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Breaking News All | Religion | Society | Tech | Choice | SA Newsroom
FRONT PAGE  |  2/25/2021
Choice News WEDNESDAY, JAN 25, 2017  |  27 comments  |  2 commentaries
House votes to cut abortion funding permanently

The pro-life movement gained even more momentum in Washington, D.C., today when the House passed the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, which would strengthen and make permanent a ban on using federal dollars for abortion.

The 238-183 vote came just one day after President Donald Trump ordered an end to foreign aid for nongovernmental organizations that perform or promote abortion.

Since 1977, the Hyde Amendment restricted federal agencies from directly paying for abortions, primarily through Medicaid. The amendment had an exception for cases of rape and incest or when the mother’s life was in danger. But Congress had to renew the measure each year as part of the budget process; the law passed today could remain in effect unless repealed by future legislation.

“Following an election in which voters chose a pro-life president and a pro-life Congress, our nation is moving toward a new era ...

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Ever right to have abortion?
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News Item1/29/17 10:31 AM
pennelope  Find all comments by pennelope
allie, you speak of what abolitionist groups are saying and I agree. its a states rights issue as roe v wade legislated which is not their area of jurisdiction. it simply requires states to reassert their laws that they already have. this does not need to come from trump, the fact that he does not aim to get in the way and pence and kellyanne being prolife means green light.

as you say, folks need to repent of letting Babylon lure them in. and I add get your diets right, stop eating estrogenic foods, drinking fluoride that messes up hormones. the human body is being hormonally altered... many will argue it is a spiritual issue, it is, claim your body back for the Lord, the temple of the Holy Spirit, not to be given over to shots corrupted with fetal cell lines. (does this instigate immune system to attack its own human dna as a foreign protein, ie autoimmune disease?)

come out of their eugenics grid, leave behind the abortifacient bc pill and be a voice for the innocent.


News Item1/29/17 7:18 AM
Allie  Find all comments by Allie
Wayfarer Pilgrim wrote:
What if after 45 years, a guy who wasn't a registered republican till 2010, just restricts abortion like nobody's business. Seems like congress found their president, after four republican presidents couldn't climb over that wall. If conservative issues are taken care of, then tackling the debt will be next.
Prolly all he will do. People don't want abortion stopped. Just heavily regulated. When I say people I mean most up prolifers. That is all they are really lobbying for. Their financiers keep donating and thinking that regulating will lead to its in. It hasn't and won't. There would have to be a real moving of The Spirit where a ton of people got saved before it would go away. Folks would repent of their divorces, smorgasbord of sexual immorality, feminism, and girly man-ness.

News Item1/25/17 10:32 PM
Wayfarer Pilgrim | Lubbock,tx  Find all comments by Wayfarer Pilgrim
What if after 45 years, a guy who wasn't a registered republican till 2010, just restricts abortion like nobody's business. Seems like congress found their president, after four republican presidents couldn't climb over that wall. If conservative issues are taken care of, then tackling the debt will be next.

News Item1/25/17 2:00 PM
SteveR | Mt Zion  Find all comments by SteveR
[Removed by]

News Item1/25/17 1:49 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
Jim Lincoln wrote:
Remember to watch Donald Trump on ABC TV tomorrow night at 10 p.m. eastern time, and if memory serves 9 p.m. Pacific time. Hopefully it will be in enlightening.
You recommending this in order to render to Caesar, or are you hoping they'll catch him saying something they don't like, and talk about it for the next week?

News Item1/25/17 12:19 PM
Allie  Find all comments by Allie
Senate has to pass it. House passes stuff they know the Senatw won't as a posturing jesture. We should pray for abortion to end and I know most of you are and want to see it done away with. Remember Wilberforce and be encouraged. He was tireless about ending slavery, not deterring it. He kept speaking up and out. Keep praying. Even if we don't live to see it end keep praying.

News Item1/25/17 11:53 AM
Kev | San Diego  Contact via emailFind all comments by Kev
This is great news! I'm so glad, so far that Trump is in office and not that Jezebel Hillary. Haven't seen such news in the US like Christopher said. I'm also glad that the LGBT community isn't being catered to along with the liberals.

