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NOV 17, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  11/17/2017
FRIDAY, SEP 7, 2007  |  26 comments
Reports Conflict About Fred Thompson's Church Membership, Attendance
A Southern Baptist Convention leader weighed into ongoing debate about GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson's churchmanship, claiming he attends a Presbyterian church in the Washington area "on a regular basis."

The church's pastor confirmed he has seen Thompson there but suggested "regular" attendance is an overstatement. And a pro-Thompson blogger said many of the now-official candidate's religious supporters would be surprised if the Church of Christ-baptized Thompson is indeed now a Presbyterian.

Questions about Thompson's religious affiliation have dogged the former senator and star of "Law & Order" since Focus on the Family founder James Dobson remarked in March he was under the impression that Thompson is not a Christian.

The Thompson campaign shot back by saying Thompson was baptized into the Church of Christ as a boy in the 1950s. A bio on Thompson's exploratory Web site said ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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· Page 1 ·  Found: 26 user comment(s)
News Item9/17/07 2:59 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Flash [in the pan ] where do you get that nonsense about Free Masons?

"A Simple Explanation to "What is a Mason?"

This I would say is a polyanna explanation of what an American Freemason believes. Really a better one would be,

"The Order of the Eastern Star"

Near the end of the article you will find the comment about "Works Salvation" This completely removes this organization from being Christian and more similar to Catholicism than to any Protestant ideas.

"Reversing the Reformation"


News Item9/10/07 8:57 AM
Frank | Runnymede  Find all comments by Frank
Nice to know Euthycus has woken up,and started some research.

Keep going buddy


News Item9/9/07 9:58 PM
Eutychus  Find all comments by Eutychus
Here is what I have found so far about Cutting Edge Ministries. The main guys are Pastor Ronald Riffe and Director David Bay. An interesting side note is that they both were in the military, one in intelligence, the other in rockets...continued tomorrow, look it up yourselves and see if these guys are on the level at all...

News Item9/9/07 7:38 PM
Flash  Find all comments by Flash
Eutychus wrote:
Clearly she supports sodomy, but does that mean she is a lesbian...?
Eutychus, You don't know much about the Luciferian Illuminati, do you? Or Freemasons? Maybe you could start your research there.

All these people are perverts. It goes with the territory, the duality. The Masonic god Baphomet is part male, part female, part goat. The masons are into black and white squares, showing duality. Everything is about duality, and bisexuality is a given for all these people.

These people are evil, beyond anything you or I could ever imagine -- all of them, Democrat and Republican alike. There is absolutely nothing they are not capable of doing, including killing everybody and blowing up the entire planet just to show God who's who.

It's all about torture and death and perversion. They love it.


News Item9/9/07 6:02 PM
KK | USA ---- Veritas Vincit !!!  Find all comments by KK

"Is she a Lesbian...?"

I really don't know !!!

Someting "We" should all be CONCERNED ABOUT is the aforementioned (my last post) and this from the same article:

Clinton also re-stated her support for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would ban discrimination against homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender people in both the public and private workplace. Pro-family groups have opposed ENDA because it equates homosexuality with such traits as race, ethnicity, gender and religion and because they say it would violate religious freedoms, forcing church ministries to hire people opposed to orthodox Christianity.



Enough IS --- E N O U G H

IT'S TIME TO STOP ThEsE HELLHOUNDS wHo think themselves to be above "We The People" and above GOD !!!


"We The People" MUST STAND TOGETHER TO ENSURE THAT "We" (THE MAJORITY) ARE PROTECTED FROM the minority who seek only their own Hell-bent tWiStEd ends TO THE DISADVANTAGE OF ALL OTHERS !!!


Veritas Vincit !!!



News Item9/9/07 4:55 PM
Eutychus  Find all comments by Eutychus
Clearly she supports sodomy, but does that mean she is a lesbian...?

News Item9/9/07 4:51 PM
KK | USA ---- Veritas Vincit !!!  Find all comments by KK
Posted on Mar 9, 2007 | by Michael Foust

WASHINGTON (BP)--Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told the board members of the nation's largest homosexual activist organization March 2 she plans on working with them if she wins the White House in 2008

“This is exactly the kind of partnership we will have when I am president,” Clinton, D.-N.Y., told 400-plus board members, staff and supporters gathered in Washington for the Human Rights Campaign's board meeting

Speaking to HRC, she listed a number of issues on which she and the organization agree, including their opposition to a constitutional marriage amendment. She has voted against it twice in procedural votes

She also said, “We're going to make sure that nothing stands in the way of loving couples -- gay or straight -- who want to adopt children.”

In addition, Clinton said she supports adding sexual orientation to the current hate crimes law and supports overturning the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, which prevents homosexuals from serving openly in the military

Clinton also noted that her initials, like the organization's, are HRC

“I love the fact that it's my initials. Have you ever noticed that?” she asked to laughter

*SEE WHAT she REALLY sTaNdS fOr ?? - She's a HELLHOUND

President ??- Hell ?- NO !


