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DEC 12, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  12/12/2017
MONDAY, JUN 18, 2007  |  40 comments
The revival of Mass in Latin
The Pope has signed a document that re-opens the way to the optional use of the old Latin Mass, replaced by liturgy in the local language in the late 1960s, it was reported yesterday.

The document is expected to be published within the next few weeks. Known as a motu proprio, signifying that it is the Pope’s personal initiative, it reflects Benedict XVI’s thinking on the subject since long before he was elected pontiff.

While, as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he was Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he repeatedly expressed sympathy for those Catholics who felt nostalgia for the traditional Latin rite which dated back to the Middle Ages, although when it came to discipline he took stern action against the ultra-conservative Catholic splinter group led by the French archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who rejected the reforms of the Second Vatican Council and for whom the use of the ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

Is Roman Catholic Christian?
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   12/12/17  |  Police Investigate Terrorist Attack in NYC Which Injured 3 • 4 comments
   12/12/17  |  St Helen's Bishopgate hints it will leave Church of England • 5 comments
   12/12/17  |  Catholic Archdiocese Pays $40 Million to Sexual Abuse Victims • 3 comments
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News Item7/1/07 4:35 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
John, you call yourself a Christian, so I can judge you by your works in that area.

John, no one seem to have answered you oft-repeated comments which says in effect, I can't stand Christians so why do I have to leave the Catholic Church? Let me again point out to you,

Marks of a true believer"

and now I would like to add a sermon,

"Evidence of God's Life Changing Grace"

If you can't stand Christians and value your physical family who aren't believers and the members of your local parish, we can only judge you by your works, and say you are NOT a Christian. Your presence in a Roman Catholic Church says that you approve of it, so you are aiding and abetting an apostate Church.

Lance, I'm glad to hear that the floods didn't hit you.

I can't agree, Lance, where did Paul say there was any efficacy in sacraments?

Your comments about the sacraments show why Christians and Catholics can never be together, Lance. The following booklet by Gil does have comments about the Catholic sacraments.


News Item6/26/07 2:24 PM
John Yurich | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich
Jim Lincoln,

Can you see into my heart to state categorically that I did not really receive Christ as my Savior? If you answer in the affirmative then you are claiming to be Christ because only Christ can know who has and has not received Him as their Savior.


News Item6/24/07 6:16 PM
Lance Eccles | Goulburn NSW  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lance Eccles
Jim, thanks for your concern about the floods. Actually, they were further to the north, and didn't affect Goulburn.

As for the sacraments, we're not going to agree. I regard them as essential for salvation, and I also believe that Paul himself, though he doesn't seem to discuss it, celebrated the liturgy (whatever form it took in those days) and dispensed the sacraments.


News Item6/24/07 5:15 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Lance, I'm somewhat glad to see your more studied approach to Catholic issues, as a Catholic. However, I can really not be overly polite on the topic of efficacy of sacraments. There is none. I'm sorry to see that you don't notice the difference between expensive parlor tricks and the divine.

By the way I call these parlor tricks expensive, because you don't get anything for your money for the magic acts (sacraments) that Roman Catholic Church puts on; and then most horribly it leads a person to eternal destruction, instead of being harmless entertainment.

"Putting The Stops On Doctrinal Drift"

I hope you escaped the floods down there. I sure dislike the new look of the ABC website.


News Item6/23/07 8:40 PM
Lance Eccles | Goulburn NSW  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lance Eccles
Jim, there's a difference between magical and divine.

And are Catholics alone in hoping that an apparent suicide is actually something else?


News Item6/23/07 6:18 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
My, my, G.G., such a Roman Catholic way of thinking. As long as one participates in the "magical" sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church and remain in good standing with this human anti-Christian church one is "ok"

I assume that is why when a Catholic commits suicide they are anxious to have the death certificate read, as "accident" or "natural" causes, the Roman Church is fooled and thus God.

Jessica thanks for those sites, and you did see that one "Hand of God?" There is no doubt about the accuracy of that one.

