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FRONT PAGE  |  5/21/2019
Choice News SATURDAY, MAR 22, 2008  |  54 comments
SermonAudio Transcription & Translation Service!
Attention all users,

Imagine being able to take any audio sermon, have it professionally transcribed by a real human and then automatically translated into multiple foreign languages for maximum outreach and international potential. It's now possible and economical! We call it our SermonAudio Transcription & Translation Service and it's easy to use!

Here's how it works. First, go to any sermon page and click on the "Transcript & Translate" button. Once we receive your request, a professional transcriber will listen to the selected sermon and create the text version (transcription) -- a copy will be emailed to you and another copy will be uploaded to SermonAudio for others to view/download.

The cost to transcribe a sermon varies from sermon to sermon depending on its length. Click on the "Transcribe" button on any sermon to find out the cost.

Foreign translations. Once the transcript has been created, automatic translations of the same sermon will be made available in 20+ foreign languages making it easy to share the sermon with friends and neighbors that may speak a different language.

Built-in Kindle Support. Any sermon transcription will automatically show a "Send to Kindle" link on the sermon page. This allows anyone with a Kindle to wirelessly receive sermon transcripts over WIFI or 3G -- in minutes!

Enjoy reading sermons on one of the most popular eBook Readers! This Kindle feature is provided completely free of charge as an included benefit from using SermonAudio's transcription service. Learn more about our Kindle support by clicking here..

Here are some of the primary benefits of using our Transcription Service:

  • All transcriptions are manually produced by a real human listening to the sermon and are therefore professional and highly accurate.

  • Automatic text translations of the sermon are then made available in multiple foreign languages for maximum outreach and international potential! Some languages include: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, etc.

  • We are conveniently fast! Transcription requests have rapid turnaround (typically within a matter of days).

  • Completed transcriptions (PDFs) are automatically delivered to you and attached via an email notification. The broadcaster of the sermon itself also receives a courtesy email notification.

  • Additionally, transcriptions are uploaded to the site and attached to the original sermon for the benefit of everyone else to freely view, download, or print! It Is identified with a special transcription icon.

  • Word .DOC Support! Completed transcriptions are also available in the Microsoft Word format which is useful if you wish to further edit the document. The WORD link is only available to the broadcaster (owner) of the sermon when logged into the site.

  • New! Kindle eBook Support! You can now send any sermon transcript with a single click to your Kindle device wirelessly, instantly, and for free.

  • New Option! For only a few dollars more, you can optionally promote transcribed sermons with a text-feature! This is normally a $30 value!
Sermon transcripts are useful for study, searching, cataloging, or simply casual reading. Others may find it useful in being that first step to convert sermons into a book form. However you use sermon transcripts, we hope you will enjoy this new feature!

You can view all new transcriptions in the new section we've setup here:

We are very excited about with this new feature on SermonAudio that makes professional transcriptions both convenient and economical for our broadcasters. We know you will be amazed with the result as well. Take a look at a sample sermon that has been transcribed using this service!

Broadcasters: Using the EDIT link on your homepage, you can optionally turn this feature ON or OFF to allow anyone to request and pay for transcripts themselves. However, in either case, you will still be notified of any transcripts created and will always be able to remove them in the future.

Thank you!

This video tutorial is part of a growing number of screencasts. Let us know if it's been a help to you!
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News Item4/12/19 10:30 AM
Anand Y | India  Contact via emailFind all comments by Anand Y
I would like to apply for the Transcriptionist position. I have over three years of transcription experience in a number of different settings. In my current position of Data Transcriptionist with Focus Group LLC. I provide an accurate transcription of audio to written form. In addition to typing approximately 93 words per minute. I am well-versed in a number of different industries including medical-legal and entertainment.

I have a keen ear and perform my job with great accuracy. My organizational skills allow me to stay on top of a number of tasks including record keeping. I have been praised by former employers and freelance clients for my accurate on-time work. I would love the opportunity to bring this professionalism to This Services as a Transcriptionist.

Check my Typing Speed Result here -
Check my Previous Completed work here -

I am confident that you’ll find my qualifications to exceed your job requirements. Thank you so very much for your time and consideration; I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Anand Yuvaraj


News Item7/27/18 6:02 PM
Lynnette McLeod  Find all comments by Lynnette McLeod
bless us all

News Item11/17/17 4:37 PM
Jumpinggullychurc  Find all comments by Jumpinggullychurc
I would love for you to transcribe some of our sermons for Jumping Gully Church!

News Item9/2/16 8:14 AM
Liya Shanoj | KERALA, India  Contact via emailFind all comments by Liya Shanoj

I am available to type sermons in malayalam.


News Item6/5/16 7:10 PM
Suzanne | Michigan  Find all comments by Suzanne
Monk4555 wrote:
How much per minute? Right now I'm using I'm getting $0.80/min rate, can you offer a cheaper rate?
This is a dirt cheap rate for transcription, which would equate to barely a living wage -- transcriptionist for over 17 years.