News Item9/9/07 3:55 PM
Eutychus  Find all comments by Eutychus
With the measure I meted out, so did I receive again. Too often I wade in to things "locked and loaded" and then find out that I've been opposing friends. I'm sorry. I honestly was not thinking of you when I mentioned crackpots. But I see that it could have been taken that way. I guess I haven't given too much grounds for you to believe this, but I am willing to believe what you have to say if it is backed with reasonably conclusive evidence. I will start on that website you gave (which actually looks pretty sound doctrinally), and perhaps then you could give more, or I could find more.

News Item9/9/07 1:57 PM
Obvious Truth  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
Eutychus, I can't cram hundreds of hours of reading and research in a short post.

I told you how to start your own research, but I guess you don't know how to surf or research, even after I told you what to do. Did you do it? Too lazy? Too stupid? Which is it?

To get you started, I'll hold your hand for you and give you a link. You cut and paste it and put it in the place for web addresses and hit "go." Then you have to actually sit there and read it, which I must warn, may take some time and effort. When and if you're done with this one, come back and I'll give you another.

I doubt you will investigate this link.

You and people lke you frustrate and bore me to tears because you're wilfully ignorant and haven't got the slightest interest in venturing past this website. I doubt you even listen to any sermons here. You just found yourself a place here to vent your religious pride. I wonder how you were able to find this site at all!

The statement I made about Hillary Clinton is common knowledge to people who bother to read and investigate what's going on. Your dumbfoundedness and crippled ability to check out things for yourself are pathetic.


News Item9/9/07 1:40 PM
Eutychus  Find all comments by Eutychus
Obvious truth: First, I would try to be the last person to say that Hillary Clinton is a good person, let alone godly. Far from it! Second, I notice that you failed to give reality, evidence, proof, etc. We all know what kind of misguided, biased crackpots there are in some corners of the internet. Give me what YOU have found. Don't try to shove the responsibility off on me. You are the one who said those things in the first place.

News Item9/8/07 6:39 PM
Dessie | WV  Find all comments by Dessie
Surely no one really thinks any of these politicians are Christians

Listen to their words and their
convictions That's right,
they have NO Christian convictions.

As with everything else, God is in
control and will control who our
leader will be... We will get what
we deserve...


News Item9/8/07 5:53 PM
JP | Illinois  Find all comments by JP
First of all I want to commend you for staking your pro-life stand among Democrats. The Democratic Party has decisively ignored you for too long and continues to.

You accused the Republican party of only caring about the rich, upper class, particularly in regards to taxes. In the year 2005 my wife and I made around $45,000. We received checks in the mail from the IRS three times due to Bush's tax cuts for the "upper class". It totaled up to around $1500. We used this to go on vacation, which we other wise could not have afforded.

The newly elected Democratic controlled Congress intends to close these loop holes that we rich people are using to get tax breaks. They have no plans to extending Bush's tax cuts. This means that I will have to find a better job to pay for my children's Christian schooling. Since the liberals have taken over the public education system with the homosexual agenda, the sexual revolution, revision of history, usurping our children's Christian freedom (speeches, prayer, etc) and even want to deny me my own educational tax dollars to help pay for it. Clinton and the rest of these high dollar liberals can afford to pay for private schools, but want to deny it to me, because I'm wealthy, making a whopping $45,000 annually supporting 3 children.


News Item9/8/07 5:04 PM
KK | USA ---- Veritas Vincit !!!  Find all comments by KK
Obvious Truth wrote:
Eutychus, go google up each one of those words next to "Hillary Clinton" and see what you find. ...

This is the Internet. I've already done my research. How about if you do yours?

That wasn't an answer to his question !!!

Your mistake is believing everything you hear/see on the net !!!

Rosie O'Donnell believes all this 9/11 conspiracy theory drivel too -- HA -- that should make it perfectly clear it's just a bunch of hullabaloo !!!

As far as Hillary Clinton being a homosexual/lesbian --- I really couldn't say ------- but one thing is for sure, I WOULDN'T TRUST her AS FAR AS I COULD JUMP !!!

"We" have too many untrustwothy individuals in DC !!! --- It's time for them TO GO !!! --- It's up to "We The People" TO PLUMB THIS LINE !!!

"We" Must Weigh All Things BY THE PRINCIPLES OF GOD'S TRUTH !!! --- That is if "We" want to get America BACK ON TRACK !!!


Veritas Vincit !!!

With Love *IN* Christ, KK


News Item9/8/07 4:14 PM
Obvious Truth  Find all comments by Obvious Truth
Eutychus, go google up each one of those words next to "Hillary Clinton" and see what you find.

Then come back and tell us that Hillary Clinton is just a nice Jewish girl who wants to be president.

This is the Internet. I've already done my research. How about if you do yours?


