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NOV 25, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  11/25/2017
Choice News SATURDAY, JAN 20, 2007  |  343 comments
Pope: Catholics respect Islam
Vatican City - Pope Benedict underlined in a message to Turkey on Friday his respect for the Islamic faith, which many Muslims believe he portrayed as violent in a speech in 2006, and called on all religions to denounce violence.

The pontiff, welcoming Turkey's new ambassador to the Vatican and recalling his fence-mending trip there in 2006, hailed Turkey as a "bridge" between East and West but stopped short of backing its aspirations to European Union membership.

"During my memorable journey I showed repeatedly the respect the Catholic Church has for Islam and the esteem in which the Pope and the faithful hold Muslim believers, especially on my visit to Istanbul's Blue Mosque," he said in a speech. ...

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· Page 1 ·  Found: 343 user comment(s)
News Item6/21/14 6:37 AM
JohnYurich USA | USA  Find all comments by JohnYurich USA
That is false to state that all Catholics respect Islam. I am Catholic and I don't respect Islam as I believe Islam is of Satan as Islam does not worship Jesus as God. Any religion that does not worship Jesus as God is of Satan. And since the Catholic Church has always worshipped Jesus as God then the Catholic Church is not of Satan.

News Item6/29/07 3:02 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
John, no one seem to have answered you oft-repeated comments which says in effect, I can't stand Christians so why do I have to leave the Catholic Church? Let me again point out to you,

Marks of a true believer"

and now I would like to add a sermon,

"Evidence of God's Life Changing Grace"

If you can stand Christians and value your physical family who aren't believers and the members of your local parish, we can only judge you by your works, and say you are NOT a Christian.


News Item6/23/07 5:28 AM
savedbygrace | Harrisburg, PA  Find all comments by savedbygrace
Roman priests have their classes.
To memorize their masses.
What could be worse?
Than a false churches curse?
Cult adherents are libel!

As we have said before, now we say again to those not trusting in Christ alone.

GALATIANS 1:9, says:
"As we have said before, now I say again, if anyone preaches any OTHER GOSPEL to you than what you have received, let him be ACCURSED (anathema)."

The grace of Christ is the gospel of God. Grace = 100% unmerited favor.

The Bible says that you can have peace with God by trusting in the perfect sacrifice for your sins by Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone or you will die in your sins and spend eternity in the torment of hell.
John 3:36


News Item5/4/07 12:08 AM
Wayne M. | British Columbia, Canada  Find all comments by Wayne M.
Lance, is that you using those different alias' and posting the RC canons?

News Item5/4/07 12:04 AM
PoseidonMonkey101  Find all comments by PoseidonMonkey101
From The Council of Trent...

CANON V.--If any one saith, that it is an imposture to celebrate masses in honour of the saints, and for obtaining their intercession with God, as the Church intends; let him be anathema.


News Item2/16/07 11:03 AM
Albert | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Albert
If those answers can't be a yes or no,then what your church teaches is lies,or at least a half truth which is just as bad as a lie.
As for concluding from your answers that there is no need for purgatory(which is unbiblical anyway)you answered YES to all the questions,even if you did try and confuse the answer.
It is not the reformed view that The blood of CHRIST covers all sin(1 Jn 1-7),but the bibles and always has been,and btw,there is one thing GOD can't do,and that is allow one vile sin into heaven(Rev 21-27).
Also you can NEVER have confidence in any sacrament no mater what you say,and if you do say that,then your church curses you for it(canons of trent,page.52),cause you can't KNOW if the priest doing the sacrament he has the right INTENTION,in fact this has all been told you before,but as per being a child of rome,you would rather believe a lie than the truth,even though you know it to be the truth

But Hey
Its A Good Job
Thats Why "ye must be born again"


News Item2/15/07 7:28 PM
Lance Eccles | Goulburn NSW  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lance Eccles
Albert, I gave my yes/no answers "with a bit of waffle" because the answers are not simply yes and no.

And I don't see how you conclude from my answers that there is no need of purgatory.

The Reformed view may that Christ covers our sins (like snow on a dunghill) so that all sorts of vileness is allowed into the presence of God, but the RC view is that any soul still containing the merest hint of sin will willingly withdraw from the presence of God until it is purified.