News Item4/6/16 8:26 AM
Beth M.  Find all comments by Beth M.
Transcription process takes precision and accuracy, commitment and dedication, focus and patience.. Your time can be utilized elsewhere. transcription services are widely used by universities, institutes, schools and other educational centers.

They are used by Harward, Stanford.. The fact that such top universities trust with their transcripts proves quality credentials. Another factor that stands out is gotranscript prices.


News Item1/10/16 4:03 PM
Jacky155  Find all comments by Jacky155
Does anyone know more websites which offer cheap [URL=]]]transcription services[/URL] ? Please share.

News Item1/10/16 10:35 AM
Monk4555  Find all comments by Monk4555
How much per minute? Right now I'm using I'm getting $0.80/min rate, can you offer a cheaper rate?

News Item11/18/15 3:21 PM
jo | Missouri  Find all comments by jo
A little sceptical wrote:
Why are all these people suddenly interested in transcribing for SA? Is it the money that is the lure?
If they were really all that interested would they not already have been doing it and banging on SA's doors to put their work on SA for the benefit of others?
Maybe they were simply unaware that the service existed, or not familiar with the SA site until now?

Perhaps a better questions is why you are so eager to attribute selfish motives to others?


News Item9/11/15 7:49 PM
Jonathan Mooney | Houston, TX  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jonathan Mooney
My name is Jonathan Mooney and I am the co-owner of 10:17 Transcription. We seek to transcribe sermons for the glory of God and His gospel. We would love to transcribe for your ministry! Check us out at

News Item7/31/15 9:23 PM
Mau | Mexico  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mau
Hi, blessings!!

I´d like to do some transcriptions. You have been a blessing in my life. I teach spanish and is my mother language. I can transcribe the spanish sermons for free.


News Item6/25/15 8:05 PM
Liz Smith | NC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Liz Smith
Hello, I would be happy to transcribe your sermons. I'm a stay-at-home homeschooling mom (also a born again Christian) who only transcribes solidly biblical sermons.

I can format however you like - font, headers, footers, etc. Just take a look at my website at [URL=]]]Reformed Transcriptions[/URL] and let's get started.


News Item2/27/14 7:02 AM
Carey | India  Contact via emailFind all comments by Carey
Hello, should you need your professional transcription for your podcasts please contact Sermon Scribes at

Podcast transcripts allow you to turn your digital recordings into articles, books, courses, etc. You attract more readers and listeners.


News Item10/3/13 11:12 PM
Dhananjay | India  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dhananjay
Je m'appelle Dhananjay et j'habite en Inde. Je suis prof de français et j'aimerais bien traduire des transcriptions de sermons en français si vous en avez toujours besoin !
N'hésitez pas à m'écrire !
Que Dieu bénisse ce ministère de SermonAudio!

News Item7/6/13 1:04 AM
wilson joseph | bageshwar, india  Contact via emailFind all comments by wilson joseph
i am a pastor with an expeirince of translating masseges in hindi languages of 15 years .if u need any help for this regard,i am willing to volunteer myself.

News Item2/4/13 6:38 AM
Observation post  Find all comments by Observation post
Bethany wrote:
I would LOVE to transcribe for SermonAudio for free.
Pick me, pick me!! :-)
You have the right attitude and so you have my vote!

News Item2/4/13 6:27 AM
Bethany  Contact via emailFind all comments by Bethany
I would LOVE to transcribe for SermonAudio for free.

Pick me, pick me!! :-)


News Item4/28/12 8:27 AM
Sermon Transcription | Linden  Contact via emailFind all comments by Sermon Transcription
For accurate verbatim sermon transcription, use manu sermon transcription

News Item9/25/11 3:06 PM
Emily | Northern Illinois  Contact via emailFind all comments by Emily
We offer a professional sermon transcription serve with various levels of service and all staff are in the U.S. with English as their first language. Check out our let us know if we can serve you!

peted wrote:
I would like to have sermons transcribed, just copies, and I will outline and edit.
can you send me a list of the 30 people?

News Item8/23/11 8:44 PM
peted  Contact via emailFind all comments by peted
Interested Reader wrote:
By now there are at least 33 comments from people looking for jobs as transcriptionists on this site alone. I did not read that you were offering jobs, but this seems to be result. It would be appropriate for Sermon Audio to now post public information as to whether there are jobs available or conversely, that they have plenty of employees already to do that work, and that people should not bother applying for work at this site. Obviously, many people know how to type and transcribe in our information age and would gladly type up sermons for a few dollars than to do medical billing or other mundane work that is the bane of our existence as transcribers and data processors. I am encouraged by the many people posting here with transcription skills, but somewhat discouraged by the bad grammar, spelling and punctuation found within some of those comments.
I would like to have sermons transcribed, just copies, and I will outline and edit.
can you send me a list of the 30 people?
There are a total of 54 user comments displayed | add new comment |Subscribe to these comments
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