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NOV 21, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  11/21/2017
FRIDAY, OCT 5, 2007  |  14 comments
Time: Christianity's Image Problem
It used to be, says David Kinnaman, that Christianity was both big and beloved in the U.S. — even among its non-adherents. Back in 1996, a poll taken by Kinnaman's organization, the Barna Group, found that 83% of Americans identified themselves as Christians, and that fewer than 20% of non-Christians held an unfavorable view of Christianity. But, as Kinnaman puts it in his new book (co-authored with Gabe Lyons) UnChristian, "That was then."

Barna polls conducted between 2004 and this year, sampling 440 non-Christians (and a similar number of Christians) aged 16 to 29, found that 38% had a "bad impression" of present-day Christianity. "It's not a pretty picture" the authors write. Barna's clientele is made up primarily of evangelical groups.

Kinnaman says non-Christians' biggest complaints about the faith are not immediately theological: Jesus and the Bible get relatively good marks. Rather, he ...

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Faith vs. presumption?
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News Item10/21/07 1:52 AM
Fellow Saint  Find all comments by Fellow Saint
Too many churches are catering to popular culture instead of worshipping only according to that which is sanctioned in the Scriptures. True worshippers will worship in Spirit and in truth according to God's word, because "Thy word is truth."

News Item10/21/07 1:19 AM
terry evans | miramar beach fl  Contact via emailFind all comments by terry evans
I like that.
Amen to your comment, along with all your comments, Amen
I would encourage others to visit your web page. Pretty cool, nice mix. I've been informed that format is important.
Image, Its how you see things.

News Item10/14/07 9:52 PM
WV | DESSIE  Find all comments by WV

God is still in control and there will
never be any problems with HIM or
HIS IMAGE. By the way, HE will also
take care of HIS OWN....


News Item10/14/07 7:43 PM
Jerry | California  Find all comments by Jerry
JP, I absolutely agree with you about the sodomite agenda sir! Perhaps my previous post wasn't clear. In fact, our governor, and I use that term loosely, has just signed another "education" bill which yet again capitulates to the homosexual agenda. But hey, let's form our own schools. The puritans did the same. My only concern is that we, as members of the body of Christ, should maintain our focus on the gospel. Regarding politics: I am all for Christians exercising their freedom to vote. My point is that both political parties have a track record of hoodwinking us. I am tired of us being exploited for political gain and power. I won't pick any bones about the Israel matter.

News Item10/14/07 7:16 PM
Michael Hranek | Endicott, New York  Find all comments by Michael Hranek
I have to wonder if "Christianities Image Problem" is not that the ungodly hate Jesus Christ and the very thought of surrendering to His authority and obeying Him

but rather in our "churches" today the salt has lost is savour through prayerlessness, cowardice, compromise and sinful silence to speak up and stand for the truth and is now good for nothing anymore except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.


News Item10/14/07 6:15 PM
JP | Illinois  Find all comments by JP
Jerry wrote:
Tony and Jerry, or is it Tom and Jerry?

I guess you've forgotten that the Bible has already been deemed hate speech in Canada. The culture war is in full throttle and in the end who wins will determine whether your pastor is preaching in a church or in the local jail.

It is true that Christians need to be concerned about the more important things. At the same time my children are facing the homosexual agenda in the public schools that my tax money is paying for. If I complain, I could end up in jail with my kids being taken away. I won't be able to go on the radio because of the fairness doctrine. I won't be able to afford to put my kids in private schools because of higher taxes.

Do politics matter, not if you don't mind throwing your kids away and your religious freedoms.

As per Israel, I don't agree with everything they do, but I would rather err on the side of blessing than cursing.

The problem with young people is our lack of revival. We will never have it while we are content to live without it.

I haven't recommended sermons on here before, but today I will:


News Item10/14/07 2:13 AM
Jerry | California  Find all comments by Jerry
Good points Tony. I must admit, I also am often quite judgmental about homosexuals. I live in an area where their agenda is upfront, obnoxious, and "in your face". However, as Christians we must remember that the geatest sin is rejection of Christ...not fornication, homosexuality, murder,et al. Christ's blood is powerful enough to forgive any sinner who repents. Your comment about the Israel/Republican lobby is right on the mark. I am so jaded with both political parties. I am also sick and tired of the imperialistic, arrogant, and jingoistic drivel that is constantly being spewed out on conservative/"Christian" radio. It goes something like this: "God blesses those who bless Israel...All American Christians must support Israel." BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!

News Item10/13/07 11:38 PM
Steve aka Xtian  Contact via emailFind all comments by Steve aka Xtian
There is an image problem...

