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FRONT PAGE  |  7/16/2019
THURSDAY, FEB 2, 2017  |  19 comments
Boy Scouts allows transgender kids into boys-only programs
A New Jersey woman whose son was asked to leave his Boy Scouts troop after leaders found out he is transgender said she has mixed emotions about the organization's decision to allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in its boys-only programs.

The Boy Scouts of America announced Monday that enrollment in its boys-only programs will now be based on the gender a child or parent lists on his application to become a scout, rather than the gender listed on the child's birth certificate. ...

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News Item2/7/17 7:02 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
SC Wrote:
"It's possible that the "transgender" confusion is a judgment upon our nation..."

I think the contrast between how we see things and the rest of the world does is interesting. We see a world in dire straights, a world gone bad, and increasing darkness overshadowing an entire planet; we see judgement.
The lost see the progress they've fought so long for, moral restraints being loosened and lifted, even, and a progressive nation and world that thrills them because of the newfound freedoms so many are now enjoying as the tables have turned against the obtrusive, intolerant Christians who have influenced planet Earth for long enough. We see God's Judgement and a lifting of the restrainer, viewing these days as sad and dark, while the Godless see a new world as it should have always been.


News Item2/6/17 1:30 PM
s c | Oh  Find all comments by s c
It's possible that the "transgender" confusion is a judgment upon our nation for the unisex mentality...women wanting to be "equal",have the same positions as men,be in the work force (now,most have to),dressing like men,"preaching",and men being irresponsible in not fulfilling their obligations,becoming "playboys" and absentee dads,etc.
...all stems from the pre-existing "unisex" mindset...encouraged through wicked entertainment,no less

News Item2/5/17 7:00 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Good comments, and this is all just as astonishing to me as it was from the start. The shocking part, to me, isn't the kids being confused with the sodomite nonsense and lies, but rather, that any one rational, thinking human being on planet earth even takes this at all seriously, but they do. So much so, that they are being protected by law as if a new species of human has been newly discovered. As if the kids being confused isn't bad enough, the public school system, and even parents encourage these kids to be who they want to be, dressing their sons in dresses and buying dolls for them, and buzzing their little girls heads to look like the boy they say there are. Disturbing. As if that's not enough, they even demand that department stores with segregated isles, separating the boys toys from the girls, etc, are damaging these children and making them feel bad. Such ridiculusness.

News Item2/4/17 3:54 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
Devil designed corruption issue. Purpose is destruction of that which God has designed, whether marriage, gender, family, etc. All related, Satan guilty of genuine hate crimes against God and his creation.

News Item2/4/17 1:59 PM
s c | Oh  Find all comments by s c
...people been watching too many movies or getting buzzed?
Changing the outward appearance doesn't change the nature.
I'm wondering also why a gender confused person would want to be party to an organization which still uses a very gender specific word. Isn't a word like "boy" an affront to them? Doesn't one have to determine that they are not a particular gender in order to dress or act like they are?,this can't be a
psycho issue after all or one to be taken seriously.

News Item2/3/17 9:43 AM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
There comes a time for stiff-neckedness, not caving. Reality is not on the side of the "trans" or their promoters. There is no such thing as trans, you are what your DNA says you are. If you feel like you are a tree, you would not be allowed to be considered a tree. You would be sent someplace for help. Caving to lunacy makes the system lunatic. There is no lawful law requiring lunacy to be the foundation for a nation. Any judge who says lunacy is the law has by that determination made him or herself unfit for the office, and it would certainly be lawful to have them removed. That should be the starting point.

News Item2/3/17 7:56 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Yeah Connor, but moving past the home, any kids in the public school system are overwhelmed with the garbage as required reading and study. Books like Jazz, which promote same gender parents, to books on transgenderism, to transgenderism and sodomite speakers who promote the lifestyle and confusion as they travel from school to school indoctrinating the kids from kindergarten on. Sickening.

News Item2/2/17 6:00 PM
John L | Oz  Find all comments by John L
Mothers must now be called "Pregnant People". Soon Boy Scouts will probably be renamed "Scouting People" with co-ed classes and rainbow diversity awards. And people who hate God wonder why in Revelation everything ends up bad and crazy then God takes his own away.....

