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DEC 13, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  12/13/2017
SUNDAY, JUN 24, 2007  |  25 comments
A resurgent Vatican's influence in Italy
AS ITALY'S bishops concluded their general assembly on May 25th, some may have reflected on an irony in their situation. In a secular age, and 13 years after the collapse of the Christian Democratic party that used to represent their interests in politics, the church wields more direct influence in Italy than at any time in 40 years.

Over the past three years, church leaders and their parliamentary allies have fought three big battles and lost none. In 2004 a cross-party group of lawmakers drastically restricted the scope of a law on fertility treatment. A year later, the head of the church in Rome, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, deftly foiled a bid to broaden the law in a referendum (he asked the faithful to abstain, robbing the vote of its quorum). And in February, when a former prime minister, Giulio Andreotti, now a life senator and ever the church's political man, nudged Romano Prodi's centre-left ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item6/27/07 9:06 PM
Peter1  Find all comments by Peter1
GG: Thanks again for the apology. But no need to dwell on it. I forgive you already.

News Item6/27/07 2:16 PM
Abigail | Oregon  Find all comments by Abigail
Jim Lincoln

"The church and social have to be seen in the light of the Great Commission."

Amen to your post!!


News Item6/27/07 2:08 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
"The Church and social responsibility have to be seen in light of the Great Commission. This has become a question in the Evangelical church. As individual Christians we are to be characterized by generosity, kindness, compassion, love. As a Church, Christ has already told us what to do. When Christ tells us we are to spread the Gospel, this does not involve developing or supporting social programs.

The Great Commission states what responsibility we have to unbelievers and the unbelieving world. The Great Commission is part of the first five books of the New Testament. It says,
(Mat 28:18 NASB) And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.
19 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing 20 them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you;....

Some famous Evangelical teachers have tried to add to the above, but that is not biblical."

and again for the benefit of our Catholic participants, "Is A Catholic Christian An Oxymoron?"

Of course that's a rhetorical question.


News Item6/26/07 12:17 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Peter the're welcome for my apologetics....what you call an 'apology'.

News Item6/26/07 7:55 AM
Peter1  Find all comments by Peter1
Folks: When you speak with Lance, you speak with a fool. He is a hard headed, superstitious, flute playing, flower child. Let him perish if he wants it that way. He has heard the Gospel. He has been told that his church is apostate. There is no light in him. He has made up his own way and will fall by it.

News Item6/26/07 7:24 AM
Lance Eccles | Goulburn NSW  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lance Eccles
Wayne, in the RCC, as in Protestantism, faith in Jesus Christ is first and foremost. Everything else follows on from this.

Michael H, bishops too are human. They can and do make bad mistakes, either through weakness, misjudgment, or (unfortunately) plain malevolence.

If the RCC is a false religion, the administrative errors of its bishops are not the fact that proves it.


News Item6/26/07 6:00 AM
Michael Hranek | Endicott, New York  Find all comments by Michael Hranek

God Himself in Scripture repeatedly instructs His people to not be bond together with unbelievers. You have made an accurate observation of these perverts are on there way to hell. Why then were there crimes swept under the rug and covered up for so long from the highest levels of authority within the Catholic Religion?

God deals with sin and the life of King David is a powerful example of how. God sent His prophet who publically confronted King David and exposed his sin of adultery and murder and gave consequences for it and yet was merciful when David repented.

Catholics are quick to claim the Holy Spirit is at work in your Popes and Bishops but the example of how these scandals were handled doesn't show the work of the Spirit for God hates sin and cares for the innocent and will severely discipline it things the leadership of your Religion didn't do even worse treating the victims and their families like they were enemies of "the church".

By the way if, and many pray that you will, see the gospel and its terms as God reveals them in Scripture and come to know in Christ alone the gift of eternal life and to obey God leave, and it will break your heart to leave the precious people under Rome's bondage, you will be treated as an enemy too.

Christ is worth it.


News Item6/26/07 2:03 AM
Wayne M. | BC, Canada  Find all comments by Wayne M.

"Outside the Catholic Church there is certainly holiness and love of God to be found, but it exists amidst doctrinal chaos and contradiction"

What good is uniformity of doctrine if it is not based on the Bible?

At least in many of the Protestant churches, there is agreement that the way of salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ. This is taught in numerous places in the New Testament.

On the other hand, the RCC teaches salvation is through the sacraments of the RCC which is not the teaching of the Bible. Neither does this teaching give assurance of salvation.


News Item6/26/07 12:29 AM
Lance Eccles | Goulburn NSW  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lance Eccles
CbcPreacher, am I defending these perverts? In my opinion they are bound for hell. "...millstone around his neck" etc.

And am I blaming the victims? I'm blaming those Catholics who read about these things and take them as an excuse to abandon what remains of their faith.

And Patrick, I'm grateful for your concern for my soul. The one problem with leaving the Catholic Church is that there is nowhere else to go. Outside the Catholic Church there is certainly holiness and love of God to be found, but it exists amidst doctrinal chaos and contradiction.


News Item6/25/07 10:39 PM
Patrick  Find all comments by Patrick

I do assure you that for those, including my wife and I, that have been saved out of Romanism, reading your post would have to be just so sad and pitiable. I say this in kindness and not condemnation.

You're just hanging on by your own prayer, unlike those of weak faith etc etc. Not a mention of the great saving power of the Lord. No glory given to Him, and this is really because you have no heart overflowing with love for He who went to Calvary's cross to die an atoning death for His people.

