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FRONT PAGE  |  1/21/2020
SUNDAY, NOV 2, 2014  |  63 comments  |  1 commentary
Obama slams stay-at-home moms
In the midst of remarks about preschools, minimum wage and pay equality for women, President Obama made a comment about stay-at-home moms that has left many mothers fuming.

Speaking at Rhode Island College in Providence, Rhode Island, on Friday, the president made a statement that sounds as though he wants the government to discourage mothers from staying home with their children and send them to preschool instead.

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Obama slams stay-at-home moms • 550+
Sean E. Harris | Berean Baptist Church
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News Item11/5/14 10:39 PM
jules  Find all comments by jules
Yep and he wants to control your children! Go to work so that some other evil person can discipline your child

News Item11/5/14 8:13 PM
Dolores  Find all comments by Dolores
Pennned, well ok, I will do my best. I do agree with you on that.

News Item11/5/14 9:46 AM
pennned  Find all comments by pennned
well, then Dolores, join me in speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves. God bless you sister.

News Item11/5/14 9:31 AM
Dolores | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores
Lurker, so appreciate your comment, it was encouraging for me. I think the ones who have been through the storms of life and are still standing should share their stories as an encouragement to those who are now in their storm. Btw, God won't let me quit, everytime I try, He brings someone along to cause me to continue on You are one of those and I wish Jessica would also. Her posts are encouraging also.

News Item11/5/14 1:09 AM
Lurker  Protected NameFind all comments by Lurker

Thank you so much for sharing what God has done for you and your family. It never ceases to humble me when I hear of how God has guided His people and blessed them with what is most important in this life..... a loving family which loves God above all else. Praise the Lord.

. . .

Sister Dolores,

I read all your posts. I so enjoy your recollections of some of your life experiences and how you can look back and see God's hand directing your steps. Don't even think of leaving the forum when you feel down and misunderstood. Shrug it off for your experiences and your posts are an encouragement to me and I'm sure many others.

Blessings to you and yours.


News Item11/5/14 12:19 AM
Dolores  Find all comments by Dolores
Shane, just read your comments. Wow, what a wonderful, testimony and so like the God I know. We went through some hard times also but God got us through them, with what I call miracles. Just unbelievable things that you just look back and stand in awe. These are things he uses to keep us encouraged that we are in His will for us. You know, my grown adult children have never complained about what they didn't have in way of material things but they talk about how great it was to have me at home. Like you said my husband, who was a working foreman for the power company and did a lot of overtime so I wouldn't have to work. God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.

News Item11/4/14 11:59 AM
Shane | socal  Find all comments by Shane
Christopher. Thank you all. Praise to the Lord. Our own personal stories in the Lord are not ours alone. they are not only for our faith but for the faith of others as well.

All Glory to God!


News Item11/4/14 11:13 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Great experience, Shane. All coincidence though, right? Ha-ha...yeah, right.

News Item11/4/14 9:34 AM
James Thomas | Florida  Find all comments by James Thomas
Shane wrote:
I forgot one important thing. We had just found out she was pregnant shortly before the letter came.
Shane, your story belongs on the front page versus this other "propaganda" ...Glory be to God!

News Item11/4/14 9:22 AM
Titus 2 sister  Find all comments by Titus 2 sister
Lovely testimony to the Lord's faithfulness when his precepts are honored by His children.
Thank you for sharing it with us.

News Item11/4/14 9:20 AM
pennned  Find all comments by pennned
that's a real blessing Shane. good to be able to keep our families together and strong in the Lord.

News Item11/4/14 9:15 AM
Shane | socal  Find all comments by Shane
I forgot one important thing. We had just found out she was pregnant shortly before the letter came.

News Item11/4/14 12:57 AM
Shane | socal  Find all comments by Shane
By that time she was basically working for medical insurance. Well... one day a letter came in the mail from Starbucks stating that she lost her med. Benefits because she didn't have enough hours in the quarter to be eligible. She needed 275 hours to keep her benefits. She had 274.75 hours! 15 minutes shy! Can you believe it? Ahh, but God meant it for good. I told her to quit her job immediately. I would ask my boss for medical benefits and she would stay home. Well... she didn't look at the next letter in the pile of mail. It was open enrollment for medical benefits for the company I worked for. Praise the Lord! See... we don't need a new car or a mortgage or status. God blessed us and gave us our hearts desire. For his glory! AMEN!
I realize our story is not everyone elses. But it can be.

