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OCT 22, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  10/22/2017
SATURDAY, JUL 27, 2013  |  54 comments
Churchgoing Men Would Appreciate Less Cleavage in Church Too

Jennifer pointed out that she is “talking about so-called ‘mature believers,' not lost souls or baby Christians [that] come into God’s sanctuary on Sunday morning wearing clothes you might rather expect to see them wearing at a dance club on Saturday night." She wrote, "I’m talking about those who claim to be ‘born-again, baptized, blood-bought’ (even tongue-talking) members of the church!”

I’ve attended many churches where I have seen this. This is even an issue in my own church. I’m not quite sure what the rest of the women in the congregation think, but my wife is absolutely amazed when she sees women who are dressed as described above.

I can’t pretend to think like a woman or know what is in their hearts. However, I will say this, and I’m going to be as transparent as I possibly can in this forum: I’m not sure that many women understand or even think about the consequences of the way they ...

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Women In Worship - Part 2
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· Page 1 ·  Found: 54 user comment(s)
News Item7/30/13 11:11 AM
Chris, I don't find you comment offensive, but I do think you're wrong.
Prov: 5:18-19
SOS:1:13, 4:5, 7:3, 7:7-8, 8:1, 8:8, 8:10. This is not an American idea. They were intended for a husband to enjoy

News Item7/29/13 9:45 AM
SteveR  Find all comments by SteveR
Christopher000 wrote:
I can't delete or edit. Maybe an admin can if it was offensive.
Sorry guys...oh, and girls.
I wouldnt call it offensive, more like inappropriate for the conversation at hand.

Im glad to report I was very impressed with how modestly the women in my Church dressed this past Lords Day


News Item7/29/13 9:08 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
I can't delete or edit. Maybe an admin can if it was offensive.

Sorry guys...oh, and girls.


News Item7/29/13 8:11 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Oops...ok, I'll see if I can delete it or edit it. Don't know if I can while using the mobile app so maybe an ever present admin can for me?
Sorry for the way I worded or the words...whatever offended.

News Item7/29/13 7:44 AM
TMI  Find all comments by TMI
Yikes! @Christopher000.

News Item7/29/13 7:21 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
I don't think boobs are or should have ever been a big deal but America has sexualized everything. Men have nipples as well, and are no different from women except that women have more fat deposits there. Personally, I never understood the curiosity, fascination, or why it's such a sexual thing. In many other countries, they are just another part of the body like a hand or leg and the men don't gawk every time a woman walks by.
When it comes to church though, I think we should all be covered respectfully; both men and women.
I hope I wasn't offensive. If I was, I'll see if I can delete this.

News Item7/28/13 5:39 PM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
Foler, you have a point.

Evangelist Arthur Blessitt witnessed in a strip joint on Sunset Boulevard, preaching to the girls and to the owner. The owner got mad and said, "Hey, our girls don't come down to your church, and you shouldn't be in here!" Arthur replied, "Bring 'em down, bring 'em down!"

Ha! I'd love to see your face when a dozen perfumed and half-naked girls walked into your church service and sat down next to you. What a picture! Glory to God! No problem for such a fine upstanding gentleman such as yourself.

Or maybe a smelly tramp or two? Sat right behind you, making you feel sick and distracting you from the worship of God. Oh, but it wouldn't, would it.

Or a dozen kids from the council estate, running round the church, passing out sweets, and humming the latest buzz song in your ear?

No distraction? Marvellous!

Even a lightning strike on the church bell wouldn't distract such an one from his intense and devotional singing of psalm 1.

What a brother!!!!!!!!!!!


News Item7/28/13 5:20 PM
Foler  Find all comments by Foler
Luke 18 wrote:
Thank you Mr. Pharisee who chose to ignore all the comments by the ladies in this forum and thanks to all the publicans who admit they need the grace of God in all areas of their life.
Article wrote:
The last thing we need is to walk into church—a place where we have come to worship God freely and love Him with all of our hearts—and to have our attention diverted by the way some women are dressed.
Perhaps there are many men who need to wear blinkers in the pew so that they might stay focused on the real reason for going to church. Since grace doesn't seem to be working in all areas of their life.

News Item7/28/13 4:34 PM
Luke 18  Find all comments by Luke 18
Foler wrote:
This admission speaks volumes as to the faith and theology of the writer of this article.
Thank you Mr. Pharisee who chose to ignore all the comments by the ladies in this forum and thanks to all the publicans who admit they need the grace of God in all areas of their life.

