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FRONT PAGE  |  10/19/2019
FRIDAY, JUN 27, 2014  |  37 comments
Drinking Causes 1 in 10 Deaths of Working-Age Adults

A stunning one in 10 deaths in working-age adults may be due to excessive alcohol consumption, a new government study shows.

That adds up to 88,000 deaths per year from 2006 to 2010, according to the report released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Put another way, that means that binge drinking and heavy regular drinking cut 30 years off the lives of those who died.

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item12/11/17 5:56 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Stewart Huntington wrote:
...Puckett has been fighting crime on the reservation for most of a decade. Mostly he targets drug dealers but, since Nebraska shuttered beer sales in Whiteclay just south of the reservation, he's seen more bootlegging.

"It has grown tremendously," said. "But it's always been here. We can't say it hasn't been here because it's been here but it has increased since Whiteclay has been shut down."...

--[URL=]]]Bootlegging on the rise on Pine Ridge Reservation[/URL]

I suppose most people including myself was hoping that Christian Sharia law would have a big effect. Perhaps it has had an effect but still not a complete shutdown of illicit alcohol, just as it didn't happened in the prohibition era? [URL=]]]10 Things You Should Know About Prohibition[/URL].


News Item9/30/17 6:37 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
1011NOW wrote:
After a Nebraska Supreme Court hearing, four liquor stores closed down permanently. In a town of less than 20 people, the sales and consumption of alcohol in the area of Whiteclay is now prohibited.
“The beer stores closing has changed my life because now I can get sleep,” said Abram Neumann, WhiteClay Resident. “Now, there isn’t the same late night partying and fights that their use to be,”

Residents feel that with the liquor stores closed, it will bring positivity back into their area. They can freely walk the streets without the risk of drunk drivers.

--[URL=]]]Whiteclay community reacts to Supreme Court's decision[/URL]

News Item8/1/17 1:58 AM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
Do you ever read the bible Jim Lincoln? What does the Bible say about drunkenness and murdering the innocent? Do you even know?

What changes hearts? Do you know?


News Item7/31/17 2:51 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Now if you read the article, [URL=]]]Nebraska May Stanch One Town’s Flow of Beer to Its Vulnerable Neighbors[/URL] lbug in my last post? you would have known there is a religious guy there trying to raise money to buy the booze outlets. I'm not sure if trying to buy up the source is going to work, but I believe he should have the qualifications for spreading the Gospel. However many of these women for on reason or another won't accept it, so it's okay for them to have abortions

FactCheck wrote:
ACOG, [ American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists] Oct. 19: [2012?] Contrary to the inaccurate statements made yesterday by Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), abortions are necessary in a number of circumstances to save the life of a woman or to preserve her health. Unfortunately, pregnancy is not a risk-free life event, particularly for many women with chronic medical conditions. Despite all of our medical advances, more than 600 women die each year from pregnancy and childbirth-related reasons right here in the US. In fact, many more women would die each year if they did not have access to abortion to protect their health or to save their lives.
--[URL=]]]The Life of the Mother[/URL]

News Item7/30/17 11:43 AM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
"Sin can lead to physical problems. Oh, in the case of the women of Pine Ridge Reservation no doubt to a lot of abortion because of, Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder which lead incorrectly of course of another nurse Cecilia Fire Thunder this time who tried to put an abortion clinic on the reservation.
Controlling access to alcohol would help control the desire for abortions, so read again, Nebraska May Stanch One Town’s Flow of Beer to Its Vulnerable Neighbors where some of this writer's interviewees have the right to imbibe (to sin, especially in the case of pregnant women) if they choose to."

How does the bible instruct sinners to 'handle sin'? The command is to repent.
What is the ONLY thing that can change a heart and turn a sinner from sin, freeing them of its bondage? Surely you know Jim L, even if you haven't been freed yourself

Read Romans 1:16, John 3:3, and Luke 18:13


News Item7/29/17 8:58 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | Leaven yeast beast  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
FRIDAY, JUN 27, 2014 | 31 comments--Now 32 - still true-
Deut32;:32" For their vine is of the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah: their grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter:
33 Their wine is the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of asps.

