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MAR 17, 2018
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FRONT PAGE  |  3/17/2018
MONDAY, MAR 5, 2007  |  25 comments
Britney Spears: "I am the anti-Christ"
BRITNEY Spears has flipped her lid in rehab, trying to hang herself with a bedsheet after screaming "I am the anti-christ" to frightened staff.

She made the demonic cry after scrawling the devil's number "666" across her head.

Spears's manic behaviour has concerned relatives who once again fear for her safety, and has staff at the Promises Clinic in Malibu, California struggling to cope.

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item3/11/07 10:21 PM
concerned christian  Find all comments by concerned christian
the word of GOD says:come unto me all ye that are heavy ladden and i will give you rest.MATT 11:28.May the merciful Lord have mercy on Brithney soul and save her.Amen.

News Item3/11/07 10:12 AM
Brad | usa  Find all comments by Brad
AMEN! Max and Randal, That is what all Christians should do, and right now.

News Item3/10/07 4:45 PM
Max | Andover, MN  Find all comments by Max
This article prompted me to pray for Ms. Spears to be saved. She is certainly in the right place spiritually for someone to reach her with the Gospel. I hope that other Believers will join me in this effort. Before one can be saved, they have to know that they are lost; and she knows that she is a fake and of the devil, so there is hope for her. Her condition reminds me of my own confusion and rebellion before I was born again in 1982. What a testimony she could be for Christ if she were genuinely converted!

News Item3/10/07 4:17 PM
Randal | London, Ont Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Randal
I did not read this entire article mostly for the following reasons.
1) It is no secret that she is in despirate need of the Lord Jesus Christ.
2) I do not waste time which the Lord has given me on this earth reading trash relating to those that are "of this age", "And be not conformed to this world (greek word aion meaning age): but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." see Rom 12:2.
That being said I do however have to agree with her statement in principle. Although she is not THE ANTICHRIST she is undoubtedly a antichrist, and part of the Antichrist spirit of which John wrote was already in the world. In order to understand this you must understand that in the Greek the word anti Christ are two words comprising one idea, and has two meanings. One being against Christ. This is by far the most obvious meaning, and those people and things which are directly against Christ are easily recongnized. The other is in place of or instead of Christ and these people and things are not quite so easily recongnized but by the Spirit of God. In short she fills the bill of both meanings. She is worshipped by many, and the word clearly states that only He is worthy to be praised and worshipped.

News Item3/10/07 10:29 AM
Unreconstructed | Bitteroot mountains  Contact via emailFind all comments by Unreconstructed
Who is Britney Spears?

News Item3/10/07 7:49 AM
mterweu | nebraska  Find all comments by mterweu
you've Got to be kidding!

News Item3/7/07 5:01 PM
RV | Kenosha  Find all comments by RV
I agree with Louise, this is a bunch of malarky.

News Item3/6/07 4:20 PM
Louise  Find all comments by Louise
If you believe this, you'll believe anything!

Look at the source, "News of the World". A UK tabloid which is well-known for bending the truth.

A load of rubbish.


News Item3/6/07 6:54 AM
Dessie | WV  Find all comments by Dessie
"Beadle" and "Christian"
Amen to your comments!!

She was such a beautiful young lady and
I knew several years ago that her life
would be destroyed. Of course we see
this every day in our young people who
are being taken captive by Satan. OLD


News Item3/6/07 12:25 AM
ethomas | canada  Find all comments by ethomas
Just have to add a comment on the verse quoted earlier about training up a child in the way he should go. That verse is almost always missaplied. The emphasis in the context is "train up a child in the way HE should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it". The warning here is that if we allow our children to go the way that THEY want to and do not correct them, that when they are older, they will continue in that path of rebellion and self seeking. The verse is a warning to take action with our children now, for if we neglect to raise them for the Lord, that then we cannot expect them to turn to the Lord later in life. Only the parents who instruct / discipline their children when they are young have any assurance that later wayword children will be brought to grace by the Lord.

News Item3/5/07 11:42 PM
Vic | NC USA  Find all comments by Vic
She sounds a lot like me come to think of it. I was raised in a Christian home with loving parents but became rebellious as a teen. I became a party animal at 16. But I had a Damascus road type experience at 25 which nearly brought me to a nervous breakdown. My problem was I did not then understand the beautiful grace of God. I feared I had reached the point of no return.

I knew from my background if I could find God, he was in the Bible! I had to know if there was still hope for me.
Boy, was Peter ever my hero. His denial of Christ and Christ offering him the chance to undo it proved to me there was still hope. He denied Christ 3 times, and 3 times Christ ask him, "do you love me more than these"!

Hopefully, this is just her Damascus road and in the end she will find Jesus!

Surely, I am in no position to speak for DB, but he/she has shown themselves a mature believer and most likely found nothing offensive in your post.


News Item3/5/07 7:57 PM
cindy | northwestern PA  Find all comments by cindy

I hope you didn't take offense to my comments. And I hope you did not think I was countering your comment earlier. I enjoy reading your comments. God bless you.


News Item3/5/07 7:33 PM
Faithful Remnant | the Protestant Church  Find all comments by Faithful Remnant
The forgiveness of God is proclaimed to one even as her in such a depraved condition. All the prophets testify that in the name of Jesus, all who believe are forgiven of their sins(Acts 10:43) I can only believe Britney has experienced an aversion to something in the Bible which has convicted her. May she believe the Gospel of her many sins forgiven. Amen!