And as for intention, I have every confidence that when I attend Mass or receive the sacraments I am receiving them validly, Cardinal Bellarmine's words notwithstanding.

And the truth of the RCC is affected in no way at all if a pope is a monster (as some have been).


News Item2/15/07 6:02 PM
Albert | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Albert
Lance thankyou for your answers,but at least you gave your yes/no with a bit of waffle to try and hide the truth and confuse.
So then their is no need of purgatory,and your priests take money under false pretenses.
Under the doctrine of Intention NO papist can know if what they recieve from their church is correct,or as Cardinal Bellarmaine says"No one can can be certain with certainty of faith that he has a true sacrament,since the sacrament is not formed without the Intention of the minister;and no one can see the Intention of another,"and according to Cardinal Baronius,an eminent roman historian,many even of the popes were"MUNSTERS HORRIBLE TO BEHOLD",is it not most probable,that numerous instances,Intention did not exist in the minds of such men?
and is not your church a cruel one,which makes salvation(remission of sins in baptism,restoration in penance,and pardon of venial sin by extreme unction)to depend on the mental act of a priest?.

But Hey
Thats Why "ye must be born again"

of to the old soft spot,so,GNAGBABAC


News Item2/15/07 4:50 PM
Lance Eccles | Goulburn NSW  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lance Eccles
Albert, maybe I can try answering the questions you ask of GG.

Q. Does Absolution remit the eternal guilt of Mortal sin?

A. Yes, but not necessarily the temporal punishment (purgatory).

Q. Do Indulgences remit Temporal punishment of Mortal sin?

A. Yes, at least partially. The type of indulgence known as a plenary indulgence can remit all punishment, but only if the person concerned renounces all attachment to sin -- something very difficult to do.

Q. Does Extreme Unction remit Venial sin?

A. Yes. But I don't know whether it remits all punishment due to sin.

And a comment on your final question, Albert.

Q. If the answers you give to the questions above are yes,then what need is their of Purgatory?

There might be no need of purgatory if the only people who died were RCs who took full advantage of every grace offered through their Church.


News Item2/15/07 3:50 PM
Albert | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Albert
I ask one simple question,yet you try to write a book to confuse people with what you think is an asnwer,so I will ask the question a bit at a time so you can give a yes or no answer.

Does Absolution remit the eternal guilt of Mortal sin?

Do Indulgences remit Temporal punishment of Motal sin?

Does Extreme Unction remit Venial sin?

If the answers you give to the questions above are yes,then what need is their of Purgatory?

But Hey
Thats Why "ye must be born again"


News Item2/15/07 3:13 PM
Michael Hranek | Endicott, New York  Find all comments by Michael Hranek
Yes godly preachers are worthy of support but the selling of 'grace' is another matter indeed.

As to faith? I believe it is God Himself in Scripture through the apostle Paul who stated clearly

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

Is He qualified enough for you or not? And if their faith has not come by God through the Word of God then their "faith" would very much be only a "feeling" they have. And of course feeling can be quite wrong.


News Item2/15/07 2:55 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
5-...But,either there is still temporal punishment due or there is a lack of perfection in the persons soul that would keep them out of God's sight. Once they are perfected in suffering, they will go to God's presence.
6-As to temporal punishment...see Coloss 1:24.

Michael H: " them a false emotional feeling in place of faith..." You are not qualified to comment on the level of our you are not God. The majority of Protestant services consist of little more than singing. A religious 'Pep rally'. Remember that your clergy need 10% of their peoples money...all that we require is that people give something. Your comments are hyprocracy at its best.


News Item2/15/07 2:40 PM
Michael Hranek | Endicott, New York  Find all comments by Michael Hranek
Cbcpreacher from NY,
Good to here from you yesterday.

Yes, we've got quite the snow storm to dig out of. The parking lot at work was fun - they made the third shift people move to the road behind the building so they could finally plow out our parking lot. We just didn't hardly ever get snow like this in TN.

About Franklin Graham, our pastor refuses for our church to support him because of his event being promoted by churches with female pastors, those which ordain and marry homosexuals and of course those joined with Catholics, talk about spiritual adultery.

