception, and is — becomes a sham of the promises that he’s made, then, you know, we have to withdraw our support.

And I just want to challenge the Republicans. Who, besides Jeff Flake and John McCain, out of the hundred Republicans on Capitol Hill — the hundreds of Republicans, is going to have the courage and the integrity to stand up and take him on?

--[URL=]]]Shields and Brooks...Bolton[/URL]

News Item3/12/18 10:28 AM
penned  Find all comments by penned
Let's be praying about the meeting between the two leaders. It would be unprecedented if they came up with a solution that would give Kim his dignity and his people a life.

News Item3/11/18 10:04 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Trump is having a stormy time of it?
BBC wrote:
What's been the reaction?

South Carolina congressman Mark Sanford is one of the few Republicans to comment. He told the Washington Post the claims are "deeply troubling".

"If it was a Democratic president and hush money had been paid in the campaign, would there be a series of hearings going on?" Mr Sanford asked. "I think you could probably point to a fair number of indicators that suggest there would be."

Democrats Ted Lieu and Kathleen Rice, representatives for California and New York respectively, asked the FBI to investigate Mr Cohen's payment to Ms Daniels.

--[URL=]]]The Stormy Daniels-Donald Trump story explained[/URL]

News Item2/16/18 9:56 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
I'll have to say one thing not only does President Trump pick trophy wives, his paramours aren't too bad looking either. 👍
Terrence Dopp wrote:
Donald Trump carried on an extra-marital relationship with a former Playboy model before entering politics, and his allies used payoffs and legal settlements to keep reports out of the media,...
--[URL= ]]]Trump Allies Covered Up Affair With Ex-Playboy Model, Report Says[/URL]👎
Pity so few here care about his moral failings. Anyway, I hope many of you will find this helpful.
IFLA wrote:
Critical thinking is a key skill in media and information literacy, and the mission of libraries is to educate and advocate its importance. 

IFLA has made this infographic with eight simple steps (based on’s 2016 article [URL=]]]How to Spot Fake News[/URL] ) to discover the verifiability of a given news-piece in front of you. Download, print, translate, and share – at home, at your library, in your local community, and on social media networks. The more we crowdsource our wisdom, the wiser the world becomes. 

---[URL=]]] (How To Spot Fake News)[/URL].

News Item1/31/18 5:11 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Quinnipiac University Poll wrote:
American voters disapprove 58 - 36 percent of the job Trump is doing, marking 12 months of negative scores and seven months since his approval rating hit 40 percent.

The only groups approving of Trump are Republicans, 86 - 9 percent, and white voters with no college degree, 50 - 42 percent. White men are divided as 47 percent approve and 49 percent disapprove.

Trump's grades on most character traits remain negative as voters say:

60 - 35 percent that he is not honest;
59 - 38 percent that he does not have good leadership skills;
57 - 40 percent that he does not care about average Americans;
65 - 30 percent that he is not level-headed;
61 - 36 percent that he is a strong person;
54 - 40 percent that he is intelligent;
61 - 34 percent that he does not share their values.

--[URL=]]]January 25, 2018 - Trump Is No Role Model For Children, U.S. Voters Say 2-1; Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; He Does Not Provide Moral Leadership, Voters Say[/URL]

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." --- A. Lincoln

Looks like GOPers fall under "all the time"


News Item1/31/18 7:33 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Wow, like a soap opera❗💩
[URL=]]]Porn star dodges questions during Kimmel interview[/URL].

News Item1/30/18 3:25 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
I wonder what Franklin Graham considers progress and what length of time that "progress" is to measured?
[URL=]]] (US preacher: Trump 'a work in progress' - BBC News)[/URL]

John MacArthur wrote:
The gospel that Jesus proclaimed was a call to discipleship, a call to follow Him in submissive obedience, not just a plea to make a decision or pray a prayer. Jesus' message liberated people from the bondage of their sin while it confronted and condemned hypocrisy. It was an offer of eternal life and forgiveness for repentant sinners, but at the same time it was a rebuke to outwardly religious people whose lives were devoid of true righteousness. It put sinners on notice that they must turn from sin and embrace God's righteousness. Our Lord's words about eternal life were invariably accompanied by warnings to those who might be tempted to take salvation lightly. He taught that the cost of following Him is high, that the way is narrow and few find it. He said many who call him Lord will be forbidden from entering the kingdom of heaven (cf. Matthew 7:13-23).
--[URL=]]] (An Introduction to Lordship Salvation)[/URL]
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