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DEC 15, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  12/15/2017
SATURDAY, MAR 10, 2007  |  43 comments
Gingrich admits moral failures in Dobson talk
Addressing an issue some regard as a hindrance if he runs for president, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich confessed to evangelical leader James Dobson in a radio interview airing tomorrow to moral failing regarding two previous marriages and said he has "gotten on my knees and sought God's forgiveness."

Dobson's Focus on the Family provided WND with a transcript of Gingrich's remarks, which will be broadcast tomorrow on the group's daily program as the second of a two-part segment.

Dobson asked Gingrich about his personal life at the end of a discussion about the former congressman's book, "Rediscovering God in America." ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item3/14/07 1:56 PM
John Yurich | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich
Albert: I never even heard of the creed of Pius IV. That creed is never said in Mass. The only creeds that are said during Mass are the Apostles and Nicene Creeds.

Cindy: I believe that when I received Christ as my Savior during an Altar Call at my brother's Non Denominational Church by praying to Christ and asking Him to come into my heart and become my Savior that I was saved by grace alone in faith in Christ alone because I do not believe that Baptism, the Sacraments or church membership have anything to do with salvaiton.


News Item3/13/07 3:54 PM
A believer  Protected NameFind all comments by A believer
Fred Thompson lost me when he discussed and has voiced his committment to the pardoning of Scooter Libbey for his Federal crimes.

News Item3/13/07 2:19 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
"Give Me the Works, Father" is an interesting article to be read about the sacraments.

As far as the conversation about divorce, I'll just point out the booklet, "Divorce on Trial" (and this means annulments besides. )

The Republicans better start looking at people like Fred Thompson for a Presidential candidate, or the next the American President may well have "Madam" in front of the term, "President."


News Item3/13/07 8:44 AM
Albert | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Albert
Lance thankyou once again for recognising your "papist" creed that you must believe to be saved.
Now that you have acknowledged it,you must also by acknowledging your creed believe that those saints who died in CHRIST before 1564 are in fact by this papish creed dammed to hell!
Also any papist saying that they are saved by faith only, are in fact lying as the pius 4th creed exposes
If as I have often said no papist can know their rule of faith,and most of the papist's I have spoken to don't know what they are to believe.
I have even ask papists as to what the immaculate conception is about to them,and most of them think it is to do with CHRIST being concieved immaculately.

But Hey
Thats Why "ye must be born again"


News Item3/12/07 10:35 PM
Lance Eccles | Goulburn NSW  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lance Eccles
"These Catholics are changing their tactics. They are adopting many evangelical terms and many of them say that yes, they are saved only by the grace of Jesus Christ."

Cindy, the Catholic Church has always taught that. It's just that Catholics and Protestants interpret it in different ways.

And GG: Albert is right. There is a creed of Pius IV. It isn't as widely known as the Nicene or Apostles' creeds.

In fact, I'd never heard of it till Albert mentioned it in a previous posting.


News Item3/12/07 10:20 PM
Faithful Remnant  Find all comments by Faithful Remnant
It is finished. Now that's a simple doctrinal statement taken literally from the Bible. And it gives peace to a conscience in a world trying to earn points in the next world. The forgiveness of sins has been purchased once and for all by the one time sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. Believe and enter that rest.

News Item3/12/07 10:16 PM
cindy | northwestern PA  Find all comments by cindy
These Catholics are changing their tatics. They are adopting many evangelical terms and many of them say that yes, they are saved only by the grace of Jesus Christ........but their actions do not prove they are redeemed at all. Their words prove they do not understand the truth. You will know those who are saved by the truth that they speak and their allegiance and loyalty to Jesus Christ and His Truth and obedience to that Truth!

Some catholics are the most self-righteous, arrogant, prideful people I have met. At least those that are of scholarly form.

"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools".....Romans 1:22 and continue reading through to verse 25!


News Item3/12/07 9:47 PM
Cbcpreacher | NY  Find all comments by Cbcpreacher
No, GG, I wasn't being disingenius. You prove by your commitmnet to the RCC that you do not agree with the biblical answer for salvation. The simple fact that your "Jesus" is still on the cross proves that the "Jesus" you pay lip service to is not the Jesus of the Bible. Your "Jesus" is still dead and needs Mary and other dead saints, as well as masses, baptism and a smorgasbord of other works to help Him finish the work of salvation. DAMN YOUR BLASTED CHRIST HATING DOCTRINE! And if you continue to follow these blind charlatans, you will be damned as well, by your own filthy religious works! Repent and be saved or suffer the wrath of a holy God whom you choose to deny by clingingto your cult!

