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Breaking News All | Religion | Society | Tech | Choice | SA Newsroom
FRONT PAGE  |  3/5/2021
THURSDAY, AUG 1, 2013  |  43 comments
Now baby killers have a 'church' of their own

Whatever happened to that nice, socially conscious “girl” who encouraged us all to “eat a queer fetus for Jesus”? I imagine she was one of the nasty furies invoking their master at the Texas legislature this month when things weren’t going their way for the first time in 40 years.

“Hail Satan” is one of the less inflammatory slogans used by the Church of Euthanasia while working out its vision of salvation for this globe.

And no, it’s not a joke. The Church of Euthanasia, dedicated to death, dementedness and perversity, actually exists. ...

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No further comments are permitted for this news item.

News Item8/4/13 3:34 PM
Dolores L | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores L
Chris, you are the way you are..,you will never please everybody..there is always somebody that will disagree. I will make my comments as they come to me. If someone is disagreeable I try to see his or her point, if I can't then I let it post we may have agreement. We kinda learn from each other..and there maybe someone reading the posts that don't have couage to post their thoughts but learn from ours.

News Item8/4/13 7:16 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Thanks Penelope and Dolores. You know, I'm not even down; I just get confused about some of the things people say once in a while. I know I have a lot to say at times and I think that can put people off. I come on like gangbusters sometimes and post all over the place and maybe thay seems overwhelming for some. Someone called me out to post up verses during a debate in another thread. I can't do that, but he knew that, but no matter what my opinion my be on anything, my mind is always wide open if a topic can be proven otherwise, using the Bible as opposed to the varied, passionate, opinions we find here.
Anyway, whenever someone has called me wicked, a hypocrite, etc, I have always asked them to copy/paste examples...they never do. You know how we see what others don't, looking from the outside in? Well, the point of my post is rather or not there is something I am not seeing about myself that others are. Something that needs to change...

News Item8/3/13 10:52 AM
Dolores L | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores L
Me too Christropher..why would God use you and jpw to bring me back to this forum and He did because I was really done with it. I sense your love of God through my spirit. Reality did admit that he was being a worm like Jacob and told Anne she had that was enough for me to see his sincerity in the matter. I'm amazed at the people who read our remarks and some are proberly seeking something that's missing in their own lives..I just want to shine for Jesus but sometimes I let flesh get in the way..your comments are from heart and your personal experiences..mine too. Have a good day.

News Item8/3/13 9:42 AM
jpw  Find all comments by jpw
Christopher, some are just hear to tear beleivers down, and they are not always believers either, its hard to tell, don't let them get you down, I enjoy the honesty of your posts...

News Item8/3/13 7:34 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
You know, I really scratch my head sometimes because I have had many mention in their posts over time that they appreciate my comments. Not all of them, of course, because I know I have many "yikes! Reactions because I am learning, but I am still very careful what I say and how I word my posts. We all have different views, some vastly different, and I think my blunt honesty may be offensive or taken wrong at times. Anyway, then, once in a great while, I'll get someone like Reality saying just the opposite; saying they read my posts and determine that I am a hypocrite, wicked, racist, or whatever. I don't get it. If this is ever the case, I wish people would speak up. Otherwise, I don't know how an occassional hit and runner could see me so differently that I really am. I am always totally open to constructive criticism. ..always, and I will thank anyone for it...always.

News Item8/3/13 7:20 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Reality, I read your last post but don't understand it. The parts about being surprised and repeated actions. Can you reword that part? Also as for being a hypocrite, please give me some examples. I am famous for typing one thing, knowing what I meant but being misread because I didn't convey my thoughts properly. I have never seen myself as a hypocrite, but am always honest with myself. I actually abhor hypocrisy, so I'd like to know where how I am guilty of it so I can take it into consideration, or at least have the opportunity to explain myself.
Look, I'm oh so far from perfect, and I have a lot to say so I'm bound to get plenty wrong or trip myself up at times; say the wrong thing, etc. Constructive criticism is always welcome, and I have been called and corrected in plenty of things hypocrisy was never one of them because my views/actions are always the same, so I'd like to know how I have given this impression. Being a hypocrite is a label that I certainly don't want as part of my personality and I'm enough of a man to accept anything that can be proven.

News Item8/3/13 12:50 AM
Dolores L | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores L
Anne and MS..can't begin to tell you what a blessing you have including all other ladies on here. Your comments have encouaged,blessed and I'm growing in my knowledge of what God expects of me as a Christian woman. I'm new here and don't have much fellowship witth other christian women. God led me to SA and I never to comment because were all men I thought on here..finally I got the courage up to make a comment and it was all wrong for most of their comments were very condemning..I cried and was so upset that I said I would never do that again but God sent afew to help me to hang in there as Christropher0000 said.Women need help also and God knew I needed this so much..I already feel close to those who truly have His Spirit and can't wait to read what God is revealing through comments and happy for you Anne with the coming baby..I have four children. Praying for you both and thank God for you.

News Item8/2/13 4:30 PM
MS  Find all comments by MS
Thankyou dear have blessed more than you know this day!
Will be praying for you and yours also.

News Item8/2/13 4:18 PM
Anne | The Wild West  Find all comments by Anne
Well MS, I will be praying most earnestly for you! It is a moment to moment struggle sometimes to tame that wild side. Failure can be so disappointing; but God is gracious and so very kind to us, giving to us as we can digest! I have to read 1 Peter 3:1-6 many times a day. I have a wonderful husband, truly a man being transformed into the man God destined him to be. But I still fight the order, as Eve did. I would encourage you to continue running with joy the race put before you; and when you stumble, there will be those of us who will be praying for you! We all have much to learn!

