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FRONT PAGE  |  6/26/2019
FRIDAY, DEC 16, 2016  |  29 comments
Obama Is the Most Catholic President in History

White House chief of staff Denis McDonough told David Axelrod on his podcast “The Axe Files” on Wednesday that President Obama is the most Catholic president in U.S. history during a conversation on faith and politics.

Axelrod, who formerly served as Obama’s senior adviser in the White House, told McDonough that the president often talked about being raised in a spiritual tradition versus a religious tradition and that he later adopted his faith when he was older living in Chicago.

“Look, I say to him, Axe, and I think I’ve said this to him in your presence and I’ve said this publicly before, I think this is our most Catholic of presidents,” McDonough said. “And I mean that by capital ‘C’ Catholic in what I see and what he does everyday.” ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item6/12/19 4:16 AM
things to do | Anchorage  Contact via emailFind all comments by things to do
Amazing ! Each one of these moderate areas are meant by means of selection of makeup foundation curiosity. I love it.

News Item4/12/19 2:27 AM
max | meerut  Contact via emailFind all comments by max
a href=

News Item6/28/18 10:19 PM
Papas Games online | london  Contact via emailFind all comments by Papas Games online
Summer is easy with heavy rain but I like it. It's wonderful to have rainbows after rain, and I watch it until it disappears. It seems to be free but it helps me feel comfortable

News Item4/5/18 3:23 AM
schools9 | india  Contact via emailFind all comments by schools9
AP SSC Results name wise and school wise will be declared on the official website of AP education board. District wise results will also be available on the official portal page

News Item10/5/17 7:26 PM
temple run | pak  Contact via emailFind all comments by temple run
good article.

News Item2/14/17 10:16 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
You mean something like this, Penny?
CBS News wrote:
It was an unprecedented scene that appeared on American television sets late Wednesday: three American presidents kneeling in prayer at the foot of Pope John Paul II.

President Bush is the first U.S. president to attend the funeral of a pope; until now the highest ranking U.S. official to attend a papal funeral was Vice President Lyndon Johnson, who represented the U.S. at the 1963 funeral of Pope John XXIII.

---[URL=]]]Bush in Rome: Extraordinary Scene[/URL]

News Item2/14/17 9:54 AM
pennelope  Find all comments by pennelope
Jim, surely you noticed that the two pappas were playing off the same playbook?

News Item2/14/17 1:10 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Malcolm Moore wrote:
George W Bush and Pope Benedict XVI have held an intimate meeting in Rome as rumours mounted in Italy that the president may follow in Tony Blair's footsteps and convert to Catholicism.
---[URL=]]]George W Bush meets Pope amid claims he might convert to Catholicism[/URL]

Apparently, George hasn't followed in his brother Jeb's footsteps.


News Item2/13/17 10:18 PM
happy wheels | New York  Contact via emailFind all comments by happy wheels
[Removed by Moderator Alpha]

News Item12/17/16 3:49 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
I somewhat wonder wasn't President John F. Kennedy Catholic? Now calling Obama our most Catholic President or for that matter pointing out, [URL=]]] (Trump is headed to the White House. Did we just elect our first Jewish president?)[/URL]. Probably would upset many Catholics, [URL=]]] (The Neo & Paleo Wings of the Catholic Right)[/URL] The [URL=]]] (Ultra-Traditionalist Catholic)[/URL] and no doubt many Jews really want Trump in their linnage, either. Both should take an test?
Michael Wilsner wrote:
But at this point in his life, Fred, born of German immigrants, was publicly peddling a fabricated Swedish past. As has now been acknowledged by the Trump family, he was hiding his German heritage out of fear that it would deter critical Jewish contacts in the New York real estate world, as well as potential Jewish tenants interested in his properties.

And Jewish tenants were his preference.