News Item3/12/07 4:32 PM
Albert | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Albert
Well I have said before that a papist can never know his rule of faith,and the answer you have given testifies to that fact.
Now to show you what you ought to believe as a papist but don't know.
The creed of pius the 4th was added unto the nicene in 1564,it has twelve new articals of faith, and those articals contain the statement of your faith in the"false" sacraments you believe you need for salvation,including the bit that your to believe"without which no one can be saved".
That GG shows that your faith didn't come along till 1654,and all the christian church before this new creed were dammed according to it
Therefore if be not necessary,the creed is false
Maybe I will post the decree of the first council of Ephesus,prohibiting any addition to the nicene creed,and that will show up how hypocritical and false is the church you belong to.
btw,you have never listened to a sermon by Dr P preaching on the papish faith,so therefore you can't comment

But Hey GG
Thats Why "ye must be born again"


News Item3/12/07 10:36 AM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Albert...What creed is this?...Pope Pius's Creed? Do you mean the Apostle's Creed? Do you mean the Nicean Creed? Please be more specific. I don't recognize, "I do at this present freely profess,and sincerely hold,this true catholic faith WITHOUT WHICH NO ONE CAN BE SAVED". If you expect me to answer your dippy questions, then you must ask them in a rational way.

News Item3/12/07 7:18 AM
Albert | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Albert
You post to cbcpreacher 3/11/07.9:10pm
This is how we know you lie.
In the creed of pope pius you say"I do at this present freely profess,and sincerely hold,this true catholic faith WITHOUT WHICH NO ONE CAN BE SAVED."
Either this creed is necessary to salvation,or it is not.
If it be necessary to salvation,the whole christian church was dammed untill AD 1564,when first pope pius's creed was published.
If it be not necessary,the creed is False.

But Hey
Thats Why "ye must be born again"


News Item3/11/07 9:34 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Whats the dad-burned problem? You asked me to believe 'your way' and I accepted. Now....suddenly instead of being congratulated....I am accused of not taking Jesus seriously and spiritual blindness. Did you mean what you said...or where you being disingenuous? Again!

News Item3/11/07 9:15 PM
Cbcpreacher | NY  Find all comments by Cbcpreacher
GG, unfortunately, your sarcasm is to the detriment of your own soul. If you took the words of Jesus Christ as seriously as you do the words of your pope and church, you would be heading in the right direction. However, you choose spiritual blindness over the light of the gospel. I will continue to pray for you and JY and Lance.

News Item3/11/07 9:10 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Cbcpreacher: " would be so wonderful to see these Roman Catholics...come to a saving knowledge of Christ and realize that it is He alone who saves; not a church, not a pope, not sacraments and works, but Jesus Christ and Him crucified."

Congratulations CBC....this is your lucky day. We believe that we are saved only by Jesus Christ. we are not saved by any Church, nor Pope, nor any sacrament, or any number of works. And the cross at my local Church shows "Him Crucified". Tadaa !!!!


News Item3/11/07 8:50 PM
Cbcpreacher | NY  Find all comments by Cbcpreacher
Your welcome Kenny. And as you can see from Lance's post just prior to mine, the same is true of him
Having said that, it would be so wonderful to see these Roman Catholics who are deceived by the RCC wolves come to a saving knowledge of Christ and realize that it is He alone wwho saves;not a church, not a pope, not sacraments and works, but Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Let us pray for just such an understanding on their behalf.
TJ, unfortunatley, the Pharisees talked the talk and what they ended up doing was making disciples who were twice the sons of hell that they were. I think the biggest issue goes beyond the election to holding these people accountable for their actions when they get into office. Isn't our government "of the people, by the people, and for the people"? Let's be working not only every four years at election time, but 365 days a year letting our voices be heard. Unfortunately, we as believers often pray for God to fix things and then do nothing. Let's pray ABD be involved and see how God may use us!

News Item3/11/07 8:49 PM
TJ | Iowa  Find all comments by TJ
O.K. Look you'all. Since none of the candidates are going to walk the walk, I want one who is at least going to talk the talk. Newt does that better than anyone I have heard ever. Remember Rom 4:5 "But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness" Newt almost seems like an electable David Barton

News Item3/11/07 7:32 PM
Lance Eccles | Goulburn NSW  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lance Eccles
"...but when they become sick and are about to die, these sacraments and ceremonies will mean nothing to them."

I wonder where Spurgeon got such a peculiar idea. I pray that he himself didn't die in despair.


News Item3/11/07 6:25 PM
kenny  Find all comments by kenny
Thank you, Cbcpreacher. I was hoping someone would help me out. Trying to explain something to John Yurich is like beating your head against a wall.

News Item3/11/07 6:07 PM
Albert | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Albert
Why do you quote your brothers church,why don't you quote your papish church on devorice.
Also if you say there is devorice in the new testament,then you have to also apply the punishment that goes along with adultery
btw,why did you not answer my last question to you about your brothers church and your papish church,just click on the paddle beside my name and you will find the question

But Hey
Thats Why "ye must be born again"


News Item3/11/07 5:59 PM
Cbcpreacher | NY  Find all comments by Cbcpreacher
JY, adultery is grounds for divorce when it is the OFFENDED party that seeks it, not the one who did the offending. If that were the way it was, a person could go out, commit adultery, and then use God to justify their divorce. God's answer is ALWAYS to be reconciliation if possible. If two people are christians and one commits adultery, the answer should be reconciliation to the glory of God, not divorce to the comfort of people. However, again, in a lot of churches you won't hear this truth preached.
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