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NOV 22, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  11/22/2017
Choice News FRIDAY, FEB 3, 2012  |  17 comments
J.C. Penney announces Ellen DeGeneres as new spokesperson

A 'million' moms can't compete with 3 million daily viewers. After J.C. Penney announced Ellen DeGeneres as the department store's new spokesperson last week, a conservative online organization launched a campaign to have her fired. Why? Because she's openly gay.

The One Million Moms organization, an extension of the American Family Association, called on members to urge the company to rethink their decision. "Funny that J.C. Penney thinks hiring an open homosexual spokesperson will help their business when most of their customers are traditional families," reads the call to action on the group's website. "The majority of J.C. Penney shoppers will be offended and choose to no longer shop there."

Not likely. As one of the most popular talk show hosts on TV, with over 3 million viewers turning in each episode, Ellen has her own army of followers that transcend traditional demographics. Gay, ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item2/12/12 5:39 PM
granny  Find all comments by granny
Mike wrote:
Half the stuff in jc penny is not very modest anyway. Ellen where's paints, to fit more of the man roll. Deuteronomy 22:5.
I've bought modest items there, but I won't be shopping there anymore now!

News Item2/12/12 5:13 PM
blb | Deep East Texas  Find all comments by blb
The problem is not that gays work in America. The problem is promoting the deviant lifestyle of gays and trying to force on the majority of Ameericans that the deviancy is normal, just an alternative type of normalcy. JC Penny and Co. can certainly do what they want to. However, the issue cannot be for the best interest of the company stirctly speaking. That is especially true if the majority of Americans do not pander to the homesexual life style oriented culture.
No, it more of JC Penny and company, just like the others that do this making a bold statement that they are indeed no longer Christian oriented, but humanistically (not to be confused with humane)oriented.

News Item2/12/12 2:46 PM
Zoey | Pennsylvania  Find all comments by Zoey
Woo!!!!!!!!! GO ELLAN!

News Item2/12/12 1:19 AM
J. Moszynski | Western Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by J. Moszynski
Old J.C. Penney, the founder of the chain, was a staunch Christian believer, and right now he is probably rolling over in his grave, seeing his beloved chain store hiring homosexuals like Ellen Degeneris as spokeswomen. God help us all, having a degenerate speaking for this once great store.
Just goes to show you how low this country has sunk. NO SHAME?

News Item2/7/12 5:13 PM
Mike | Florida  Find all comments by Mike
Half the stuff in jc penny is not very modest anyway. Ellen where's paints, to fit more of the man roll. Deuteronomy 22:5.

News Item2/6/12 8:17 AM
OP | wisconsin  Find all comments by OP
Anyone who agrees with JC Penneys choice of Ms. Degeneres and consider himself as a Christian--are very confused and ignorant. Pls. Read your Bible! Romans 1 is a good chapter. As for the unsaved--I expect them to defend JC Penney's approval of Degeneres. I am not angry with them, I feel very very sorry for them because they are lost and hope they will completely turn their lives over to Christ. As for me, a Christian woman who regularly shops at this store, I will contact the media department and voice and email my disaproval. I have lost respect for this store.

News Item2/5/12 2:17 PM
BNewman | Michigan  Contact via emailFind all comments by BNewman
First off, I don't see anything wrong with hiring Ellen to be Penney's spokesperson as long as the message does not get polluted like it did with Home Depot.
Seriously, is the Christian message that gays cannot work in America?
But here is my comment: in the online article, the writer states, "Ellen has surprised the industry's once closeted Hollywood culture by proving that talent and likability can override bigotry."
Really? Is that what everyone thinks this is all about? Bigotry?
Yes, and the world will continue to hurl names worse than this at God's people wanting to preserve moral integrity in America.
The "left" does not see the fight at all - they only see with the little light that has been given them. If your world view does not answer the basic questions of origin and destiny, there can be no definition to meaning and morality either.

News Item2/4/12 11:29 AM
Cliff Leckey | N. Ireland  Find all comments by Cliff Leckey
In the UK, a big superstore called "tesco" recently abandoned their support for a cancer charity in favor of the London homosexual parade called "London pride".
A boycott was called for and the response is ongoing. Here`s a copy of my email to tescos.