News Item7/28/13 10:19 AM
Foler  Find all comments by Foler
Article wrote:
The last thing we need is to walk into church—a place where we have come to worship God freely and love Him with all of our hearts—and to have our attention diverted by the way some women are dressed.
This admission speaks volumes as to the faith and theology of the writer of this article. "" presumable comes from the charismatic churches. These being the people who shout scream and moan whilst throwing themselves about on the floor, all singing, all dancing etc, we can assume they are not real Christians and an embarrassment to the Lord.

So the admission by the writer that the men are more preoccupied by ogling the immodestly dressed ladies instead of listening to the preacher speaks volumes as to the power of the preaching (human) and the interest of the males in the pews to the sermons.

It is sad that some on the comments actually consent and concur with this kind of thinking to the extent that they insult people and communities presumably to mitigate this offensive activity.

Ro 13:13 Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts


News Item7/28/13 5:05 AM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
Churches in the Scottish Highlands don't have much of a problem with this. It is so cold up there, that if you don't cover up your entire body with thick clothes you will freeze to death while being attacked by midges.

News Item7/27/13 11:32 PM
tina | fly over country  Find all comments by tina
The one wife from Duck Dynasty wears skin tight yoga pants, short hemlines and dresses that are tight form fitting that are sleeveless and shoulderless and yet they all profess to be Christian. Rebecca St James wears skin tight leather pants & tight form fitting yoga pants & tops. But whoa to anyone who points it out. Someone maybe modest by the world's standard but its not the world's standards we are to live by. This needs to be addressed in YOUTH groups especially.

News Item7/27/13 11:23 PM
Dolores L | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores L
I agree with both jpw and's not lust unless it stays in the mind and the reason it's so wrong is because it causes you to commit adultry in your heart and maybe that's why we can't hate someone to thepoint of having murder in the heart..we need to not put that in a man's mind by dressing immodest..there's a reason Paul put it in the Bible by the inspiritlon of the Holy Spirit..that's what I meant to say not that men have a lust son has to pray about this a lot he said..there was a married man and woman who sang in our choir and were having an affair and have since left the did it start..with a look or flirting and maybe nothing to do wih her clothes..I am just saying we need to be so careful and to pray for each other like jpw said in her first post..sorry about the poor choice of words.

News Item7/27/13 10:54 PM
No brain-er
Stop dressing like harlots!!

News Item7/27/13 10:31 PM
BJonston | Ny  Find all comments by BJonston
I agree, jpw! Men have no more of a lustful nature than men, they are just more enticed by what they see. It's more enticing for a man to see a women in a low cut shirt and tube skirt or spandex than for a women to see a man in something as immodest as a speedo! Women are more attracted by other things. It's how God made us. The social media has made practically every kind of sin acceptable in society today, including women dressing in a way to attract male attention. Research has shown that when a man sees a women in a bikini, his brain registers her as a thing to posses and not a human being! I would suggest watching the "evolution of the bikini" here on SA. Very eye-opening! it is so important how you dress! More than you realize!!

News Item7/27/13 10:22 PM
Solution  Find all comments by Solution
Cover up, next topic!

News Item7/27/13 7:52 PM
jpw  Find all comments by jpw
I don't think men have a "lust problem" when women are dressing in ways to draw attention to themselves (I hope my previous post is not read that way!) in that kind of manner. it is the woman dressing that way, it is her responsibility, and its not honest for her to blame anyone else. men should not have to be on the defensive when they want their sisters to dress as sisters, but rather should be highly regarded for giving their sisters dignity.

News Item7/27/13 6:58 PM
MS  Find all comments by MS is a heart issue, how you clothe yourselves!
Mark 7:20-23.

News Item7/27/13 6:41 PM
Crissy | S.E. Texas  Find all comments by Crissy

News Item7/27/13 6:37 PM
A women from DC | USofA  Find all comments by A women from DC
I guess this is a good way for
Some to voice our opinions, and make us feel important! Lol. (myself included. And get a different perspective from other believers. The solution for this problem seems fairly simple. Since wearing revealing clothes attracts te wrong kind of attention, and could cause a brother to stumble, then cover up! That seems like the whole point of this article. Not to ruffle feathers, but to make us as Christian women aware of the effects when we dress immodestly.
There are a total of 54 user comments displayed | add new comment |Subscribe to these comments
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