News Item3/5/07 6:37 PM
cindy | northwestern PA  Find all comments by cindy

It was nice to read your testimony. I take it you were a former catholic. Praise God He brought you out of that! I am sure evangelizing catholics is very important to you.........and it really is sad that many believers think catholics are genuinely saved. And as far as Britney goes......God is fully aware of her every thought as He is with every single human being so I'll leave that in His very capable, sovereign hands. But like I said there are many "religious" people on their way to Hell and that is exactly what they want and that is exactly what they will get.

I'll share a little testimony myself. I was saved at 4. I was raised in a Christian home. After my parents came to know Christ personally, they made sure each of us kids (my brothers and I) asked Jesus to forgive of our sins and save us when we were of age to know. But unfortunately, my parents marriage did not last so when I was about 20, I started doing the worldly thing. Going to nightclubs in Manhattan and the Jersey Shore. I dated non-christian men and came so close to losing my virginity. I drank and sometimes got a little drunk. Fortunately I never did drugs and I never went pregnant. But the Lord pulled me back into fellowship because He was faithful and I have been walking as close as I can since th


News Item3/5/07 6:20 PM
Discerning Believer  Find all comments by Discerning Believer
I'll have to AMEN you on that CBC.

I've also seen cases where several siblings grow up in the same home, with the same training, only to see half walk away and the other half remain faithful.

I was raised in a morally religious home, but it was a religion not centered around the word of God but on traditions. At the age of 14, I quit attending church for about 10 years and it wasn't until the Holy Spirit opened my eyes of my spiritual condition that I was lost and on my way to a sinner's hell. He revealed to me that Christ was not only the son of Mary and Joseph (as religion taught me), but was in fact the Son of God and Savior and that he paid the sin debt I rightfully and justly deserved. The Holy Spirit brought me to saving faith to fully trust in the merits of Christ for my salvation and that all my righteous merits would earn me death in hell.

The rest of my family still remains in the old church God called me to come out of.

There are many applications of the verse I posted and yours is a very powerful and significant one.

Oh that parents would heed the commands and oracles of God and bring up their children in the nurture and admonistion of the Lord.


News Item3/5/07 5:56 PM
Cbcpreacher | NY  Find all comments by Cbcpreacher
DB, off the subject for just a moment, but I can't let it pass. You quoted the verse, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it". Unfortunately, as you have, that verse is often misapplied. It isn't a promise that if they leave the faith they will come back. It is a command and result. People often say, "I did everything I could and they still walked away". Often that isn't true. It's not enough to go to SS and church or youth group. We, as parents, need to be practicing Deu.6 by making the Word of God central in our homes. We need to shepherd our children. We need to influence them by our teaching and our lives. We need to protect them from the influences of the world. We need to teach them the basics of the faith. Paul talked abut Timothy knowing the scriptures from a very early age and it affecting him unto salvation. We need to make sure we are "training them up in the Lord" and not just getting them "churched". As a matter of fact, I believe one of the most detrimental influences on christian young people is the conventional youth group. The worldly kids affect church kids much more than the other way around. Be very careful!

News Item3/5/07 5:12 PM
Discerning Believer  Find all comments by Discerning Believer

True Christians cannot live out in the world and out of fellowship with the Lord very long. The Lord will chasten His own elect in love and admonishment.

Oftentime from what I have witnessed is that many young people will fall out of a good bible believing church after high school and in some cases will return in their later 20's. Scripture tells us to train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. I take that to mean that their training will catch up with them later in life.

Since I don't know what kind of spiritual training Britney had in her home growing up and if her church was liberal in its teaching, but we can still pray that the Lord will still draw her unto him. He may be doing just that, we don't know the operations of a sovereign God in the life of His elect. She may be going through some chastening right now.

I am not a fan of hers nor am I trying to justify her actions, but I do care about her eternal soul, as we all should.


News Item3/5/07 4:14 PM
cindy | northwestern PA  Find all comments by cindy
Many people claim to be religious like Madonna, but they are NOT searching for the TRUTH. They have NO INTEREST in the truth.

And I am not saying that from a self-righteous attitude but rather from a truthful standpoint and reality.

"All that the Father giveth Me shall come to Me; and him that cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out".....John 6:37


News Item3/5/07 3:10 PM
Discerning Believer  Find all comments by Discerning Believer
Evidently this young lady is searching. She was raised in a Southern Baptist home, but as many of the youth drift away from their upbringing. About 3 or 4 years ago Sermon Audio posted an article where she attended a service in an evangelical denomination. It was reported that she went forward during an altar call. What she was searching for is known only to herself and God. Responses from the SA readers were less than favorable or supportive.

Perhaps she felt slapped in the face from those who could have loved her, prayed for her and reached out to her (the born-again crowd, the elect of God). Where else could she turn.

So instead of standing in judgment and condemnation of her, perhaps Christian compassion and prayer for her might be more productive that the Holy Spirit of God mught draw her into the fold by God's grace.


News Item3/5/07 2:50 PM
David | Arizona  Find all comments by David
Amen Christian. It is our duty to pray for her and love her with the Love of Christ.
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