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FRONT PAGE  |  4/5/2020
Choice News SUNDAY, MAR 13, 2016  |  8 comments
Puerto Rico defies Supreme Court on marriage

A federal judge in Puerto Rico has defied the U.S. Supreme Court’s establishment of “same-sex marriage,” refusing to strike down the commonwealth’s ban.

The San Juan judge, Juan M. Perez-Gimenez, said the U.S. Supreme “had settled the meaning of two clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment – the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses – as they applied to same-sex marriages,” reported Lyle Denniston for

“But he said the decision only applied to state governments, and Puerto Rico does not have that status.” ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item3/17/16 9:49 AM
John Yurich USA | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich USA
Good that a federal judge in Puerto Rico has the guts to defy the Supreme Court of the United States by refusing to strike down the commonwealth's ban on "same sex marriage".

News Item3/16/16 12:01 AM
William S. Sutherland | Houston, Texas  Find all comments by William S. Sutherland
Amen, Rich port & Rudy!

The Supreme Court of the US is not authorized by the Constitution to make law, therefore their ruling on sodomite unions is NOT law, it is only an opinion. And America is a REPUBLIC, not a democracy! The Founders were clear in their disdain of democracy which is simply organized mob rule. We are a Constitutional Republic ruled by law, not the majority! The Constitution is the Law of the Land and all other US laws must conform to it.


News Item3/14/16 2:35 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
The United States never started out as a pure democracy. The Founding Fathers recognized there were too many unpropertied ignoramuses out there, and they did what they could to protect the government from the rabble. [URL=]]] (Is the United States of America a republic or a democracy?)[/URL]
Bill Moyers wrote:
David Brooks is a worried man.

Like many establishment Republicans, the conservative columnist for The New York Times sees the barbarians pouring through the gates and fears for both his party and the republic. Hail, Trump! Hail, Cruz! It’s enough to send a sober centrist dashing through the Forum in search of a cudgel.

excerpt from, [URL=]]] (Money Men Say, Voters Move Over, It’s Not Your Election!)[/URL]. This election might be as entertaining as it is nauseating.

News Item3/13/16 9:47 PM
Black Robed Despots | Potsherd  Find all comments by Black Robed Despots
Rudy wrote:
Same sex marriage is not the law of the land. It never was made a federal law by congress.

"A system of government that makes the People subordinate to a committee of nine unelected lawyers does not deserve to be called a democracy"

Cheaper 9 heading quote for "Supreme Silliness"
Quoted from a Supreme Court "Justice"
Page 117 of
Erickson and Blankschaen. 2016.
Good read-

why Erick started saying "You will be made to care." It all stemmed from one who took the position that sodomirage did not affect him, he did not care about it, and he would never care about. But, of course, you will be made to care. It is a larger issue than just sodomirage and many comfortably naive, living at the margins of faith, Christians, think they have a comfortable path through life in the United States.

if you do have a comfortable path through life with no fears at all of persecution, you probably are not a Christian. Islam may be about submission,but Christianity is about suffering.The suffering may not be major. It may be an accumulation of small sleights over time.
It will worsen..,
[URL=]]]care yet?[/URL]


News Item3/13/16 6:55 PM
Rudy | Ga  Find all comments by Rudy
Same sex marriage is not the law of the land. It never was made a federal law by congress.

News Item3/13/16 5:28 PM
Black robes - Jesuits  Find all comments by Black robes - Jesuits
As opposed to a headline for the States reading
"governors Deify the opinion of a corrupt evil oligarchy "
of black robed morons:

The judge relied on a series of decisions by the Supreme Court in the early twentieth century, interpreting which specific parts of the Constitution would apply in territories that the U.S. had acquired. Those cases are known collectively as “the Insular Cases.” Puerto Rico was treated then as, and remains, an “unincorporated territory” not reached by the Fourteenth Amendment, he concluded.

Puerto Rico, now as then, is subject to “the plenary powers of Congress” under the Constitution’s provision spelling out the power to write laws to govern U.S. territories, the judge wrote.

If same-sex marriage is to be mandated in Puerto Rico, the ruling declared, it must come in one of these four ways: (1) “further judicial expression by the Supreme Court”; (2) “further judicial expression by the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico”; (3) “incorporation through legislation enacted by Congress, in the exercise of the powers conferred by the Territorial Clause”; or (4) “by virtue of any act or statute adopted by the Puerto Rico legislature that amends or repeals Article 68” (the existing ban).


News Item3/13/16 4:00 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
You know what would make it easy for this over-Catholiced island? [URL=]]] (Should Roman Catholicism really be classified as a Christian religion? -- No.)[/URL] Is just ask to be independent! I would be more than happy to see this Commonwealth gone.

Yes, so the judge is right about the marriage, I wonder what they did with this priest? [URL=]]] (Puerto Rico arrests priest charged of child sexual abuse)[/URL]

What I checked further and this priest of Satan may have actually be in jail! [URL=]]] (Former Catholic Priest Sentenced)[/URL]

[URL=]]] (Abuse by Priests)[/URL]! with [URL=]]] (Abuse Tracker)[/URL]


News Item3/13/16 11:09 AM
Rich port | Poor ship  Find all comments by Rich port
Scripture expounds on lesser-magistrate doctrine cf-Dan3; I Ki12; II Ki11; and Jer 26:10-16; 36:9-31; 37:11- 21 & 39:7-10.
lesser-magistrate doctrine had a huge impact upon U.S. founders, and U.S. nation's people regarding government and law. We however live in the midst of a statist, slave-like people where such thinking has long been forgotten. The magistrates themselves know nothing of this doctrine today because the pulpits have long been silent regarding it.
If ever this nation needs to understand the lesser-magistrate doctrine, it is now. Immoral and unjust edicts are commonplace. The preborn are being murdered, and sodomy is being proliferated. The assault upon our freedom and liberties is a daily undertaking by those in high office. The attacks upon the law of God are ferocious and relentless.
In our nation today, the State has declared good to be evil and evil to be good. lesser-magistrates' duty before God?-uphold the good regardless of the new definitions created by the State... all authority is delegated. No man who holds State office rules autonomously. The authority he has is delegated to him by God: all those in positions of authority stand accountable to God

[URL=]]]Stand between[/URL]

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