News Item12/16/16 5:18 PM
JuneAnnette | Holland, OH  Find all comments by JuneAnnette
Source: ACORN's CATHOLIC GUARDIAN / Matthew Vadum
- - continued -

FAST received $50,000 from CCHD in 2009 “in order to address the root causes of poverty and injustice in Pinellas County,” . .
All of this lucrative social justice-seeking is fine by America’s highest-ranking Democrat. He received on-the-job experience because of CCHD.
President Obama’s association with CCHD began years before he ran a voter drive for ACORN’s Project Vote that helped get then-Sen. Carol Moseley Braun (D-Ill.) elected. From 1985 to 1988 he ran the Developing Communities Project from an office located in Chicago’s Holy Rosary Church.

“I got my start as a community organizer working with mostly Catholic parishes on the South Side of
Chicago that were struggling because the steel plants had closed,” Obama told Catholic Digest. CCHD “helped fund the project, and so very early on, my career was intertwined with the belief in social justice that is so strong in the Church.”

Obama has said he “tried to apply the precepts of compassion and care for the vulnerable that are so central to Catholic teachings to my work [such as in] making health care a right for all Americans.”

There’s a reason CCHD is mocked as the “Catholic Campaign to Help Democrats.”


News Item12/16/16 5:07 PM
s c | Oh  Find all comments by s c
John Y,he's got that going for him anyway.

News Item12/16/16 5:07 PM
oliver queen outfits  Contact via emailFind all comments by oliver queen outfits
Garments as content garments as portrayal, garments as a story. Garments as the narrative of our lives. Furthermore, if you somehow happened to accumulate all the garments you have ever possessed in all your life, every child shoe and winter coat and wedding dress, you would have your collection of memoirs.

News Item12/16/16 4:20 PM
JuneAnnette | Holland, OH  Find all comments by JuneAnnette

PICO was founded in 1972 by Father John Baumann, a Jesuit priest trained in Alinsky’s techniques. PICO’s stated mission is to “increase access to health care, improve public schools, make neighborhoods safer, build affordable housing, redevelop communities, and revitalize democracy.”

Founded in Chicago in 1968, the Gamaliel Foundation aspires “to be a powerful network of grassroots, interfaith, interracial, multi-issue organizations working together to create a more just and more democratic society.” Its executive director is Gregory Galluzzo, a former Jesuit priest. Gamaliel claims 60 affiliates in 21 states, as well as affiliates in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Created in 1982, DART espouses “congregation-based community organizing.” It boasts 20 locally affiliated organizations in six states and claims to have trained more than 10,000 community leaders and 150 professional community organizers.
St. Petersburg, Florida-based Faith and Action for Strength Together (FAST), an affiliate of DART, is a typical CCHD grant recipient. It’s a coalition of 30 dues-paying member parishes and other congregations focused on affordable housing, education, and transportation.

- continued


News Item12/16/16 4:08 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
JuneAnnette, just because there might be liberal ties to liberal Catholics there is a very obnoxious tie of Conservative Catholics to the Republicans. For example, [URL=]]] (President Bush May Have Converted To Roman Catholicism During His Unprecedented Meeting With Pope Benedict XVI!)[/URL]. His father wouldn't allow anything bad to be said about Catholics in his presence, and of course the last Bush son to run for President was Catholic [URL=]]] (Conservative Catholics + Conservative Republicans = Conservative Power!)[/URL].

I will congratulate those Catholics who have been able to separate their church politics from their responsibilities to the public, Nebr. Gov. Pete Ricketts, has done this on the issue of Capital punishment.

But hey, so, we're getting a new Jewish President, q.v., [URL= ]]] (Ivanka Trump says her father will move US embassy to Jerusalem ‘100%’ if elected)[/URL] and his pick for Isreali ambassador is excellent! [URL=]]] (Hard-Core Pro-Israe)[/U


News Item12/16/16 3:19 PM
JuneAnnette | Holland, OH  Find all comments by JuneAnnette

CCHD somehow failed to notice until 2008 that ACORN had been in the election fraud business for decades.

The Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), People Improving Communities through Organizing (PICO), Gamaliel Foundation, and Direct Action and Research Training Center (DART) are all major organizing networks. All receive money from CCHD and many of those groups were founded or are run by Catholic priests.