News Item1/25/17 11:45 AM
John Yurich USA | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich USA
Glory and Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ.

News Item1/25/17 10:44 AM
Jon  Find all comments by Jon
Praise the Lord!!!!

News Item1/25/17 9:42 AM
penned  Find all comments by penned
well this is good news. its time for states to deal with this issue and protect the preborn.

News Item1/25/17 9:29 AM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
Jim, you claim "Ladybug, I didn't know that salary determined if what a person says or not is true?" You would have to direct that at yourself since you are the one who questioned Jeffress sincerity and attacked his income and church size. So, to be fair, you need to examine your go to men, JM is near the one mil a year mark. Don't forget, JM has taught falsely in the past concerning the blood of Christ and the mark of the beast. You might want to find another 'go to' guy. Or, you could just read the bible for yourself.....BTW, don't forget to pray for your new President.

News Item1/25/17 8:50 AM
Kenneth  Find all comments by Kenneth
Dave wrote:
You know something Kenneth, your first comment is the best I've heard in ages
The Lord is good. i have learned to study scriptures, and apply them in prayer like an expert swordsman. Since God's word never returns to Him void, I find that such prayers are super effective and often see manifestations of such in the news and daily life.

News Item1/25/17 7:19 AM
Carl in Greensboro | North Carolina  Contact via emailFind all comments by Carl in Greensboro
Jim, most Black women DO NOT pay for their own abortions; and they do abortions at a much higher rate than any group. In some cities upwards to 60% of Black babies are killed by federal and state funding of abortions. The result of which is we are about to lose a 4th generation of Black potential sin Roe v Wade.

In addition you heard the NY Governor Cuomo 4 days ago announce unfettered access to abortions and contraceptions (chemical induced abortions) in his state; he's posturing for a presidential run in 2020. I hope somehow Congress can restrict Federal funds to states who does what he is doing.

Bottom line: I remember how low and anxious I was feeling back in early Nov when polls and pundits were predicting a Clinton double-digit landslide victory. All I could think of was the millions of more babies put at risk. But now... THANK YOU LORD!!!


News Item1/25/17 6:15 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
I must say that I was really taken back after reading this headline. After the past 8yrs, it's real easy to think there's no turning back, and nothing good could possibly happen following such bleak goings on in this country. I was one who said there's no turning back from some things because the people wouldn't allow it, etc. I was wrong, and this right here has really perked me up and got me excited to see what's next...

News Item1/25/17 5:25 AM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
So far so good. I wonder how far the pres will go on this one.

News Item1/25/17 5:22 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
A little harder for you now, Dave? They have or will soon close the last Ford plant in Australia?

News Item1/25/17 3:02 AM
Dave | Oz  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dave
You know something Kenneth, your first comment is the best I've heard in ages

News Item1/25/17 2:30 AM
Kenneth  Find all comments by Kenneth
Dave wrote:
Bang done, it's my prayer for ALL of us.
Thanks! Much appreciated!

There is no matter how loud and obnoxious those who oppose God get, there is no beating Him! Since He abides in us, there is no beating us. We pray, and faith is our victory! Keep it up, saints! Do not hold back!


News Item1/25/17 2:23 AM
Dave | Oz  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dave
Bang done, it's my prayer for ALL of us.

News Item1/25/17 2:19 AM
Kenneth  Find all comments by Kenneth
I have a prayer request for America, fi men and women of God would please!

Please pray the following:

-God, please forgive America for our sins against You!
-Please soften our hearts and not let our necks be stiff or hard against You anymore!
-Please grant us true revival!
-Please help us and save us!
-Please help us to turn from our own ways in genuine faith and love for You, God!
-Please help us to serve You, God, and to be pleasing in Your sight and know it!
-Please provide us an abundance of Your favor, God!
-Please provide and lift up righteousness leadership for us!
-Please humble all unrighteous leadership!
-Please let us live quiet lives, in peace, godliness, and reverence!
-Please deliver us from all evil and lead us not into temptation!
-Please grant this favor to Your people that our land may be healed, and that our nation may live!

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray, Amen!

Now, is the time. A decisive blow has been struck. Will you pray and continue to pray believing and recieving?

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