News Item2/2/17 4:02 PM
Dave | Oz  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dave
Yep, what a joke, if the girl guides just swap uniforms and buildings with the scouts and vice versa, will that make the powers to be happier, probably not

News Item2/2/17 11:41 AM
John Yurich USA | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich USA
Totally disgusting on the part of the Boy Scouts of America.

News Item2/2/17 11:35 AM
penned  Find all comments by penned
are the child exploitation rings that seemed to be coming through the emails finally going to come out?

Title: Anthony Weiner may face child pornography charge


News Item2/2/17 11:18 AM
Adriel  Find all comments by Adriel
Society is evil corrupt depraved and confused thus does it teach the young to be like themselves and just as degenerate.

Secular society is falling over itself to be politically correct and absorb every kind of evil, sin and wickedness into the community. Satan has full control over hearts and minds.

From Proverbs 28:-
'When a land transgresses, it has many rulers, but with a man of understanding and knowledge, its stability will long continue.
Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but those who keep the law strive against them.
Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it completely.'

These evil events confirm Total Depravity in action.

"Sin has affected all parts of man. The heart, emotions, will, mind, and body are all affected by sin. We are completely sinful. We are not as sinful as we could be, but we are completely affected by sin.
The doctrine of Total Depravity is derived from scriptures that reveal human character: Man’s heart is evil (Mark 7:21-23) and sick Jer. 17:9). Man is a slave of sin (Rom. 6:20). He does not seek for God (Rom. 3:10-12). He cannot understand spiritual things (1 Cor. 2:14). He is at enmity with God (Eph. 2:15). And, is by nature a child of wrath (Eph. 2:3)." (


News Item2/2/17 10:56 AM
Wayfarer Pilgrim | Lubbock,tx  Find all comments by Wayfarer Pilgrim
BSA got tired of lawsuits and lawyers. They have caved because this world want to tear down every American institution they can find. Leave and join a church organization or bring back RS's and GA's, SBC!

News Item2/2/17 10:24 AM
Carl in Greensboro | North Carolina  Contact via emailFind all comments by Carl in Greensboro
There are better alternative organizations out there now. Get the word out to the parents and let United Way know where you want your donations to go and not go. Money still talks.

News Item2/2/17 9:19 AM
SteveR | Mt Zion  Find all comments by SteveR
pennelope wrote:
Elijah didn't hide out.
Ye know not the Scriptures
1 Kings 19:1   And Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, and withal how he had slain all the prophets with the sword.

  1 Kings 19:2   Then Jezebel sent a messenger unto Elijah, saying, So let the gods do to me, and more also, if I make not thy life as the life of one of them by to morrow about this time.

  1 Kings 19:3   And when he saw that, he arose, and went for his life, and came to Beersheba, which belongeth to Judah, and left his servant there.

  1 Kings 19:4   But he himself went a day's journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree: and he requested for himself that he might die; and said, It is enough; now, O LORD, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers.

  1 Kings 19:5   And as he lay and slept under a juniper tree, behold, then an angel touched him, and said unto him, Arise and eat.

  1 Kings 19:6   And he looked, and, behold, there was a cake baken on the coals, and a cruse of water at his head. And he did eat and drink, and laid him down again.


News Item2/2/17 9:15 AM
pennelope  Find all comments by pennelope
its lobbies doing this through threat of suing.

it is not being done by the will of the people.

separating is a must.... however, they are going for broke. and they aren't going to leave the snowflake Christians "safe places".

Elijah didn't hide out.


News Item2/2/17 6:57 AM
Ignominious Emirakan | LessBest  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
To send back & disavow awards.
Eagle Scout
Here is
correct address to mail your letter
Return any medal to:
BSA National Executive Board
1325 Walnut Hill Lane
PO Box 152079
Irving, Texas 75015-2079

Tell them you do not want to retain any ties to them.


News Item2/2/17 4:27 AM
tennessee Wise | california  Find all comments by tennessee Wise
The left wants to destroy anything good but offers no alternative. So we destroy the Boy Scouts whats next oh the Church?

News Item2/2/17 2:13 AM
carl haydock | England  Contact via emailFind all comments by carl haydock
These are children for goodness sake. They are being poisoned by perverted adults. Its disgusting
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