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FRONT PAGE  |  9/16/2019
FRIDAY, FEB 15, 2008  |  48 comments
Gunman Slays 6 at N. Illinois University
DeKALB, Ill. — With minutes left in a class in ocean sciences at Northern Illinois University on Thursday afternoon, a tall skinny man dressed all in black stepped out from behind a curtain on the stage of the lecture hall, said nothing, and opened fire with a shotgun, the authorities and witnesses said.

The man shot again and again, witnesses said, perhaps 20 times or more. Students in the large lecture hall, stunned and screaming, dropped to the floor. They crouched behind anything they could find, even an overhead projector. They scattered, the blood of victims spattering, some said, on those who escaped injury.

Five people, all of them students, were killed, John G. Peters, the president of Northern Illinois University, said at a news conference late Thursday evening. Sixteen others were wounded, two of them critically, Mr. Peters said. Hospital officials said several of the students had ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item8/30/11 2:47 AM
herve leger | dresses  Contact via emailFind all comments by herve leger
[Removed by Moderator Gamma]

News Item8/3/11 11:51 PM
designer high heels  Contact via emailFind all comments by designer high heels
[Removed by Moderator Gamma]

News Item2/24/08 11:21 PM
AntiVaticanistAmerican  Find all comments by AntiVaticanistAmerican
It's true Kazmierczak studied "Hamas"; as Rasmieyh Abdelnabi also says in "NIU Grad Recalls Shooter As Inquisitive, Smart, Nice":

"Once we took a course called 'Politics of the Middle East.' At the beginning of the course, our instructor informed us a research paper would be due by the end of the semester. Steve decided on Hamas, which is known mainly to the world as being a Palestinian (Philistine) terrorist group, which was the first thing that interested Steve about the group. But he also heard Hamas funded many social services, which also interested him. How could one group be put into two completely different categories, Steve would ask.

Unlike most of us, Steve started his research from day one, reading every book he could find on Hamas. He'd give me a status report when we saw each other in class. Steve said his perception of Hamas changed with all the research he did.

Aside from politics, we sometimes touched on personal discussions about our lives. His was not an easy one. We connected over our difficult upbringings.

Steve told me after high school he left home and had to fend for himself.

Before coming to NIU, Steve was homeless...

I don't know the Steve (Or VOICES ?) who killed five innocent students who were doing precisely what he valued: learning."


News Item2/23/08 2:32 PM
AntiVaticanistAmerican  Find all comments by AntiVaticanistAmerican
It can be RIGHTFULLY CONCLUDED that Kazmierczak's Actions were NOT caused by Medications he was Taking/Not-Taking: but by His Own or Foreign Advice-Instructions Received (i.e. "voices").

The Law Enforcement Authorities Are Right NOW, As I Make this Comment, Still Looking For A MOTIVE:

Why or For What Reason/MOTIVE Did Kazmiersczak Shoot-Up That Lecture Hall; Wound those 16 Innocent Victims: & Kill 6 Others--Including Himself !

And Once The MOTIVE Is Discovered; then PREVENTION of Any Such FUTURE Similar Crime/Massacre Should Be The Objective of Both Law Enforcement Authorities, University Officials, Community-Social/Welfare Advocates and The General Public At Large.

I Still Personally Believe That There Was MORE To The Physical, Psychological; Intellectual, Emotional, Volitional; Medical & Psychiatric Evidence That Is On Hand:

And I Believe That It Was MORE Spiritual than The Media/Press, The Legal/Law-Enforcement Authorities, The University or The General Public Wants To or Are Willing To Admit !

And Therein Lies The TRUE Origin, Cause & Basis For The MOTIVE and Reason WHY Such A Horrible, Terrible, Dastardly Act and Grave SIN Was Committed Against 16 Innocent Victims: And The 6 LIVES That Were Ultimately LOST Due To The Influence, Powers & Forces of DARKNESS !


News Item2/23/08 1:27 PM
Uncle Raisin | Cyberspace  Contact via emailFind all comments by Uncle Raisin
Sycophant, or just plain “sick”
Guns..we don’t need no stinkin’ guns; Yah right?!

Those who lead our culture today are sycophants!

sycophant (n.)A servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people.

