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FRONT PAGE  |  8/23/2019
TUESDAY, SEP 15, 2009  |  50 comments
York Minster will be host to the Relics of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux
Thérèse of Lisieux (1873 to 1897) is one of the major saints of the Roman Catholic Church, and many Christians of other traditions and denominations are influenced by her writings and her life.

Dying aged just 24, she is one of only three women recognised as ‘Doctors of the Church’.

The Relics, contained in a decorated casket, are in England and Wales from the 16th September to the 16th October 2009 at the invitation of the Roman Catholic Bishops of England and Wales.

York Minster, a Cathedral of the Church of England, is the only non-Roman Catholic venue in the programme of visits. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item9/27/09 6:52 PM
The Truth Is  Find all comments by The Truth Is
GG said: “Jesus lived in Gallilee, not the most Jewish of places to live.”

The very notion of a Hebrew-born Messiah, first making his appeal to the Hebrew people (‘the lost sheep of the house of Israel’), supported by the Hebrew Scriptures, in anything other than the Hebrew language would seem a contradiction in terms.

What is more, Galilee as a region was well-nigh as Jewish as Judaea. Josephus described its population in his day as predominantly Jewish, while “Hebrew language and literature” still “dominated the region at this time”[34], as Chancey and Meyers note. The Mishnah says that

“The men of Galilee wrote in the same manner as the men of Jerusalem”.[35]

To suggest, therefore, that while Hebrew might have been the vernacular of Judaea, Aramaic will have to do for the Jewish population of Galilee, is a discrimination which is historically untenable.

[34] Mark Chancey and Eric M. Meyers, “How Jewish was Sepphoris in Jesus’ time?”, Biblical Archaeology Review, (July – August, 2000), p. 33.

[35] Ketuboth 52b., emph. added.


News Item9/27/09 5:34 PM
GG's Minder  Find all comments by GG's Minder
Sorry folks ,I just noticed that GG who is famous for turning to the left has done it again so I have to MIND HER again

GG wrote this "Even an ex-catholic should know the Catholic Churches definition of "Veneration" and "Worship". If you are not going to do the "Due Diligence" required to be truthful,"

Now here we have from the top of this page ..... Knights Templar worshipped the Turin Shroud • 19 comment

Now GG when are you going to TURN "RIGHT " ???


News Item9/27/09 12:58 PM
June  Find all comments by June
Amen Wayne . . More on Church Persecution here:

. . . "Is there in all history an instance of so gross and confident a mockery of God, and the world, as this of the inquisitors beseeching the civil magistrate not to put the heretics they have condemned and delivered to them, to death? For were they in earnest when they made this solemn petition to the secular magistrates, why do they bring their prisoners out of the Inquisition, and deliver them to those magistrates in coats painted over with flames?
Why do they teach that heretics, above all other malefactors, ought to be punished with death? And why do they never resent the secular magistrates having so little regard to their earnest and joint petition as never to fail to burn all the heretics that are delivered to them by the Inquisition, within an hour or two after they have them in their hands? And why in Rome, where the supreme civil, as well as ecclesiastical authority are lodged in the same person, is this petition of the Inquisition, which is made there as well as in other places, never granted?" [ Geddes ' tracts on Popery. View of the court of Inquisition in
Portugal , p. 446. Limborch . vol. ii., p. 289.]


News Item9/27/09 2:13 AM
WayneM | northwest B.C.  Find all comments by WayneM

The Catholic Encyclopedia claims in one part that the church turned people over to the secular authorities for punishment (or torture).

What must be remembered is the church headed by the Pope was the absolute authority. The civil authorities obeyed the church.

"Officially it was not the Church that sentenced unrepenting heretics to death, more particularly to the stake. As legate of the Roman Church even Gregory IV never went further than the penal ordinances of Innocent III required, nor ever inflicted a punishment more severe than excommunication. Not until four years after the commencement of his pontificate did he admit the opinion, then prevalent among legists, that heresy should be punished with death, seeing that it was confessedly no less serious an offence than high treason. Nevertheless he continued to insist on the exclusive right of the Church to decide in authentic manner in matters of heresy; at the same time it was not her office to pronounce sentence of death. The Church, thenceforth, expelled from her bosom the impenitent heretic, whereupon the state took over the duty of his temporal punishment."

It is convenient to be able to use the civil authorities as the scapegoat.

It doesn't take a great intellect to see through this masquerade.