Founded by Saul Alinsky himself, IAF is the mother of all community organizing networks with dozens of affiliates nationwide and abroad. Alinsky referred to IAF’s training institute as a “school for professional radicals.” Its model for organizing church congregations into powerful advocacy groups is widely imitated. Ex-seminarian Edward T. Chambers has run it since Alinsky’s death in 1972.

Another school for professional radicals, the Midwest Academy, has taken CCHD funding. IAF trained its founder, Heather Booth, who also founded several activist training academies, including Midwest Academy, Citizen Action, and USAction. Her husband is Paul Booth, a senior official in the public sector union AFSCME who co-founded the radical revolutionary group Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

- cont.


News Item12/16/16 3:04 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
JuneAnnette, because they are no more Christian than Catholics are Now, do I think they should be resettled, yes, preferably where groups of them have been resettled, such as Latin America.

But thankfully!

[URL=]]] (Trump is headed to the White House. Did we just elect our first Jewish president?)[/URL] Yes! Why would he want any more anti-Jewish people in this country, since nominal Christians from that area are anti-Jewish?

This is a short interesting video, which should viewable on most mobile devices, [URL=]]] (Obama vows retaliation for suspected Russian hacking---5 Minute video)[/URL] Actually its a fairly wide ranging video and talks about the no-nonsense ambassador picked for Israel, no more of this two state soluition, but support for moving are embassy to Jerusalem, no doubt this fellow believes in the [URL=]]] (One State Solution--YouTube)[/URL].

I'm looking forward to our first Jewish President setting things right in Israel!


News Item12/16/16 2:24 PM
JuneAnnette | Holland, OH  Find all comments by JuneAnnette
RELATED . . Bishops: Why aren’t you resettling Christian refugees? / 9-15-2016
by  Catholic Columnist / International child protection attorney Elizabeth Yore

The money trail between the U.S. C atholic Bishops and the Obama Administration is becoming curiouser and curiouser.

As, indicates the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) received a whopping $91,132,305 million in FY16 from the Obama Administration to resettle Syrian refugee migrants into the United States.

Additionally, the Obama Administration awarded The International Catholic Migration Commission(ICMC) $17,715,636 million in fiscal year 2016 to assist Syrian Migrants. Migration pays handsomely.

The overseas population of Syrian Christian refugees is estimated to be approximately 2.2 million. According to the U.S. Government, 10,081 Syrian refugees have been resettled into the United States. How many are Christian? Are you kneeling in your pew?

Only 56 of the resettled refugees are Christian!

With 2.2 million Syrian Christian refugees, why are only 56 allowed into the United States? The imbalanced and discriminatory preference for Muslim refugee status is blatantly evident in the data. (end quote)


News Item12/16/16 2:10 PM
John Yurich USA | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich USA
I have known for a long time that the Campaign for Human Development money goes to Obama-style community organizing. That is why I have never put money in the envelope "Campaign for Human Development".

News Item12/16/16 1:45 PM
JuneAnnette | Holland, OH  Find all comments by JuneAnnette
The Catholic Connection to Barack Obama
By Phyllis Schlafly / November 10, 2008
Do you wonder why 2008 election data shows that the majority of Catholics voted for Barack Obama even though his record as Illinois state senator proves him the most pro-abortion candidate who ever ran for president?
Perhaps one answer is that on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, millions of Catholics will again be putting in their church's collection plate their annual donation to what the pre-printed envelope calls "Campaign for Human Development: The Catholic Church working to end poverty and injustice in America; We'll turn your dollars into hope for the poor of our nation."
The generous Catholics who respond to that well-phrased appeal probably think they are making a Good Samaritan gift to provide necessaries to the down-and-out. Most would probably be shocked to learn that the money donated to the Campaign for Human Development (CHD) does not go for charity but for radical Obama-style community organizing. Over the last 10 years, CHD has given $7.3 million of Catholic-donated dollars to the Saul Alinsky-style group called ACORN.
When in 1998 some Catholics complained that CHD grants were not used for Catholic charity . . CHD changed its name to Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)
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