- the leaven of corruption went in & spoiled"Good eatin'"

"14 Butter of kine, and milk of sheep, with fat of lambs, and rams of the breed of Bashan, and goats, with the fat of kidneys of wheat; and thou didst drink
the pure blood
of the grape."


News Item7/29/17 6:09 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Alcohol abuse, as it is called in the Ny Times article or drunkenness and that is a sin, so why do I or any article has to point that out?
Webster 1913 Dictionary wrote:

Alcoholism /Al´co·hol·ism/ (?), n. [Cf. F. alcoolisme.] (Med.) A diseased condition of the system, brought about by the continued use of alcoholic liquors.

. Sin can lead to physical problems. Oh, in the case of the women of Pine Ridge Reservation no doubt to a lot of abortion because of, [URL= ]]]Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder[/URL] which lead incorrectly of course of another nurse [URL=]]] Cecilia Fire Thunder[/URL] this time who tried to put an abortion clinic on the reservation.

Controlling access to alcohol would help control the desire for abortions, so read again, [URL=]]]Nebraska May Stanch One Town’s Flow of Beer to Its Vulnerable Neighbors[/URL] where some of this writer's interviewees have the right to imbibe (to sin, especially in the case of pregnant women) if they choose to.

Again around the end of August we will find out if these stores in Whiteclay are permanently closed.


News Item7/29/17 3:54 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
take note of this, 1Co 6:9  Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 
1Co 6:10  Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. 

I notice you still didn't answer my question, typical.

Now, take note of this, the bible calls it drunkenness and NOT alcoholism. Worldly terminology also says drunkenness is a 'disease', I am sure you don't have a problem with that either.


News Item7/29/17 1:22 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
lbug, take note:

Julie Boseman wrote:
WHITECLAY, Neb. — This town is a rural skid row, with only a dozen residents, a street strewn with debris, four ramshackle liquor stores and little else....

Now many residents of Nebraska and South Dakota are pushing for the liquor stores of Whiteclay to be shut, disgusted by the easy access to alcohol the stores provide to a people who have fought addiction for generations. The Nebraska authorities, in turn, have tightened scrutiny of the stores, which sell millions of cans of beer and malt liquor annually. Last year, for the first time, the state liquor commission ordered the stores’ six owners to reapply for their liquor licenses....

Pine Ridge, one of the nation’s largest Indian reservations, is a catalog of social ills: Unemployment exceeds 80 percent, poverty affects more than 90 percent of those living on the reservation and alcoholism is rampant. By some estimates, one quarter of children born on the reservation have fetal alcohol syndrome.

--[URL=]]]Nebraska May Stanch One Town’s Flow of Beer to Its Vulnerable Neighbors[/URL]

If you want to stop people like, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


News Item7/29/17 8:57 AM
Ignominious Emirakan | Now 28 twice  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
FRIDAY, JUN 27, 2014 | 27 comments
Prov 28
28 When the wicked rise, men hide themselves: but when they perish, the righteous increase.

News Item7/29/17 5:33 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
I made one mistake it is a Pine Ridge reservation and not the Rosebud. Both are located in South Dakota. It's the Pine Ridge that is next to Nebraska. Apparently the Rosebud reservation allows liquor to be sold on the reservation.

lbug, I see that the New York Times did an excellent article on alcohol abuse in Whiteclay, called, "Nebraska may staunch one town's flow of beer to it's vulnerable neighbors.'

I will put up a better link to it later. But, one can look it up on Google.


News Item7/28/17 7:29 PM
Ignominious Emirakan | numb skull thorn torn  Find all comments by Ignominious Emirakan
FRIDAY, JUN 27, 2014 | 25 comments
Now 26!
Reminds me of
Prov 26:9
"As a thorn goeth up into the hand of a drunkard,
so is a parable in the mouth of fools.
10 The great God that formed all things both rewardeth the fool, and rewardeth transgressors.
11 As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.

News Item7/28/17 5:32 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
You said, "It's an interesting article on how to handle sin."

Where in that article did anyone refer to drunkenness as sin? Stay on topic please.