News Item9/26/09 9:16 PM
tree in the forest  Find all comments by tree in the forest
I agree that what GG's Minder said about GG turns left quite often here she does it again.I have made a trip available a cyber trip for her to visit ,so she can get herself educated once and for all....all you have to do GG is go to this site....learn well by the way check the very bottom of the page ..for sure and the middle also ...please learn.


tree in the forest


News Item9/26/09 7:54 PM
Bjohnny  Find all comments by Bjohnny
GG wrote:
The great majority of scripture quotes in the N.T. are from the Septuagint.
The "Septuagint" does not exist. It is a compilation of some "scholar's" imagination based on a few manuscript fragments, which btw, fits Romish doctrine nicely.

News Item9/26/09 7:51 PM
WayneM | northwest B.C.  Find all comments by WayneM

The popes authorized the inquisition and everything was done by their authority. Even the Catholic Encyclopedia (online) will tell you in great detail how the system was set up and worked.

"The Inquisitor, strictly speaking, was a special but permanent judge, acting in the name of the pope and clothed by him with the right and the duty to deal legally with offences against the Faith; he had, however, to adhere to the established rules of canonical procedure and pronounce the customary penalties."

The Catholic Encyclopedia explains how the Papacy came to believe, during the first twelve centuries, that the popes had the authority to use whatever force they deemed, including death to try to protect the RC religion. All of this was of course contrary to what Jesus taught. Jesus said His kingdom was not of this world. The Popes were setting up a political-ecclesiastical kingdom of this world and every person and state was to bow in subjection to their decrees and rule. That is how they justified using force since the early centuries. This culminated in the Inquisition in Europe and other unspeakable horrors. There were many horrors prior to the Inquistion as well. You think you are following a true church; think again.


News Item9/26/09 7:20 PM
The Truth Is  Find all comments by The Truth Is
Jot and Tittle

But what does this mean, in terms of our enquiry into Jesus’ language? A great deal, actually. Self-evidently there is a nexus between the Jewish vernacular of first century Israel, and the language Jesus spoke. It would fly in the face of common sense if the “Word made flesh” addressed the very countrymen he was first sent to by his Father, in anything other than their normal tongue.(See Matthew 15:24; John 5:36; 1:11.)

Consistent with this, we find Jesus speaking of the “jot” and “tittle” of the Law in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:18). By universal consent, this refers to the text of the Hebrew Bible. Let two modern authorities suffice – one Catholic, one Protestant:

“‘Jot’ refers to ‘yod’, the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet; ‘tittle’ is a slight serif [or hook] on a Hebrew letter that distinguishes it from another”.

(The New Jerome Bible Commentary)

Likewise John Broadus, in his Commentary on Matthew:

“Jot, in the Greek iota, signifies the Hebrew letter iod (pronounced yod) … tittle – in the Greek, horn – denoting a very slight projection at the corner of certain Hebrew letters …”


News Item9/26/09 2:37 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
" jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass...".

Why? One explaination would be that, "...not one jot or one tittle.." was a local expression like, "Close enough for Govt. work", or "tighter than the skin on a hot dog".

Some books were written in Hebrew, others in Greek or Aramaic. The only compilation of books available around Jesus' time was the Greek Septuagint. Because it was in Greek, it found wide usage with Greek speaking Jews. Jesus lived in Gallilee, not the most Jewish of places to live. The Hebrew compilation followed in @90 a.d. in Jamnia, when the Jewish Rabbi's cleansed all non-Hebrew works from the Jewish collection of scriptures because they were used by the then "hated" Christians. The great majority of scripture quotes in the N.T. are from the Septuagint. If I am in error, I would be glad to learn differently.


News Item9/26/09 2:32 PM
Parlleno  Find all comments by Parlleno
The Truth Is wrote:
"...Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from..."(Matthew 5:18)

Why would Jesus not have said this? Because the jot is a Hebrew letter, and the tittle is a small mark to distinguish between Hebrew letters. If Jesus used the Greek Septuagint, His scriptures would not have contained the jot and tittle. He obviously used the Hebrew scriptures!

"Since jots and tittles, which are Hebrew consonants and vowels and consequently Hebrew words, will be preserved, at least two corollaries follow. 1) There is absolutely no warrant to look to penultimate authorities, such as the LXX or Dead Sea Scrolls, to correct the Hebrew text. 2) The Hebrew text that has been preserved by the Jews and approved of by the Lord's churches has been the venerable Masoretic Hebrew text. These corollaries in turn eliminate the necessity to utilize the science of Textual Criticism "to restore" the OT and NT texts, and also repudiate the notion that God has promised merely to preserve His "word" or "concept," or "message" (Dean Burgon soc)

News Item9/26/09 12:38 PM
The Truth Is  Find all comments by The Truth Is
Many scholars claim that Christ and his apostles used the Septuagint, preferring it above the preserved Hebrew text found in the temple and synagogues. But if the Greek Septuagint was the Bible Jesus used, he would not have said,

"For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." (Matthew 5:18)

Why would Jesus not have said this? Because the jot is a Hebrew letter, and the tittle is a small mark to distinguish between Hebrew letters. If Jesus used the Greek Septuagint, His scriptures would not have contained the jot and tittle. He obviously used the Hebrew scriptures!