Those they seek to flatter are their peers. To listen to the leaders of the universities, the media talking heads, the blogosphere, the reporters, the politicians, and the rest of that ilk, it would seem they would have us believe those three guns walked up on stage at Cole Hall on the campus of NIU and just started shooting themselves; and worse yet, they pretend the guns weren’t already illegally there…it has to be MORE illegal. They say “we must look into why someone would do this…” and “it came out of nowhere…” and “the guns were bought legally…” and “we need tougher gun control laws…” and on and on the typical drum beat goes. There’s nothing new there.

Something that isn’t new, tragically: the heroic efforts of some student(s) who do a bums-rush on the shooter...

To read the rest, please here:

Uncle Raisin
"Raisin" the Standard Against Injustice


News Item2/21/08 10:50 PM
AntiVaticanistAmerican  Find all comments by AntiVaticanistAmerican
On Page 3 Of Today's Chicago Sun-Times:

"Girlfriend Says Killer Took Sleep, Anti-anxiety Drugs--FBI Brings In Profilers To Do Psych Evaluation--

The gunman who killed five students at Northern Illinois University last week was not only taking anti-depressants, he also was taking an anti-anxiety medication and a sleep aid, his girlfriend said.

Jessica Baty said her boyfriend, Steven Kazmierczak, was taking Xanaz, Ambien and Prozac, CNN reported.

Kazmierczak, 27, had been seeing a Champaign psychiatrist since June (2007), but he had stopped taking Prozac three weeks before the shootings because it made him feel like a "zombie," Baty said.

She told CNN that since he stopped taking the anti-depressant, he was a "little more irritable" and a "little quicker to get annoyed," but not erratic, as police said.

Mental health experts say taking that trio of drugs at the same time is not uncommon or dangerous.

"Whether the combination of Prozac, Xanaz and Ambien is a dangerous one, or one that would lead to untoward events, the answer is an unqualified NO," said [Dr.] Angelos Halaris..."

*Note: It can be CONCLUDED that Kazmierczak's actions were NOT caused by MEDICATIONS he was Taking/Not-Taking: but by his OWN or FOREIGN ADVICE-INSTRUCTIONS RECEIVED (i.e. "voices").


News Item2/20/08 2:14 PM
AntiVaticanistAmerican  Find all comments by AntiVaticanistAmerican
[Removed by Moderator Beta]

News Item2/19/08 6:26 PM
Lance Eccles | Goulburn NSW  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lance Eccles
AntiVaticanistAmerican wrote:
and now attends a Missouri-Synod Fundamentalist/Biblical-Literalist Lutheran Church with her husband & two children.
"Fundamentalist Biblical-Literalist Lutheran"?

I wonder if there's a contradiction in there somewhere.


News Item2/19/08 8:23 AM
AntiVaticanistAmerican  Find all comments by AntiVaticanistAmerican
In addendum: I'd like to say that my Mexican/Sicilian friend won a settlement with the Federal Govt. for $500,000. He now lives with his sister "Susan": who left The Satanic-Vaticanist/Roman-"Catholic" Cult of Popish "Jesuitic" Vaticanism 20 years ago; and now attends a Missouri-Synod Fundamentalist/Biblical-Literalist Lutheran Church with her husband & two children.

She has shared her Genuine Christian Testimony with me; as it pleased Almighty God The Father, The Lord Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit to use me in leading her Mexican Aunt "Sally" to The True Lord Jesus Christ of The Authorized Holy Bible: as her Aunt "Sally" died from cancer about a year after her Authorized Biblical/Holy-Spiritual Rebirth/Regeneration/Salvation According to St. John 3:1-16.

I am amazed that my Mexican/Sicilian friend has never used the "guns" that his younger Brother "Bob" owns from The Vietnam War.

My friend R.A. has got to be one of the most peaceful, loving, caring & generous persons that I've ever met on Earth. He really tips Big when we eat at restauraunts !

Except for those Satanic/Demonic "voices"; he lives a very average & normal life.

*Note: I personally believe that KAZMIERCZAK also heard Satanic/Demonic contradictory "voices"; like R.A.: and obeyed them on Feb 14th 2008 !