Well, the one about the assistant Christ you know isn't true, The Roman Catholic Church has aready given Mary that role.

"Mary Worship?"


News Item6/23/07 2:43 AM
Tom | Minnesota  Find all comments by Tom

"How can you be sure that you have been 'born again'?"

You'll submit to the Lord Jesus Christ who is revealed in Sacred Scripture and leave Romanism. Something it seems you're unwilling to do, so you needn't worry about being born again.

John Urich is just plain confused. He claims to be born again and a Romanist--impossible!! He defines for himself what the mass teaches--contrary to official Romanist doctrine.

"In this divine sacrifice which is celebrated in the Mass, the same Christ who offered himself once in a bloody manner on the altar of the cross is contained and is offered in an unbloody manner." Para 1367 Catechism of the Catholic Church (1994)

Regeneration is the new birth, which is given by the sovereign LORD.

All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out. John 6:37


News Item6/22/07 7:38 PM
Jessica Dawson | Canada  Find all comments by Jessica Dawson
Greetings In Jesus Name!

Thank you for pointing out that "the onion" is a fake news site. I came across it when I was looking for the latter article of which I have seen the documentary.

As for it being humorous, I really don't understand. I have been trained in stand up comedy and did not recognize anything humorous at all.

I apologize for unkowingly passing on false information and will do better to cross reference information in the future.

As for The "Crimen Sollicitationis" it is no joke.


Jessica Dawson


News Item6/22/07 4:30 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Anonymous: It would appear that you and I share a very different sense of opposed to Pat the Ham from UK, who evidentially has none.

News Item6/22/07 3:14 PM
anonymous  Find all comments by anonymous
Hahaha. Good one. Perfect example of what I was mentioning below about the Onion. Personally I think the Onion provides very witty, edgy, and factual reporting...especially the time they revealed pictures of the Frankensteinian "Bride of Ashcroft." I think the article you cite is an exemplar of providing excellent coverage of real historical events, save for a couple small problems. First, as a Catholic, aren't you a bit miffed that the Onion would report Dean Smoler's election to the post which is really occupied already by your Coredemptorix Blessed St. Mary, Ever-virgin, Queen of Heaven, Mother of God, Peace-be-upon-Her, etc., etc.? (just teasing ). Beyond that, I'd think we'd both agree in doubting that the Onion is correct to report that the Word of the Lord has ever been heard on The Blasphemy Network (TBN).

News Item6/22/07 2:46 PM
Patrick Hamilton | UK  Find all comments by Patrick Hamilton
GG sends up more smoke to hide the guilty.
GG adds nothing to debates on this site between protestants.
He says he comes to point out out errors of our 'new 16th C' religion, failing to understand that our religion goes back to Moses and the Prophets.
His is the tradition of men so condemned by our Lord and Saviour.

(Mar 7:7) Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.


News Item6/22/07 11:37 AM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Jessica Dawson: The following article was from the same Paper (The Onion). What do you think...edgy...incisive news reporting?

"Christ Announces Hiring Of Associate Christ"
May 6, 1998 | Issue 33•17

JERUSALEM—Overwhelmed by a constant deluge of prayers and appeals for salvation, Jesus Christ announced Monday the hiring of Tacoma, WA, customer-service supervisor Dean Smoler as Associate Christ.

"an image of Christ is shown here"

Jesus Christ, swamped by requests for guidance and divine forgiveness, hired 38-year-old Dean Smoler (left) as the first-ever Assistant Savior.

"I've been in need of an Assistant Savior for a long time now, and I'm thrilled to finally have one," Christ told reporters at a press conference aired on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. "Dean is an experienced guy who will really help ease my workload."


News Item6/22/07 10:21 AM
anonymous  Find all comments by anonymous
sorry I hadn't recalled there being a biblical Eutychus.

Jessica Dawson--
Are you kidding?!?!?! The Onion is FAKE NEWS! The stories and the quotes are all made up for humor--it's a gag newspaper. The story you read was trying to be ironic--it's a joke.