News Item8/2/13 4:07 PM
MS  Find all comments by MS were blessed to be raised in a Christian home,I was not and momma wore the pants and still does.
The Lord saved me when I was older and very set in my carnality so the sanctification that He is putting me thru is quite flesh withering to say the least!
I am so blessed to have a Lord who has been so merciful and gracious to me!
Still have LOTS to learn!!

News Item8/2/13 3:52 PM
Anne | The Wild West  Find all comments by Anne
Ah! Confusion cleared! I had thought about this many years ago when I got married. At home, my father, brothers, cousins and all us womenfolk joined in many a lively discussions after church services! After being married, my mother reminded me that I had a tongue to mind as I was under my husbands headship and no longer my fathers. (Dad used these times to help sharpen our thinking processes so we wouldn't be left without reasoning.). I asked my husband if I could comment on sites like this. He gave his ok as long as I wasn't a moderator! Hahaha! I do understand what you're saying then!

Many blessing to you my fellow sister! It is hard to find sisters who truly esteem their husbands to such a degree! Isn't it sad how the world has taken submission to be so what it is not! I'm sure someone has just groaned in disgust that I would ask permission of my husband on such matters... I got used to it a long time ago!


News Item8/2/13 3:35 PM
MS  Find all comments by MS
No...probably my wording confused you.
I personally do not want to engage the brothers too long on any thread.
I make a comment or perhaps answer a question and then leave it alone.
By no means am I suggesting that my convictions should be anyone else's.
I should have not said anything about that...sorry.
Just thankful to have some sisters to fellowship with.
Btw congrats on baby 5.
Blessings to you.

News Item8/2/13 3:26 PM
Anne | The Wild West  Find all comments by Anne
MS, I'm not quite sure how to respond to your comment... I, too, am a married woman. I don't believe engaging in conversation with fellow brothers and sisters is taking a position of authority over a man. Priscilla and her husband spoke with Apollos and it was not undermining to the gospel. I guess I am confused if you are saying married women shouldn't engage in debate if men are in the conversation or if our husbands need be present, or if you personally choose to not dive into conversation...? It could be the morning sickness with baby five and I am simply misunderstanding, too!

News Item8/2/13 2:57 PM
MS  Find all comments by MS
Anne and Dolores..
I am very grateful to see some sisters posting here on SA as being a married woman I do not feel comfortable engaging the brothers who post and not wanting to dishonor my husband or their wives.
Nice to be able to fellowship.

News Item8/2/13 2:46 PM
Anne | The Wild West  Find all comments by Anne
Beautifully spoken Unprofitable Servant. Thank you!

News Item8/2/13 2:43 PM
Anne | The Wild West  Find all comments by Anne
Delores, I think the issue that many people are so vocal about (this thread for example) is the way in which the issues are approached. "A gentle answer turns away anger, but a harsh word stirs up wrath." (Proverbs 15:1). And at the same time we hear of violence, evil and those thing that repulse us and it stirs our passions and we want to defend "God's honor." Prov 19:2 says "Even zeal is not good without knowledge, and the one who acts hastily sins." God doesn't need defending, He cannot be mocked. So speaking God's truth will offend, but making sure it's not actually our own self that is doing the offending is so hard, at least for me. (Too, forums often are places where trollers and lurkers just throw out jibberish to stir the pot!)

Your comments are uplifting and I am always encouraged! Being challenged in our speech and thoughts is a hard thing to face! It is always a blessing to know we do not walk alone!


News Item8/2/13 2:40 PM
Unprofitable Servant | Georgia  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
reality wrote:
This is no different ...
You seem to imply that calling out the sins of the unregenerate by those in the forum is just them trying to make themselves appear better than the ones they condemn. You seem to say we should just live out our faith and that some how is more of a message than decrying the sin in the land. You run in to a huge issue with the examples we find in Scripture. The Lord Jesus certainly did not mince words in condemning those around Him, surely we all believe He lived a perfect life yet He decried the sin of His day using some pretty harsh words. You see Peter calling his hearers wicked murders and Paul certainly didn't back down in his preaching. Titus chapter 1 spoke of those who were vain talkers and they were to rebuked sharply. We are admonished to be able instruct those that oppose themselves. We are to have NO fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather REPROVE them. Just to name a few passages. Now, if you are admonishing us all to remember but for the grace of God there go I, then my apologies, we all need to let our words come from a meek and humble attitude. Our rebuke should be both with life and lip by the grace of God, for His glory. Also, are you really calling SA junk?

News Item8/2/13 2:02 PM
MS  Find all comments by MS
Hi Delores..
Your post reminded me of Proverbs 27:17
"Iron sharpenth iron".....
May we all engage in profitable and wise discourse,one with another.
Your comments have been caused me to rethink some issues also.
Thanks...may we all be a blessing one to another!

News Item8/2/13 1:22 PM
Dolores L | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores L
Btw..I agree also as christians we cannot just stick our heads in the sand and do nothing..we are called to be light and salt in this world and we need other christians to help us and encourage us. I hope I didn't offend you about John Y. Everyone was trying to help him and that's fine..apparently the Catholic Church is in a lot of error!! All your comments have truly been helpful to me and a blessing.

News Item8/2/13 1:06 PM
Dolores L | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores L
Hi Chris,I agree with the post about how you have learned so much from comments made on this forum. It's things I had never thought about before..on this very thread a statement was made that God used to help me deal with something that I've had to struggle with with for a very long time. He opened my eyes to see ciearly that how I was handling it was ok and not keep worrying about it...
There are a total of 43 user comments displayedSubscribe to these comments
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