The body of Christ (the majority of those claiming to believe & follow Him) are not conforming to HIS IMAGE.

Keep seeking God, listening & obeying Him.

Love ya all,



News Item10/6/07 5:03 AM
Mark M. | GA in USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mark M.
I agree that our calling is to bring as many sinners to Christ as possible. At the same time we can't sit back in the US and let the abortion mills keep running and the homo marriage keep happening. Bringing in sinners by the bus load who claim the name of Christ, but refuse to even try to change their behaviour is futile. One can't be a Christian homo nor a Christian abortionist. Both of those sins can be forgiven just like any other sin, but the nation itself will be judged based on our acceptence or rejection of these ideologies (among others). I know it is better to preach the gospel and God's saving grace, which is for everyone, without the guns blazing hellfire and brimstone approach, but sometimes sin has to be called sin and murder has to be called murder. The US allows its people to murder the unborn children, and as long as that keeps happening I can't support the country. If the image of Christianity is tarnished in the view of some because of speaking out against abortion, then I'm afraid I will have to keep tarnishing it. The bigger problem is probably with scandals within the church moreso than any political movement anyway.

News Item10/5/07 7:34 PM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
"Kinnaman says non-Christians' biggest complaints about the faith are not
immediately theological: Jesus and the Bible get relatively good marks."


How can "Jesus" and "the Bible" get "good marks" from non-believers when
Christ himself said all the world will hate you (Christians) because it
hates me. John 15:18-19 John 7:7.

More likely is that non-believers, in this case, are suffering from the
same sentimentality that plagued the Pharasees, who decorated the tombs
of the same prophets who condemned their fathers--and would have similarly
condemned the Pharasees themselves--even as Jesus did.

As for being too "anti-homosexual", is this not rather because of the
tremendous ascendancy of this particular sin in our day and not that
"Christians" today have become more "judgemental"?

The reason Christ himself never preached (directly) against homosexuality is
that even the Pharasaic Israel of His day was not so corrupt as our present
generation in this and other such areas of sinfulness.

Granted, we Christians screw-up from time to time and make asses of ourselves,
but calling us "hypocritical", even when it's justified won't ameleorate God's
wrath toward the unsaved. All men everywhere need to repent and believe.


News Item10/5/07 5:06 PM
33k  Find all comments by 33k

Thank you for coming back.

I would say your comment was excellent .... except that me saying that might put a few people off absorbing your comment ....


News Item10/5/07 2:31 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Tony, it takes very little of our time and effort to point out, "Does God Have A Future for Israel?"

or, "Catholic Christians - Is This An Oxymoron?"

Neither topic will get my pastor into trouble in my church. But politics is always something to worry about, in a later piece that SermonAudio put up, one can place this quotation,“The SBC and other like-minded evangelical groups are not opposed to environmental protection,” said Dr. Russell Moore, dean of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s school of theology and senior vice president for academic administration. “We are, however, concerned about the ways in which religious arguments are used in this debate, possibly with harmful consequences both for public policy and for the mission of the church.”

politics is not the mission of the church, unless it's a dying, liberal one desparately trying to hold onto its membership.

Division and Diversion,


News Item10/5/07 11:52 AM
Seaton  Find all comments by Seaton
**Image Problem**

Try looking at the greatest "IMAGE" Christianity ever saw on earth.

The broken and bloodied body of the Son of God Crucified by mankind upon a Cross.

Then and Then only will you perceive Salvation.

Luke 2.30 "For mine eyes have seen thy salvation"

Hebrews 9:28 "So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation."


News Item10/5/07 10:22 AM
Tony Borrelli | Suburban Philadelphia  Find all comments by Tony Borrelli
Although I have been biting my tongue (or tying up my typing hands as the case may be) for quite a while as regards to commenting on the website, I find it time to engage again with regard to this article. The article should concern all of us "Evangelicals". The enormous push into politics by those identifying themselves as "Evangelicals" is behind this sad set of circumstances. The fact that "Evangelcial" Christianity is being perceived as being less and less about the Gospel of Christ and more and more about pushing the interests of Israel, electing Republicans (regardless of their relationship with Christ), and spending so much time condemning sodomy and abortion that we we have forgotton the thousands of other sins that send hordes of reprobates to hell, is beginning to hamper the Great Commission. Vitriolic, verbal assasination against Romanism, Islam, Mormonism, Democrats etc.(all of which I am more guilty of than most) is counter-productive to preaching Christ crucified. We are perceived as being convinced that health care for the uninsured, and curtailing a mindless sinkhole of killing, torture and financial ruin are paramount to terrorism. I recognized my part in this some time back. Our pride & self righteousness is destroying our faith. Christ forgive us!
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