News Item9/8/07 3:59 PM
Eutychus  Find all comments by Eutychus
Obvious truth: would you care to give us just a little proof of these things you say? As it stands now, it is just venting hot air. Like this: "Hillary? Oh that lesbiansadistosamaskullandbonescommienazizionistmasonnewwoldorderilluminati......"
And on and on it goes. Just a bit of reality is needed here... Some documentation... You know what I mean?

News Item9/8/07 3:18 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
"The Believer and Politics"

"Read the booklet, RENDERING UNTO CEASAR. [The booklets section of the website has it.]
I don't speak out about issues because they have become political. If there is something that we are to address we will come across it as we go through the Word of God. We do have responsibilities in areas not directly to the Word of God. If our lives are built upon the Word of God, being a part of God's people, if we are living under the Word following the direction of the Holy Spirit, then you will not need me to tell you what to do in areas that the Scripture does not address. It is not my responsibility to tell you what to do in areas that the Scripture does not directly address. This does not mean that sin is not an important aspect of individual, national, or world life.

There are very few laws we can't obey but paying taxes is not a law to be broken. Laws bring protection. I am thankful for living in America. I am pleased to be able to preach the Gospel. "


News Item9/8/07 12:15 PM
KK | USA ---- Veritas Vincit !!!  Find all comments by KK
Michael Hranek wrote:
I believe it is safe to say Republicans have manipulated those who would vote pro-life or on Christian principles promising them that they would stand for life etc. and then stabbing them in the back by standing with their buddies the democrats not those who voted to elect them.

However if I where to look at 'whose to blame' let if fall upon us who profess to believe in Jesus Christ, especially our preachers for we no longer have in our churchs Biblical Holiness and fervent prayer for God to bring about His will in our lives and in the lives of those around us.
May He grant us the grace to repent

............................................... A-men !!!

............................................... A-men !!!

............................................... A-men !!!



Getting a people to waken from their slumber of self-indulgence is quite a task --- SO MANY HARDENED HEARTS **denying** THE WAYS OF GOD !!!

Pulpits/men who refuse to SPEAK THE TRUTH COME WHAT MAY !??!

GIVE me TRUTH and let the chips fall where they will !!!

You Have A Great Day Michael !!!

With Love *IN* Christ, KK


News Item9/8/07 11:51 AM
Michael Hranek | Endicott, New York  Find all comments by Michael Hranek
I believe it is safe to say Republicans have manipulated those who would vote pro-life or on Christian principles promising them that they would stand for life etc. and then stabbing them in the back by standing with their buddies the democrats not those who voted to elect them.

However if I where to look at 'whose to blame' let if fall upon us who profess to believe in Jesus Christ, especially our preachers for we no longer have in our churchs Biblical Holiness and fervent prayer for God to bring about His will in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

May He grant us the grace to repent


News Item9/8/07 11:37 AM
KK | USA ---- Veritas Vincit !!!  Find all comments by KK
John Yurich wrote:
That is why I as a Pro Life Democrat will only vote Democrat.

In case you didn't notice -- you have contradicted yourself !!!

Pro Life and Demicrat in the same breathe ??? -- PLEEEEEASE !!!

You must be VERY "CONFUSILATED" !!! -- And "We" Wonder Why America IS SO SCREWED UP...

Looks to me like there are many so called Pro Life Democrats who are willing to vote the Democratic Ticket [*JUST BECAUSE*] -???- electing into office any and all hell-bent, morally destitute, counter cultural masters of sociological mayhem who are nothing more than taskmasters driving agendas that are demeaning to ALL THAT IS UPRIGHT, PURE AND GOOD... haters of GOD AND GODLINESS -- ***COUNTERFORCES TO TRUTH***...

But let me further state that these "Pro Life Dems" are not the sole bearers of this culpability --- IT IS "Pro Life Republicans" and every other "Voting Group" who have forgotten that GODLY MORALLITY COMES FIRST !!!



"We" Must Stand For "TRUTH" As "We" Vote !!!



News Item9/8/07 11:13 AM
Abigail | Oregon  Find all comments by Abigail

"….who will protect innocent life from the moment of conception.."

Do you admit that birth control pills and other forms of contraceptives are an abortion every month. Birth control is not protecting innocent life—from the moment of conception?

People think they are taking a stand for moral excellence—when, in truth, they are double minded or blind. Many people want to promote what they call the truth, but they manipulate the Word of God for their own benefit—ignoring or changing the parts that they don't want to abide by.

In this modern age, people do not want their children. They do not want to live the life that is ordained by God for them to live, with family the center of their lives, bringing up their children in the love and admonition of the Lord. Greed for material wealth has completely blinded the modern generation and the love of many has waxed cold, as prophesied by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Men that want to keep women silent in the church will not take the whole Scripture in context but change (by their silence and actions) the Scripture to read, "Notwithstanding she shall be saved in birth control."

1Ti 2:15 Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

In the love o

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