News Item11/4/14 12:46 AM
Shane | socal  Find all comments by Shane
Dolores... I desired from day one of my marriage to be the sole bread winner and have my wife not be burdened with that (Btw she has the harder job). Thankfully she felt the same way. Well... it sounded easy enough, but it was hard to accomplish. Because of hardships she took a job at Starbucks. She did quite well there, moving up the ladder to manager. But this caused a problem. Babysitting/daycare which neither of us wanted. Thankfully my parents could help, but we knew it wasn't the way it should be. I decided that I was going to get a second job or side work as an electrician, and work day or night or weekends and step up to the plate, even denying my health to make it possible. God provided this opportunity. My wife stepped down from her duties as manager to take less hours...cont.

News Item11/4/14 12:09 AM
Dolores  Find all comments by Dolores
My comment was to John UK. It's late, Im tired and sleepy, I hope I made sense.

News Item11/4/14 12:05 AM
Dolores  Find all comments by Dolores
You are right, you have the right to say whatever you feel in your heart. Our pastor preached on that very subject. He didn't mention names but he read the statement Victoria Olsteen said about we should serve God for ourselves, not God, etc. and shook his head and said that is not helping people that are lost if we make them just feel good by scratching their itching ears. He gave lots of scriptures to back it up and it's true, we do need to rebuke and witness to others and I agree with that but he also had Mike Hucklebee and Phil Robertson and someone I don't know on a live broadcast in support of pastors in Houston. Stand Up for our freedom to speak out and others were going to be speaking. Mike Hucklebee being the one that was being put down for a lot of things that were so biased. He was in it for politics and he supported Sarah Palin, and he is not anti catholic so he's ecumenical. Btw, I was only saying that I question your spirit because of you saying that to me. I know you are true christiian men, you and Frank. Frank's testimony was awesome and inspiring. Your comments bless also. We just aren't always on the same page.

News Item11/3/14 11:18 PM
Dolores  Find all comments by Dolores
Helps, that's fine that you corrected me about troll spotters comment. I had forgotten that and only fair that it be pointed out. You know, actually, debates make me very uncomfortable, they are not my cup of tea, I don't enjoy it at all and always regret getting involved. Good night and blessings.

News Item11/3/14 2:04 PM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
Dolores wrote:
Well, you have a spirit that I question.

You criticize John UK for doing something and then you immediately do the same thing. However, one of my rules for posting on this board is I do not get into any lengthy debates with the ladies, so as I said to Pennned, this will be my last response even if you respond to me. But, I am not discouraging a response from you, I am just saying I will not engage again on this issue. As an aside, that will mean you will likely get the last word.

And you are sort of correct; I did see Pennnned's reasoning and I do see yours. I simply disagree with both of your arguments.


News Item11/3/14 2:03 PM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
Dolores wrote:
You say, John UK, I have a Spirit that you question because I don't see that attacking someone is going to win them to Christ??!!
Not at all Dolores. The gospel is a gospel of God's grace, and it has to be promoted graciously.

I question your spirit because you do not seem at all able to discern the love I have for lost souls, and the time I spend seeking to convince others. If I hated lost souls, all I would have to do is sit back - like some people do - and smile a big smile and say, "Burn in hell for all I care." That is hatred.

Now if you want to see family members saved, you must needs be straight with them. That will not guarantee they will come to believe, but it will show them that you REALLY believe what you say you believe, namely, that without Christ they are condemned already. If you pussy foot them, they will disregard what you believe as irrelevant or at the least unimportant.

I think it's great that you read Spurgeon every day. If you want to teach others about preaching, do read his "Soul Winner" or "Lectures to my Students", or listen to some other great soul-winner about how to go about it.


News Item11/3/14 1:52 PM
Helps | UK  Find all comments by Helps
Dolores wrote:
Thanks Helps, thanks for clearing that up about what TS, said like pennned said to Frank, he is not seeing her point but I do because my daughter is a teacher and has to work because she was an abused wife and had a child. It wasn't easy but she raised him as a single mom and he is a teacher now and will be marrying a sweet christian woman whose parents are both pastors of a Presbyterian church, my in-laws are pentecostal, I had a church of Christ neighbor, I am Baptist with Methodist friends, a Jew that is the step grandmother, on and on. My granddaughter talks her about Jesus and she listens but it's not in a condemning way. It's kinda hard for me to be judgemental you see. God lets me know He doesn't need my help to change anyone.My point was that you can be favored on one thread and be at odds on another. Sorry, I just didn't get that across. I, not like some, do have feet of clay.
I meant no criticism of you Dolores. Just setting the record straight in case some reading your post attributed those sentiments to TS.
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