News Item2/19/08 12:09 AM
AntiVaticanistAmerican  Find all comments by AntiVaticanistAmerican
"lance eccles" wrote:
Quite frankly, no.
I was Not Asking This Question Of Spiritually, Psychologically & Psychiatrically Blinded Satanic-Vaticanist/Roman-"Catholic"-Cultic "Jesuitical" plants/"implants" like "lance (fork-tongue) eccles; as I Expect The Blind To Lead The Blind--And, Ofcourse, Both Falling Into The Ditch & Pit(s) of Hell-Fire Itself !

*Note: I have a friend in Chicago who's 1/2 Mexican & Sicilian; who has been psychologically/psychiatrically treated by the same organization that treated Kazmierczak: "THRESHOLDS". He was raised Roman "Catholic" & personally told me that his psychological problems (I personally believe that they were spiritual problems) started when he prayed one day to God; but he heard a "whispering voice" that was "contradicting" his prayer(s): or said the Exact Opposite to what he was saying. If he said "God" or "Jesus" that whispering voice would say "Satan" or "The Devil". He told me that the whispering voice would reverse, twist, turn-around, pervert, distort, obfuscate his prayer(s) to mean the exact opposite to what he meant; thereby almost driving him INSANE. He's been taking prescribed medications for these voices. I have told him that it's more of a demonic/devilish/evil-"whispering-spirit" problem !


News Item2/18/08 12:38 AM
Donnie | New Jersey  Find all comments by Donnie
I would like to add my comment here. I finished high school in 1964, in a public school. The same year I finished school was the year, I believe that the Lord's prayer could no longer be prayed in school. Up until 1964, almost all public schools had Bible reading in their school every day. We did in ours. I'm sorry, but I look back and see that the very year that prayer and Bible reading was taken out of public schools, was the very year you started to hear about drugs, etc. Girls wore dresses, no slacks. they really looked like girls. The only drug I knew about even in 11th grade, was aspirin, in the nurses office. To me, it's so obvious that when the public schools took prayer and Bible reading out of school, which hurt NO ONE, that all of "the following started to happen". It makes me heart sick to think of what public school students have to hear [evolution teaching, which, common sensically makes no sense, along with no Bible reading, of the very God who made them, and no "Lord's prayer", a prayer taught by the Lord, himself. Lat us Christians beg the Lord, more and more , that the spiritual eyes" of the government may be opened before it's too late! Now we have school shootings, killings, drugs, premarital sex, etc. etc.

an oldfashioned guy!


News Item2/17/08 8:02 PM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
Wow! How did I miss this one (article)!

Looks like Neil and Mike have already said most of
what I might have...and probably more eloquently, too.

Minnow wrote:
Mike and Neil
OK keep the guns!
But restrict the Bullets.
California has been trying to do this for years by
trying to force all center-fire ammo AND firing pins
to be serialized by micro-stamping. Such a system,
though it may "sound" good, would simply lay additional
legal burdens on law-abiding gun-owners which most
criminals could easilly circumvent.

California is also getting very anal about lead-content
of common bullets and their resulting potential for
causing heavy metal toxicity in people and animals,
which is also over-blown.


News Item2/17/08 10:25 AM
ErnieG  Find all comments by ErnieG
Allan wrote:
Ban teaching of evolution in schools. That's the number 1 contributing factor in these killings. That the students believe life is meaningless and that they are nothing but a random fluke soon to be extinguished into eternal nothingless.
Banning that and replacing it with truth, that we are actually responsible to someone and that we don't simply cease to exist, and gun crime will go down. Not because the stupid machines are removed, but because the desire to use them is removed.
America's problem isn't only it's machines. It's it's attitude (as with all other violent countrys).
Amen, Allen, I only read up to your comment, but it is a VERY WISE ONE!!!

My only thought was that this guy certainly made a big splash in this class! Before anybody jumps on me, remember we are all going to die of something, so be sure you are ready and have called on and accepted that the shed blood of Jesus Christ will pay for your sins debt.

"For whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."
Rom. 10:13 (KJV)

Being saved isn't only about heaven, but the chance to show your love to God by your worship to bring Him the Glory. Simply, it is not only what you are going to get out of God, but what He is going to get out of you!