BTW, the bible does not call it 'alcoholism', that's worldly terminology.


News Item7/28/17 5:22 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
You mean Christians don't understand that alcoholism isn't a sin? Ypu can ask many leaders of the native Americans of the Rosebud reservation what they think of it. Apparently the better policing in the larger towns has help to stop fights.
Whiteclay was a center for sin, these other towns are at least able to control the violence better that comes excessive drinking, which is a sin.
Amer. Tract Dictionay 1859 wrote:

Is referred to in the Bible both in single instances and as a habit. Its folly is often illustrated, Ps 107:27 Isa 19:14 24:20 28:7,8, its guilt denounced, Isa 5:22, its ill results traced, 1Sa 25:36 1Ki 16:9 20:16, and its doom shown, 1Co 6:9,10. produced by wine, Ge 9:21 21:33 Jer 23:9 Eph 5:18, as well as by "strong drink," 1Sa 1:13-15 Isa 5:11. Hence the use of these was forbidden to the priests at the altar, Le 10:9; and all are cautioned to avoid them, Pr 20:1 23:20. To tempt others to drunkenness is a sin accursed of God, 2Sa 11:13 Hab 2:15,16. Its prevalence in a community is inseparable from the habitual use of any inebriating liquor. Hence the efforts made by the wise and good to secure abstinence from all intoxicating drinks, 1Co 8:13. See WINE.


News Item7/28/17 5:01 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
Christians know we cannot 'regulate' sin, nor would we dare try. I must have missed it, I saw nothing in that article concerning 'handling sin'.

This world is spiraling deeper into all kinds of addiction----what do sinners need? The SAME thing they've always needed - the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


News Item7/28/17 4:57 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
There is a followup to the previous post, actually the Nebr. Liquor Commission closed the stores in Whiteclay. Oh, there's an appeal on that, that will be heard on August 29th.

However, sometimes you can regulate sin -- up to a point Read the article, [URL=]]]Liquor Sales Increase in Nebraska Towns Near Reservation[/URL]. Apparently overall consumption is down in Northwest Nebraska. It's an interesting article on how to handle sin.


News Item4/28/17 10:30 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
The very rare instances that's a Nebraska Liquor Commission removes a liquor license, they know that they can relax because the court always overturns their actions. So they can always look more without really doing anything. [URL=]]] Judge lets Whiteclay beer stores stay open [/URL]!

News Item4/23/17 6:15 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
KOTATV wrote:
Four Nebraska stores known for selling millions of cans of beer each year near the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation have lost their liquor licenses....

State regulators reviewed the stores' licenses amid complaints that the town lacks adequate law enforcement to address frequent violence, drunken driving and other crimes. The stores have operated in Whiteclay for decades, and are expected to appeal the ruling.

---[URL=]]]Whiteclay beer stores lose liquor licenses[/URL]

News Item7/20/16 4:16 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Mike, I read somewhere that the Baptist Bible Belt has a real drinking problem. I will try to find the article.

[URL=]]] Tiny town with big problems: Whiteclay faces tough choices [/URL]

This town still makes the news

Hmm, [URL=]]] 'The Bible Belt Is Collapsing;' Christians Have Lost Culture War, Says ERLC President Russell Moore [/URL]

it's a good thing that this is an old thread Mike! because you just might pop back in say I told you so. . [URL=]]] What's America's Booziest State? We Ranked Them 50 to 1. [/URL] I thank the authors may have been sipping something when they wrote this. some of the language and it doesn't meet my approval.


News Item7/11/14 3:13 AM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
Jessica Dawson wrote:
Thank you John,
Praises to God that He delivered you from the perils of alcohol — may God give us wisdom to continue to avoid the strongholds which have captured so many lost souls in need of salvation — peace be with you!
Kind regards,
Amen Jessica. The resource I found impressive because it was not biased one way or the other, but genuinely sought to find out what the whole Bible had to say about the subject. Now that REALLY impressed me! So many folks and sects come out with so-called proof texts to bolster their position, and end up being lopsided, deliberately ignoring other texts.

Peace also to you, in your environment. It will not be forever.

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