In addition, Jesus only mentioned the scripture text in two ways, (1) "The Law and the Prophets" and (2) "The Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms":

"And he said unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me." Luke 24:44

The Hebrews divide their Bible into three parts: the Law, the Prophets and the Writings. Jesus clearly referred to this. The Septuagint had no such division.


News Item9/24/09 10:39 AM
GG  Find all comments by GG
GG's Behinder: News of my femininity shall come as a great surprise to my Mother and my wife. rascal you, you're not focusing on your!'re saying if it isn't in the Tanakh, which I suppose is the Jewish OT, then it can't be....Christian? It must be a profound satisfaction to you to know that you are in perfect Scriptural agreement with those folks who not only missed the coming of their Savior the first time, but helped to have him killed, persecuted his Church, and now are waiting for his "First Coming"...which will really be his "Second". Also, it seems to me that the injunction against "Adding to Scripture", also has an injunction against "Subtracting FROM Scripture". The Reformers, coming as they did 1500 years after Christ's granting the power to "Bind and Loose" to his true Church, the One, True, and Apostolic, Roman Catholic Church, these "Gangs that couldn't shoot straight" had no Authority and certainly no power to drop any lawfully declared "Inspired" books from God's word. Being a "Former Catholic" won't "cut the mustard" with the Lord...sorry!

News Item9/22/09 1:34 PM
GG's Minder  Find all comments by GG's Minder
GG'S Minder, and oh how she needs a MINDER, she veers to the left quite often.
now GG ... the books of which you speak are NOT I say again ARE NOT part of the Tanakh. The rcc...roman catholic corp... added those "hidden books" just to cover their devilish doctrines, i.e., purgatory, praying to the dead etc.
I /we suggest that you walk over to the closest synagogue and check this out for yourself. The rcc is in violation of "GOD"S WORD" by adding to the BIBLE..
Rev. 22:18
"For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:"

The CHRISTIAN Old Testament uses the same texts as the Tanakh, but in a different order. The Catholic version adds books, known as the Apocrypha, e.g. the books of the Maccabees.

GG "s....MINDER & another former Catholic


News Item9/22/09 1:21 AM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Was Jesus a Christian...was he the first Christian? No! He was from first to last a Jew...the perfect Jew. As a Jew, Jesus would have done was Jews do. Especially, Jews from the first half of the first century. If scripture is your thing, how many times did Jesus follow Jewish Tradition, the Tradition from God not men. Always! He went to Synogue, he observed Sabbath and Pass Over....and Hannuka, and he prayed for his dead Step-father Joseph, because that what good Jews did...still do. He would have read the Septuagint and been familiar with First & Second Maccabees. In Second Maccabees, the hero discovers that many dead Jewish soldiers died with an idol around their neck...he prayed for their souls. It is from 1&2 Maccabee that Hannuka comes from (John 10:22). Where in scripture does Jesus condemn praying for others - alive or dead? God is not the God of the Dead, but of the Living. Jesus commands the Living to pray for the Living. I am not replacing God but honoring the Hierarchy which he established. The Trinity at the top, then the Angels, then his Elect...from the greatest to the smallest...all family...all interested in the salvation and good of the family. Paying the priest $5 for a Mass for a dead relative is considered "Courteous". Praying for them is free!

News Item9/21/09 10:33 AM
protest  Find all comments by protest
GG wrote:
I state plainly what every HONEST STUDENT of Catholicism knows for a fact, namely that Catholic "Veneration" is in NO WAY like Catholic "Worship" nor can it be confused with Catholic "Adoration" of the Most High God.

You're playing with words GG.

Veneration? worship? adoration?

When YOU and your dogmatic pals pray to one of the dead bodies YOU claim are up there responding to prayer.

WHAT you are actually doing is REPLACING GOD!!!

Call it what you will GG.
You are creating (in your mind) and in true Christian Biblical knowledge, a "graven image" iaw Exodus 20.

The papal antichrist has deluded you with his own delusions.