I realise that without a sovereign move of the Holy Ghost in your heart, you will remain lost and die in your sins. This is a horrific thought, and should you not, I beg you, to be fleeing to Christ for mercy instead of posting all that RCC corruption on SA, including denigrating His word?

The Lord used Pharoah of old for His glory, but there is no record of his salvation. Might not your presence here be of the same order? I beg you to think on these things. At least ask the Lord for guidance on all that people on this website say to you. Not one person here who has been saved would ever go back to the blasphemies of the RCC.

May the Lord in His great forbearance and longsuffering have mercy on you for His glory alone.


News Item6/25/07 10:23 PM
Cbcpreacher  Find all comments by Cbcpreacher
Lance, typical response, blame the victims. How is a child who looks up to this "holy" man (the priest) supposed to respond when they know that if they don't obey they could lose their salvation. The fact that you would defend these perverts shows just how duped you are

News Item6/25/07 10:05 PM
Lance Eccles | Goulburn NSW  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lance Eccles
Michael H, the recent sex scandals certainly turned many Catholics against their church. Those were people of weak faith, ever prepared to be scandalized.

The priests who committed those crimes also committed spiritual murder through the scandal they gave.

But those who allowed themselves to be scandalized committed a crime that was perhaps worse: spiritual suicide.

People of strong faith do not allow the sins of others to shake their faith.

And how does one have strong faith? Through constant prayer.


News Item6/25/07 8:44 PM
Michael Hranek | Endicott, New York  Find all comments by Michael Hranek

Good post.
I might add sadly the Vatican is also enjoying incresased influence in the U.S. as well, due mostly to liberal ecumenical evangelicals as they move further into apostasy and of course the politicans who are "in bed" with the Vatican for political gain and the veneer of being religious.

It is certainly not because the Roman Catholic Religion is so great and wonderful theologically and spiritually people are longing to become Roman Catholics, the recent sex scandals involving priests with young boys really turned even many Catholics against the Roman Catholic Religion. Yet the Catholic religion can make someone who doesn't want to obey the Scripture feel like they are part of an immense and impressive world wide religion with huge Cathedrals, elaborate robes and rituals, beads and crucifixes, genuine supernatural apparitions (so what if they aren't of God they're still amazing), an exalted Pontiff who can supposedly grant indulgences, and even a wishful hope of making it into heaven by suffering themselves for themselves in a fictious purgatory.

No wonder no self respecting worshipper of the coming antichrist cannot pass up the opportunity to join or at least become partners with them.


News Item6/25/07 7:11 PM
Peter1  Find all comments by Peter1
GG: Thanks for the apology.

News Item6/25/07 7:29 AM
Thurant  Find all comments by Thurant
"my view of Europe's religious progress is:
Catholicism - Protestantism - (16th century) - Secularism (now) - Islam - Catholicism."

Allow me to clarify this for you

Europe's religious progress is:
Catholicism - Protestantism - (16th century) = PROGRESS

Secularism (now) - Islam - Catholicism. = REGRESS

You are right however to show that the antichrist will overcome the muslims.
Current events demonstrate that the papal antichrist increases as the True Church (Prot) decreases. Whereas you alluded this time to be secular leading to Islam; - You can observe that during this time of anarchy from God, we perceive the papal antichrist grow in authority. Thus Satan's servants cooperate to destroy the True Witness. The pollution of Liberalism, which disease destroys some who align themselves to be Protestant, of course are part of the whole plot. The tares amongst the wheat planted by the enemy.

Ultimately the papal antichrist will emerge dominant to manifest "THE" Antichrist.


News Item6/25/07 12:34 AM
Lance Eccles | Goulburn NSW  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lance Eccles
Walt, my view of Europe's religious progress is:
Catholicism - Protestantism - (16th century) - Secularism (now) - Islam - Catholicism.

But it's just my view, and it could be wrong.

It may or may not fit in with that Elder's view of Europe as the Beast, but his view, like mine, is just an opinion.

The Bible won't tell us the answer, because the Bible was never meant to be a fortune teller's handbook.


News Item6/24/07 11:57 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
OOPS...I've sinned against Peter the 1st.

News Item6/24/07 11:23 PM
Peter1  Find all comments by Peter1
GG: Funny, I don't remember addressing you.

If you would only be so diligent about sticking your nose in a bible as you are in other's business you might learn something for yourself instead of spewing catholic wives tales.


News Item6/24/07 10:20 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Peter...did they ever pay for your performance? I think that was a dual role for you wasn't it? Now that was type casting!

News Item6/24/07 8:43 PM
Walt | Michigan  Find all comments by Walt
Cont. on the vials upon Europe/Rome:

"Now, Daniel talks about the 1260 year period, then he mentions 1290 and then 1335. Well the seven vials that we’re talking about in the restoration of Israel to start with, begins at the 1260 and then carries itself through, I believe, up till the 1290.

At the 1290 you will have the battle of Armageddon and the seventh seal completes it and then Israel will go forth, joined together…you know, of course, covenanted together…in the faithful Christian church, preaching to all the world, and systematically the world will become national churches and national governments will be established along with the churches.

So from the 1290 to the 1335, that’s the process it will take. Of course there will be resistance, but the exiles will return to Israel and there will be great rejoicing and great building until the 1335.

In which, then you have basically what Isaiah Chapter 2 is describing, or Isaiah 11, whichever one you want to pick, where all the nations will flow unto the mountain of the Lord essentially at that time.

Then you will have a period of millennium, which may or may not be a 1,000 years long, it may be quite a bit longer you just don’t know."

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