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FRONT PAGE  |  9/17/2019
THURSDAY, NOV 19, 2015  |  15 comments
Hours After Obama Taunts GOP With ‘Widows’ Female Suicide Bomber Explodes In Paris

Once again, reality has intruded on President Obama’s divisive, his anti-science talking points. Just hours after the president used the term “widows and orphans” to taunt the GOP over their opposition to flooding America with Syrian refugees ISIS has promised to seed with terrorists, a female suicide bomber in Paris blew herself up as police closed in.

While overseas, no less, and as Democrat senators Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA, and Chris Coons, all signaled a desire to pause the Syrian refuges process, Obama again proved that the only people he sees as America’s real enemies are members of the Republican Party:

“Apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America,” Obama said of the GOP. “At first, they were too scared of the press being too tough on them in the debates. Now they are scared of three year old orphans. That ...

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News Item11/20/15 12:19 PM
Allie  Find all comments by Allie
Howdy B. I think it is fair to say America is a nominal Christian nation with most not truly born again. Nations can repent and have. England and the US has seen revivals. Ninevah repented. Other nations as well. I am hoping for that to happen again in America. God is sovereign and ruling from on high. Whatever He does with the west is good and right. Sending revival or witholding it. I ask that prayer be lifted up for is all to stand giving glory God for if God does not send revival we will experience the same atrocities as those in other countries who dare to name Christ. That is my opinion.

News Item11/19/15 8:33 PM
Wayfarer Pilgrim | Lubbock,tx  Find all comments by Wayfarer Pilgrim
Obama does not fashion himself as a leader who comforts anyone but himself. If a nuke goes off in 2-5 years. You can blame this wreckless mess of a president , who cannot help but hinder the world he has left in tatters. The only one able to say this president was great is himself, Wall Street and the jihadists he's glorified by his actions or lack there of.

News Item11/19/15 1:58 PM
B. McCausland  Find all comments by B. McCausland
Frank and Allie:
Just some random thoughts here with appreciation for your remarks.

Perhaps it is expedient to cease from considering matters from the platform/assumption of a country being a 'Christian' nation, which may be collectively granted the opportunity to 'repent' or amend. These notions have been prominent in the past of USA and UK, however, we should biblically cut the cloth to suit reality.

Governments, for a century now, have capitalised on such notions to advance agendas. From the beginning of the 20th century, UK and USA gov. successfully amalgamated the instilled personal/Christian sense of duty with 'patriotism' to inspire unquestionable civil involvement in WW1 and then WW2, at the expense of marring/cluttering biblical perception of church definition, purpose and existence.

New wars are being created and involvement secured on that basis.
Yet, perception should differ:
A Christian has one allegiance: Christ, one belonging-to-setting: heaven citizenship, one army: the preaching army, and one aim: the continuation of God's kingdom on earth: the means being the conversion of God's elect one at a time by his divine calling and grace.

"Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth"

Refocus seems safe.
Kind regards


News Item11/19/15 12:38 PM
kjg | Amerika  Find all comments by kjg
I just called my congressman to support HR 3314 Babin bill to pause immigration of Syrian refugees and funds resettlement in the middle east. House Speaker, Ryan does not like this bill. Perhaps, Catholic charities will take a cut, if HR 3314 passes.

News Item11/19/15 12:24 PM
John Yurich USA | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich USA
Obama is not a Christian because he supports abortion and homosexuality. Nobody can be a Christian and support abortion and homosexuality.

News Item11/19/15 12:21 PM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
Allie wrote:
I heard pastor say last night in prayer meeting the God is a big God and we should pray for big things. Let's pray for national repentance for our sinful decadence and the salvation of the president. Mr. Obama desperately needs our intercessory prayers.
When I pray for my country, I always pray that the Lord would raise up an army of men that would go forth as Christians soldiers and proclaim the gospel without fear or shame.

And I pray that our pastors and Christians in general would preach and proclaim His word in spirit and in truth which will result in them having power and authority over the enemy and many will be saved and many strengthened.