News Item2/16/08 9:21 PM
Barry Watson | Barrie, Ontario, Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Barry Watson
America enertainment thrives on violence, and sex. Movies, t.v. shows, video games for all ages , and people make big dollars in profit. Stock market in america caters to enertainment. When a another shooting occurs again in america the press releases the info and the debates restart all over again. Each year the press prints a year ago today stories.. and debates continue.

6 killed in america seems minor now to what almost daily reports of suicide bombing does in mass killing.

So much killing on daily news reports, that its a norm of the day story.

Cain killed Abel and it hasn't stopped.
Weapons of killing since Cain have been produced $$ for those who sell and make them.. Militaries have invented over new weapons for mass killings of people.

Seems like certain people cannot kill fast enough or enough people. World is full of licened sworn in, and paid uniform goverment trained servents. Goverments allow selling of weapons.

There has always been killings in societies through history. People still do the blues over it and will continue to do so.

The new testament holds no punches back, its gonna get worse before Christ returns, if not He'll be a while longer in returning..

Same topic in the world today, yesterday, No Mortification of The Flesh!


News Item2/16/08 7:31 PM
Lance Eccles | Goulburn NSW  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lance Eccles
AntiVaticanistAmerican wrote:
Does anyone NOW see the Connection here to Hitler, "Jesuits", Gun-Control, The NIU-Mass-Murder ?
Quite frankly, no.

News Item2/16/08 5:09 PM
Susan Miller | West Palm Beach, FL  Find all comments by Susan Miller
Steven Kazmierczak had been taking psychotropic drugs and Northern Illinois University was a disarmament zone. These two factors breed this kind of tragedy.

Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, as well as 15-year-old Kip Kinkel, the Oregon killer who gunned down his parents and classmates, and Cho Seung Hui, the Virginia Tech killer, were all on psychotropic drugs. Scientific studies proving that prozac encourages suicidal tendencies and psychopathic behavior in young people are voluminous and span back nearly a decade.

Jeff Weise, the Red Lake High School killer was on prozac, "Unabomber" Ted Kaczinski, Michael McDermott, John Hinckley, Jr., Byran Uyesugi, Mark David Chapman and Charles Carl Roberts IV, the Amish school killer, were all on SSRI psychotropic drugs.

An Illinois state lawmaker and congressional candidate says recent shooting sprees might have had "different outcomes" if Illinois law allowed citizens to carry concealed firearms.



News Item2/16/08 1:07 PM
AntiVaticanistAmerican  Find all comments by AntiVaticanistAmerican
[Removed by Moderator Beta]

News Item2/16/08 12:38 PM
Minnow  Find all comments by Minnow
Mike and Neil

OK keep the guns!

But restrict the Bullets.


News Item2/16/08 12:28 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
"Hellooo, Hellooo: Doesn't anyone see the Connecton here to Hitler, "Jesuits", Guns, Mass-Murder & Disarming ?
The killer was Polish (as in Poland; where the Majority of Hitler's Concentratin Camps were found) whose last name was Kazmierczak (pronounced Kasmer-zack).

"The FACT that he dressed in BLACK may have shown his veiled SATANIC-VATICANIST "JESUITISM" & PSYCHOSIS !"

You derive a lot out of a name. A whole story, even.

Maybe he just liked to dress in black. Is that possible?


News Item2/16/08 11:56 AM
AntiVaticanistAmerican  Find all comments by AntiVaticanistAmerican
Does anyone NOW see the Connecton here to Hitler, "Jesuits", Guns, NIU-Mass-Murder & Disarming ?

The killer was Polish (as in POLAND; where the Majority of Hitler's Concentratin Camps were found) whose last name was Kazmierczak (pronounced Kasmer-zack).

It's such a tragedy that Kazmierczak went BERSERK and killed/murdered those five students.

I heard one news report say that he was a former student and that he hadn't taken his "medications".

One shouldn't blame GUNS as much as his upbringing: RELIGIOUS or OTHERWISE.

The FACT that he dressed in BLACK may have shown his veiled SATANIC-VATICANIST "JESUITISM" & PSYCHOSIS !

Does anyone NOW see the Connection here to Hitler, "Jesuits", Gun-Control, NIU-Mass-Murder ?



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