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FRONT PAGE  |  6/18/2019
Choice News FRIDAY, JAN 30, 2009  |  11 comments
Court says private Christian school can expel lesbians
A private religious high school can expel students it believes are lesbians because the school isn't covered by California civil rights laws, a state appeals court has ruled.

Relying on a 1998 state Supreme Court ruling that allowed the Boy Scouts to exclude gays and atheists, the Fourth District Court of Appeal in San Bernardino said California Lutheran High School is a social organization entitled to follow its own principles, not a business subject to state anti-discrimination laws.

"The whole purpose of sending one's child to a religious school is to ensure that he or she learns even secular subjects within a religious framework," Justice Betty Richli said in the 3-0 ruling, issued Monday. ...

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News Item2/14/09 6:12 PM
Katherine | UK  Contact via emailFind all comments by Katherine
I see your point about identity, and about gay people being "proud" of their sin. What I meant was that every sin, gay or not, was so bad that Christ had to die so we could be forgiven.
I also understand the concerns about the impact on the other students. I'm more concerned what message expelling them sends about who the gospel is for. The school could be teaching the relevant Biblical truth and prepare the students for the world's view of homosexuality, which they're going to hear eventually anyway. But I realise it must have been a tough decision.
I just have seen way too much "gay bashing" coming from Christians. I strongly believe that as Christ's representatives on earth we need to remember that Jesus came into the world to save sinners, and people in homosexual sin fall into that category like everyone else. Most of what I read written by Christians about homosexuality is so lacking in love. Instead of explaining that their lifestyle isn't their true identity but a sinful choice which God hates, and He will free them from it by His grace and love through Christ if they turn to Him, we seem to just only be telling them that their lifestyle is sin and God hates it.
A bit of a tangent, but I hope it explains a bit where I'm coming from.
God bless.

News Item2/9/09 9:13 AM
DJC49 | Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by DJC49
And another thing on this issue:

This school has every right to PROTECT itself against having the appearance and reputation of tacitly approving of what these 2 girls are involved in if it had retained them as students. Additionally, the school probably thought it wise not to allow these 2 girls the opportunity to influence other students by their remaining at the school.

Don't you think that if they stayed on as students that these 2 girls would seek the acceptance of other students of their homosexuality? Don't you think that the BIG LIE would spread and actually be believed among other impressionable young students -- that homosexuality is who these 2 girls ARE rather than being a matter of what they do, i.e., sin?

By expelling these 2, the school is making a statement -- a proclamation -- that homosexuality is something not to be tolerated as a way of life. And I'm GLAD that this school has made a stand! If (much) more of this sort of stuff occurred around this country, we might have a chance against this avalanche of depravity which is coming from the homosexual quarter ... among other quarters.


News Item2/9/09 8:22 AM
lyn | usa  Contact via emailFind all comments by lyn
DJC49-this is very true.
Homosexuality is like a deadly cancer. It eats away at the moral fabric of society until it destroys it altogether.
If someone wants a clear biblical example of what this sin does, read Gen.19:11, "And they smote the men that were at the door of the house with blindness, both small and great, so that they WEARIED themselves to find the door." ---you would think being struck blind would of frightened them, but no; they still tried to fulfill their perverted desire. This brings out how mentally depraved homosexuals are {Romans 1:24}. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of sexual sin, to the point of no trace left.
Yes, all sin is deadly, but, homosexuality is particularly entangling.
It's frightening that so many have such a flippant approach to sin, especially one that ensnares such as this one. Is it any wonder America {and the entire world} is in the shape it's in?

News Item2/9/09 8:05 AM
DJC49 | Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by DJC49
Katherine wrote:
Homosexuality is just another sin like any other.
It is not.

Homosexuality is particularly invidious and destructive as it not only involves an act, but it also becomes ones IDENTITY. A person can steal or lie or fornicate, but more than likely, he won't link his personal identity to these sins to the same pervasive extent as does a homosexual with his homosexuality.

IOW, homosexuality is a state of sinfulness in which a person says: "This is WHO I AM -- essentially" to the point of absolutely denying that what is involved here is sin. One who identifies himself as a homosexual typically remains recalcitrant to correction far more than one who commits other kinds of sin. The thief, the liar, the fornicator KNOW that what he is doing is wrong, i.e., sin, while the homosexual proclaims that what they do is in accordance with WHO THEY ARE!

The proof of the matter is this: you will NEVER see a parade of thousands marching down the street waving flags and carrying banners and signs proclaiming their PRIDE in being thieves or liars or adulturers or murderers etc. Gay PRIDE parades are now a commonplace.

Do you see the difference?

lyn --
help me out here on this matter if I haven't made my point clear. Thanks.


News Item2/9/09 5:40 AM
Katherine | UK  Find all comments by Katherine
I don't understand... was the school's purpose to only provide an education to kids who were already Christians? If not, why not let these girls stay and continue to teach them from Scripture about the need to repent of sin and turn to Christ? Sure, teach that homosexual behaviour is sin (and that in itself will cause you problems, but the Bible says it so we know it's true), but expel them? Would the school expel straight students who appeared from to be conducting an inappropriate relationship?

I don't understand why so many Christians think what the school did was right. It makes me cringe. Homosexuality is just another sin like any other. We have no right to reject these people from society. We need to love them and point them to Christ, same as we do for any other sinner.


News Item2/8/09 9:13 PM
lyn | usa  Contact via emailFind all comments by lyn
If these lesbians were to repent of their sin, then by all means, let them stay. BUT, you simply cannot allow this when you are upholding the word of God. This is simply ridiculous, an outright blatant act in which sin {in this case, homosexuals} demands to be accepted. It is all part of the homosexual agenda, they will continue to push and push their abomination down the throats of Christians until they wear down some, who in turn say, 'we must love all people'. To love someone is to point out their sin using God's word, and tell them how Christ died and was raised so they may be reconciled to God. Giving the Gospel to a lost sinner is the biggest evidence of love one could display. To simply embrace their sin is NOT biblical.
I do like the statement, 'the purpose of a religious school is to teach Christian values'. God does not condone sin, neither should His children.

News Item2/8/09 8:51 PM
Amy | Edmonton  Find all comments by Amy
This is just too much. A Christian School should take on the love of Jesus and reach out its hands to everyone, not shun them.

News Item2/4/09 2:16 AM
puritanbooks  Contact via emailFind all comments by puritanbooks
‚ÄúI mean the Americans in a funny way see themselves as an ongoing chosen race - it was the Jews and now it's the great American dream.‚ÄĚ

News Item1/30/09 5:55 PM
Faithful Remnant  Find all comments by Faithful Remnant
People reserve the right to worship and believe how, where or what they want. Therefore this school has every right to do this based on its faith.

News Item1/30/09 2:32 PM
Coppicewode  Find all comments by Coppicewode
"Kirk Hanson, a lawyer for the two girls, said he was disappointed and would talk to them about a possible appeal to the state Supreme Court.
According to the court, he said, "if you're a religious school, you can discriminate on any basis you want.""

Just goes to show how ignorant the unbelievers really are. The Christian on the other hand is to love God and love thy neighbour. The second command is the difficult one to follow, when ignorance combined with iniquity is the fruit of thy neighbour.
But it is good to hear the religious institutions winning for moral standards once in a while.


News Item1/30/09 2:05 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
What! A California court actually made a right-headed decision! I'm sure it is only a temporary abnormality (for them). [URL=]]]Homosexuality[/URL].
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