Hi Tesco, I have just been informed tonight of your decision to sponsor a 'gay pride' parade in place of a leading cancer charity so in response to a call for a boycott of Tesco goods my family will be purchasing our supplies from elsewhere forthwith.
I will naturally be forwarding this email on to all in my address book.
Thank you.


News Item2/4/12 10:31 AM
Thomas the Doubter | Ohio  Find all comments by Thomas the Doubter
Angela, I agree with you.

News Item2/4/12 9:49 AM
Angela Wittman | Southern Illinois  Find all comments by Angela Wittman
Dear Phylly and Mike,
Of course one must be practical and while we cannot shun all evil in this world, a boycott is really a simple, effective tool. We can simply choose to shop at another store; it really isn't that hard.

News Item2/3/12 11:31 PM
phylly  Find all comments by phylly
Mike, good point. If we boycott all that is evil, we will not eat, live in houses, have clothes, etc. I understand your point Angela and I do not entirely disagree; I believe the only way we will turn the world upside down is the same way the disciples did, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

News Item2/3/12 8:31 PM
jpw  Find all comments by jpw
I agree with Angela that both needs to be done. Seriously people, when a whole horde of young girls come down with the turrents thing after taking a certain product. or when the product is mandated in Texas and then in CA after 50 -100 are lost from it, what does it take for this generation to say something? there are political outlets "ethicists", but they are concerned with another nation and chicken fighting in South CArolina currently.

The gospel has a way of affecting how we live, and Christians on bended knee are a benefit to society. and yes, by all means, proclaim the gospel to the lost!

if everyone starts speaking up, and saying something, it a God-honoring way, then influence can occur -- and Christian influence is important, not just a one hour a week within four walls kind of affair.


News Item2/3/12 7:23 PM
Mike | Florida  Find all comments by Mike
Angela. Praise God for your devoted witness, to lost sinners. As we are commanded. And I agree, we should not support sin. But.. That is impossible. We live in a falling world, corrupted in sin. We are in the world, but not of this world, all that be in Christ Jesus. The Church has lost it's focus. We have bought Into a lie, of trying to fix a sinful world through political issues, rather then through the Word of God! The sin will only be broken, by proclaiming the Gospel. And bended knees.

News Item2/3/12 5:15 PM
Angela Wittman | Southern Illinois  Find all comments by Angela Wittman
Dear Mike and Phylly,
I have spent years witnessing to lesbians while standing in front of the local abortuaries. Christians should not support sin with their money - preach the Gospel and boycott at the same time - one can do both!

News Item2/3/12 2:32 PM
phylly  Find all comments by phylly
Amen Mike! Instead of boycotting and the like, we need to get back to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will not have an impact nor will we be effective if we use stupid techniques like this to try and force sinners to do right. When we understand man's radical depravity, then maybe we'll get the Gospel right and turn our efforts into doing kingdom work and preaching the doctrines of grace. We will not take back a society that is depraved by demanding sinners not be placed as spokespeople for sinful corporations. Self-righteous attitudes will not prevail and make us no better than the wicked society we are engulfed in.

News Item2/3/12 11:16 AM
Mike | Florida  Find all comments by Mike
Why don't these women use their time to witness to the gay community? We are called to preach the Word of God. We are not of this world, if we are in Christ.. If this coalition of mom's really want to make a difference, preach the Word to All of the lost. Dont get me wrong.. Homosexuality is a abomination. But so are many other sins. We are to fulfill the great commission. What if one of the spokesmen was a adulterer,fornicator, drunkard? We would all be walking around naked! U see all these pastors today, trying to pile money into political agendas. If they would start preaching the Gospel, and start going out into all the nations, we would see real change! And I don't mean we send a family of missionaries. But the whole church, should be missional. We are ALL called! Then we will see REAL CHANGE..

News Item2/3/12 10:15 AM
Angela Wittman | Southern Illinois  Find all comments by Angela Wittman
I don't think I'll shop there anymore as I don't want to encourage Ellen DeGeneres or her sinful lifestyle... I stopped using Cover Girl products when they made her a spokeswoman. This really concerns me for the impressionable young girls who will grow up thinking it's okay to have a lesbian relationship. May the good Lord deliver Ellen and her "wife" from this abomination. In Lord Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.
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