I believe the world is under God's judgment and that is why He is allowing what is happening. Very similar to Israel wanting a king to rule over them. 1 Samuel 8:7-9 and not the Lord.

Mankind as a species will never seek to serve their creator. The road to salvation is narrow and all we can do is what the Lord tells us to do. Yes, I also pray for the president's and all other government official's salvation. Thanks for raising that point. I sometimes forget my duty to do that.

Thanks for your comment and passion.


News Item11/19/15 12:06 PM
J gilk | Atlanta  Contact via emailFind all comments by J gilk
If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves ....what is causing this nation to be in such a mess is the iniquity in the hearts of Christians and those who call themselves Christian. There needs to be a repentance of the church's not the masses of UN believers. No President Republican or Democrat will be able to fix Isis or anything else for that matter.

News Item11/19/15 11:44 AM
Allie  Find all comments by Allie
I heard pastor say last night in prayer meeting the God is a big God and we should pray for big things. Let's pray for national repentance for our sinful decadence and the salvation of the president. Mr. Obama desperately needs our intercessory prayers.

News Item11/19/15 11:34 AM
GSMontana  Find all comments by GSMontana
Either Obama and company are incredibly naive, or they are purposely letting these people in knowing they will cause problems that the government can be the "solution" to.

News Item11/19/15 9:27 AM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
Let the poor man continue his rants. He just reveals more foolishness every time he speaks. Even the low information people are beginning to see it.

Anne's ref to the prez calling the Paris murders a "setback" reveals his heart more than is at first seen.


News Item11/19/15 7:57 AM
Where's Walldo | bricks  Find all comments by Where's Walldo
"For those of you playing the “compassion” card, we have 4% of the world’s population but already receive 20% of the world’s immigrants. Our “compassion” has als…o gotten us $18 trillion in debt, 94 million Americans not working, fewer people working in the private sector than people receiving public assistance of some sort, and more people on food stamps than the total population of Spain.

Frankly, I am appalled to hear some Christians claim it’s the U.S. government’s role to show “compassion” by importing multitudes of people from countries who neither respect or share our way of life, and may include national security threats. That is shamefully-bad exegesis.

The government’s role, Biblically speaking, isn’t “compassion” but to bring the “sword” as “punishment against the evildoer.” Christians making this misplaced argument here are guilty of the exact same flawed and wrongful hermeneutic that “progressive Christians” make when advocating for Marxist redistribution schemes out of “compassion.”

“compassion” isn’t tithing with other people’s money. That’s stealing.

God sent His people back to Israel after Babylonian captivity, &
the 1st thing
He had them do
was build a wall."

Steve Deace

Maybe a bomb blast proof barricade, too??


News Item11/19/15 7:28 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Thanks Anne, nice to hear from you.

News Item11/19/15 7:21 AM
Anne | the Wild West  Find all comments by Anne
Maybe if these "setbacks" would just simmer down, he could get to the really important stuff! Like that 3D indoor golf driving system!! I mean, how's a man supposed to decompress?! I'm with you, Christopher, what a joke. Sadly, the joke's on us... and I'm finding it hard to laugh nowadays. God puts rulers in for many reasons. The only one I see here is some major wrath and judgement!

News Item11/19/15 7:07 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Like I've said, the most destructive, arrogant, self absorbed President in the history of these United States. All he has ever cared about is having his name in lights, his mug on magazines, and being the first to do this or that, no matter what this or that might be. I still can't believe he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize, and for what? For simply wanting peace. What a joke.

News Item11/19/15 4:16 AM
Bro. McLeod | Bklyn New York  Find all comments by Bro. McLeod
President Obama will do or say anything to take the eyes of the American people off of the horrific job that he's doing.

What President Obama needs to do is "STOP" torrenting,Criticizing and causing division amongst the GOP.
He should get tough with Isis who is our real enemy.

He is a sad case of a president, we need to really pray for him.

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