Remove the relics, old bones, dead bodies, plaster statuettes, icons and all the other junk that the papist "Dulia" baggage supports - AND stick to the ONE TRUE GOD alone.

Dead sinners, relics and icons DO NOT ANSWER PRAYERS - The Word of God says so.

Exod 20:4 "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:
5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them"

YOU are breaking this commandment GG.


News Item9/21/09 9:05 AM
just a thought  Find all comments by just a thought
GG, do you pray to Mary? If so, where is this commanded in Scripture? Do you pray for the dead, giving money to 'buy' them out of purgatory? Again, where in God's infallible word is this commanded? I am not looking for the RCC definition or 'take' on a passage[s], I am looking for a precise, clear passage from God's word that states/commands us to pray to Mary, as well as for the dead; a passage[s] that clearly commands us to give monetarily to 'buy' loved ones out of the elevator that's stuck in eternity and doesn't go up or down until money is put in, like a vending machine.

News Item9/20/09 8:59 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
I am very tired of people who claim to be innocently offering the truth as they quote other men's words, yet they interject their own words to "twist" the meaning to their own devient purposes. She quotes, "...bodies of...martyrs...are to be venerated [I.E, WORSHIPPED AND ADORED] by the faithful...". Those are HER words and they should not be presented in such a fashion that changes the meaning of the original text. I state plainly what every HONEST STUDENT of Catholicism knows for a fact, namely that Catholic "Veneration" is in NO WAY like Catholic "Worship" nor can it be confused with Catholic "Adoration" of the Most High God. It is not just to hold Catholic dogma up to Protestant analysis with Protestant definition of terms and not allow background knowledge. It is a pity that any person of a meek nature should be offended by my strong words, but as Truman said, "If you can't stand the heat, then get out of the Kitchen". I rather imagine that she will take any "dueling scars" that she gets from me and display then with pride to her peers. MH says, "...there is no...difference in the adoration and veneration Roman Catholics have...saints and...God". Are these statements more "golden quotes" from the 'Council of Trent' or more twisted words from the adversary?

News Item9/20/09 3:42 PM
just a thought  Find all comments by just a thought
GG, with all due respect, June quoted a factual statement, and you in turn, lash out at her. You defend a 'tradition' over truth. You cannot grasp truth because you are blinded to it. You see no further than man made tradition, God has not done a work in your heart. You are dead in sin, not being regenerated by God and His life transforming power. How do I know this? Because your words reflect what is in your heart. The mind is only transformed and renewed by the diligent reading and studying of His word, as the Spirit of God reveals and illuminates His truth.
You place all importance on church tradition and doctrine, not studying for yourself His word, not checking, as the Bereans did, to see if what you are being taught lines up with God's word. You are steeped in a cult, and you are oblivious to it. May all here who have been born from above lift you to the Lord in prayer; may He be merciful to you and draw you to Christ. May the Spirit cause you to cry out for mercy, forgiveness and salvation...all according to His grace.

News Item9/20/09 2:43 PM
June  Find all comments by June
Parting thoughts:

Excerpt from ' The Normal Christian life & Catholicism' by R. Bennett, former R.C. priest /

“In Catholicism all of this inner foundation of a deep inner fellowship with the Lord is missing. The rituals and pomp, the fine architecture, and captivating music, the mysticism, charismatic experiences, visions and apparitions cannot fill the void that was meant to be filled by a Person, the Spirit of the living God.

You may cling to such teachings and traditions to your own eternal peril. Or you may do what so many of us have done before you. Turn to God in faith alone for the salvation that He alone gives, by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, based on Christ’s death and resurrection for His own, and believe on Him alone, “to the praise of the glory of his grace.” (Eph. 1:6)”

June, a sinner upon whom God has bestowed his free & sovereign grace, "born again" by the incorruptible word of God that liveth and abideth forever (1 Pet. 1:23)


News Item9/20/09 1:07 PM
Michael Hranek | Endicott, New York  Find all comments by Michael Hranek
GG wrote:
Even an ex-catholic should know the Catholic Churches definition of "Veneration" and "Worship". If you are not going to do the "Due Diligence" required to be truthful, then with all due respect...."Shut yer yap!"
Shame on you. Does your religion teach you to be prideful, rude, disrespectful and obnoxious to women?

Sure ex-Catholics are aware of the RCC's definitions of adoration and veneration...and please note this,,,,

"Since there is no true noticeable difference in the adoration and veneration Roman Catholics have for their saints and that they express for God or for Christ one must conceed the fact Catholics literally practise idolatry and worship their Church, their Mary and their saints." And further practise deception in calling it something else.

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