News Item6/22/07 12:54 AM
Jessica Dawson | Canada  Find all comments by Jessica Dawson
In The Article titled:

"Pope Forgives Molested Children"

Pope John Paul is said to be quoted

"We must send a clear message to these hundreds—perhaps thousands—of children whose sinful ways have tempted so many of the church's servants into lustful violation of their holy vows of celibacy. The church forgives them for their transgressions and looks upon them not with intolerance, but compassion."

For full article:


The article seems to convey that many in the Catholic Church, even Pope John Paul have blamed the children for the molestations by Catholic Priests.


The present Pope Joseph Ratzinger when cardinal, reissued a document from 1962 called "Crimen Sollicitationis". "it outlined procedures to be followed by bishops when dealing with allegations of child abuse, homosexuality and bestiality by members of the clergy. It swore all parties involved to secrecy on pain of excommunication from the Catholic Church."

This kept many victims quiet under the threat of damnation. Records were required to be sent to the Vatican in order to hide evidence, thus perverting justice.


News Item6/21/07 7:57 PM
Eutychus  Find all comments by Eutychus
I was invoking Acts 20:9.

News Item6/21/07 11:08 AM
anonymous  Find all comments by anonymous

Are you perchance invoking the name of the 5th-century monophysite heretic Eutyches? Just curious


News Item6/21/07 9:10 AM
GG  Find all comments by GG
"Ah, that stench from all those Masses in God's nostrils."

Well...Jim the 'one who perceives dim-wittedly'...if you would bath and use cologne before you go to Mass, I'm quite sure that God will not percieve your stench!

Sorry Eutychus. I just can resist letting the air out of a bag of wind.


News Item6/20/07 10:59 PM
Tary Merritt | Arkansas  Find all comments by Tary Merritt
The warmth is used to try the silver, yet he used water to flush way the dross.
A dissembler decieveth with his lips and destroyeth his neighbor, these many divisional churches are all filled with children of this world, and God's elcct is still blindly going on in error. Speak no evil to the ruler of thy people, neither rail upon the gods.
Which of the gods of the gentiles giveth rain, rather the Lord of hostes has prepared such in his loving kindness.

Pslam 40 (2007 Matthew's O.T 1537)
Ps 40:10 I do not hide thy righteousness in my heart, my talking is of thy truth and saving health: I keep not thy loving mercy and faithfulness back from the great congregation.
Ps 40:16 But let all those that seek thee, be joyful and be glad in thee: and let all such as delight in thy saving health, say alway: The LORD be praised.

Rather let the Lord also be your bucklar and your salvation.
Calvin and geneva exchanged many times out health with salvation, yet the message is clearer, when you read it from the eyes of the Word.

Ro 6:13Neither give ye your members as (instruments) of unrighteousness unto sin: But give yourselves unto God, as they that are alive from death. And give your members as instruments of righteousness unto God.
Geneva puts weapons, sing to theLord


News Item6/20/07 10:07 PM
Eutychus  Find all comments by Eutychus
GG: You will be happy to know that I went to Merriam-Webster to see if you had a legitimate reason to use the word "dim" in connection with the name "Jim". I found that it may be properly used as an adjective meaning: "not perceiving clearly and distinctly." However, I would encourage you to somehow clarify that that is what you mean, or the public at large may acccidentally come to the conclusion that you mean something like, well, you know, (dim-witted). And that wouldn't be nice.

News Item6/20/07 2:33 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Do I get some time off for living in Texas for 56 years? In the summer its rather warmish. How can you be sure that you have been 'born again'? What if you've miscalculated? Is there signs in your life that indicate that you are saved? Do you have the gifts of the Spirit? Do you do good deeds for the pure love of Christ? Or are you just full of blather like so many others on this site. may have found a home here...with the other odd ducks.
There are a total of 40 user comments displayed | add new comment |Subscribe to these comments
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