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FRONT PAGE  |  4/21/2021
SUNDAY, JAN 4, 2009  |  13 comments
Pope urges Israel, Hamas to 'act immediately'
VATICAN CITY (AFP) – Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday called on Israeli and Palestinian leaders to "act immediately to end the current tragic situation" in the Gaza Strip.

The pontiff deplored the "refusal to dialogue" which has resulted in an "indescribable worsening" of conditions through ground fighting for the coastal strip's population, "once again the victims of hatred and war".

At least 23 Palestinians, the majority of them civilians, have been killed in Gaza since Israel's ground offensive in the Hamas-run enclave began on Saturday, medics said on Sunday. ...

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News Item1/9/09 3:00 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Christian Zionist and proud of it! [URL=]]]Christian Zionists: The Real Terrorists[/URL]. G.G., you have a completely wrong interpretation of the Beatitudes, [URL=]]]How the Church Relates to the Kingdom[/URL].
Gil Rugh wrote:
The Peacemakers
Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers,...(Matt. 5:9). How many times has this verse been used by people in the peace movement who are talking about putting an end to war? There seems to be no end to the ranting and raving of ignorant, unlearned people who wrest the Scriptures from their context and twist and distort them to prove something....That verse has nothing to do with the peace movement! To use the Scriptures in such a way is a travesty....
from [URL=]]]Blessings for Believers Matt 5:6-9[/URL]
But, G.G., you still keep failing to come up to the right answer to, [URL=]]]Is the One True Church Roman Catholic?[/URL].

News Item1/7/09 8:44 PM
lyn | usa  Contact via emailFind all comments by lyn
GG~ I am not trying to offend you, I just want to share with you the truth as written in His word. Time and time again throughout the Old Testament, conflict was a way of either judging rebellious Israel, or her enemies.
True peace is found only in Christ, being reconciled to God through His Son. A peacemaker isn't one who goes around saying 'settle your conflict'; instead he/she overlooks offenses, shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ, has a gentle spirit, and desires for others to be reconciled to God.
I apologize for any past offenses, and pray for God will draw you to His Son. Truth is only found in one place; not my denomination or yours, but in God's word alone. May the Lord touch your heart GG.

News Item1/7/09 8:19 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Whatever I say, it surely won't be satisfactory to SA Prots.

News Item1/7/09 12:07 PM
mike | mex  Find all comments by mike
GG, Jesus said that he came not to bring peace but a sword. How would you interpret that passage? (Mt. 10:34, in the Bible if you would like to look it up.)

News Item1/7/09 7:51 AM
DJC49 | Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by DJC49
GG wrote:
"Blessed are the Peace makers..."
Unfortunately, GG, you don't even know what the peace is that is spoken of in the verse [Mat 5:9] to which you are referring.

It's NOT merely the peace that comes when disputes or arguments between men are resolved or cease. That's only the horizontal element.
The peacemakers of Mat 5:9 are those who bring peace between God and man -- the more vital VERTICAL element. They do this through the spreading of the Gospel of Peace, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

The bringing of the Gospel to men is something that this Pope and most every Pope before him does NOT do, but should be doing, 24/7/365.

Instead, Benny 16 urges "dialogue" between Israel and Hamas. The Pope concerns himself with worldly matters and could give a flip about TRUE peace between men and God which would RESULT IN (as a consequence) peace between men and men.

The Pope is the same kind of "peacemaker" as was Neville Chamberlain who made "peace in our time" because he had something written down on paper mit Der Führer von Deutschland.

The day Benny 16 starts unabashedly proclaiming the Gospel to ALL men -- Muslims included -- is the day I might consider him a peacemaker and a son of God. As it stands now, he's merely another politician.


News Item1/7/09 6:24 AM
Dan | Tennessee  Find all comments by Dan
GG wrote:
"Blessed are the Peace makers..."
“… for they shall be called the children of God.”

Though the world may apply first half of this verse to the pope, Jesus was addressing His disciples who are children of God. The pope, on the other hand (the left hand as in Mat 25:33), falls into the category of a child of hell (as in Mat 23:15).


News Item1/6/09 11:35 PM
lyn | usa  Contact via emailFind all comments by lyn
GG~some qualities of a peacemaker are found in Mat. 5:44-45, "love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven".
There are times when war is necessary; one example is when God commanded Saul to attack Amalek because of their attacks on Israel in the wilderness, and utterly destroy everyone and everything; men, women, infant, nursing child, ox, sheep, camel and donkey {1 Samuel 15}.
Peacemaker isn't necessarily a reference to preventing war.

News Item1/6/09 8:47 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
"Blessed are the Peace makers..."

News Item1/6/09 3:13 PM
mike | mex  Find all comments by mike
just another example of people who have a brain, but no understanding as their understanding has been darkened.

News Item1/6/09 1:46 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
DJC49, one of the few good things His Unholiness said was when he gave the following quotation,
Emperor Manual II Paleologos of the Byzantine Empire wrote:
Show me just what [URL=]]]Muhammad[/URL] brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.
but since the above is the truth, he quickly retracted that, he usually doesn't make mistakes of speaking the truth.

News Item1/6/09 8:45 AM
DJC49 | Florida  Contact via emailFind all comments by DJC49
Being the political animal that he is, Benny 16 feels it incumbent upon himself and his office to say *something* about war and hatred. He offers the band-aid of "dialogue" as remedy to the current situation in Gaza whereas drastic SURGERY is necessary if a real and lasting peace is to come to that region. Notice that the Grand Poobah of the RCC did not mention anywhere that the ONLY lasting solution for BOTH sides in this 'unsolvable' ongoing struggle is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nah ... you'll never hear anything of THAT nature from this pontiff. That would be too "religious." Too divisive. Too irrelevant. Too impractical.

The Pope's a Joke!
And a bad joke at that.


News Item1/6/09 6:08 AM
Dan | Tennessee  Find all comments by Dan
Why would either side pay any attention to this devil? Besides, they ARE having dialog. Hamas spoke with their missiles – now Israel is speaking back.

News Item1/5/09 2:58 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Oh, give us a break, Hamas should act immediately and surrender.
President Bush said or, wrote:
I understand Israel's desire to protect itself," Bush said at the White House. "The situation now taking place in Gaza was caused by Hamas.
Instead of caring about the people of Gaza, Hamas decided to use Gaza to launch rockets to kill innocent Israelis,...Israel's obviously decided to protect herself and her people.
from [URL=]]]Bush: Israel has right to protect itself[/URL]

[URL=]]]The Prophetic Enemies of Israel[/URL]

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