When will people learn?
When their pastors preach the truth to them instead of tickling their ears with what they want to hear

Or on the other hand when they see the judgment of God against such thing but then it may be too late.


News Item2/15/07 12:57 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
First let me say that Albert is not interested in any answer, but he is merely looking or an opportunity to show his lack of understanding.

"Absolution...remits the eternal guilt of mortal sin; Indulgences remit temporal punishment of mortal sin;and Extreme Unction remits venial sin...WHAT NEED...for purgatory"

To understand how the Church looks at punishment due to sin, you should read 2 Sam 12:13-14. She takes this to mean that there are two kinds of guilt: (1)-Eternal guilt that sends you to Hell; (2)-Temporal guilt which requires earthly suffering. God forgave David and took away his 'Eternal guilt' (Hell), but his child died - 'Temporal punishment due to sin.

1-Baptism removes Eternal guilt and punishment and Temporal guilt and punishment.
2-Confession removes Eternal guilt and punishment, but not necessarily Temporal guilt and punishment. Think of it as paying restitution.
3-One type of Indulgence takes away ALL temporal punishment. Another only takes away part of temporal punishment.
4-Extreme Unction (now called "Sacram. of the Sick), is intended to bring a person back to health, if that fails, to forgive Eternal guilt and punishment only.
5-Purgatory- is only for those who have been saved from Hell. But, either there is still (Cont'd).


News Item2/15/07 12:06 PM
Michael Hranek | Endicott, New York  Find all comments by Michael Hranek
Regarding the Catholic Religion exploiting people the 'mass' is quite effective in blinding them to the truth, giving them a false emotional feeling in the place of faith (which comes by hearing the Word of God), and let's not forget exploiting whatever finances you can squeeze out of them.

The RC Mass is also quite good at breaking the hearts of Christians at how lost sincere Catholic people are.


News Item2/15/07 8:16 AM
Albert | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Albert
I see you papists are trying to say that masses for the dead are ok.
Then why don't you answer my question from 2/14/07 is another question that would go along with the other one.
Your priests either believe,or they do not,that the eternal guilt of sin,the temporal punishment of sin and venial sin are remitted by Absolution,Indulgences,and Extreme Unction,respectively.
If they do beliee that sin in all its forms,is so remitted do they not practise an imposture for the sake of gain,when they offer up masses for the souls of the departed in every case ?
If they do not believe that sin is so remitted,they deny the doctrine of their church.

But Hey
Thats Why "ye must be born again"


News Item2/15/07 7:52 AM
Bro. Williams | KY  Find all comments by Bro. Williams
JY: I thought I had caught my grammatical error before anyone noticed it. Reread my last post. I had left out the words "going to heaven, but of course only you, God and the devil know that", so it appeared that I had said that I thought you were going to hell. That was not my intention. Notice I have made the correction.

ALso, I do not believe membership to a fundi church will gain you entrance to heaven. ANd you already know my stance on the rcc so I will not reiterate.


News Item2/15/07 7:50 AM
Albert | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Albert
Why don't you get your brother to speak for himself,and we can then know if he believes his churches statement of faith is agreeable with the doctrines of the papish church,then we can find out from him if the papist is christian according to his churches statement.
As for you JY,You don't have a statement of faith except to say your papish and don't want to obey GODS WORD.

Thats Why "ye must be born again"


News Item2/15/07 7:42 AM
John Yurich | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich
Brother Williams,

Just because I have not left the RCC and have not joined an Evangelical/Fundamentalist Protestant Church after having received Christ as Savior does not mean that I will in no way gain entrance into Heaven. Since when is it required for gaining entrance into Heaven that one who has received Christ as their Savior belong to an Evangelical/Fundamentalist Protestant Church? When everybody stands before Christ after they pass away, He will not ask why they did not belong to an Evangelical/Fundamentalist Protestant Church. The only thing that Christ will require for entrance into Heaven is that everybody had received Him as their Savior.


News Item2/15/07 7:32 AM
Bro. Williams | KY  Find all comments by Bro. Williams
JY: I no where stated your brother or his church were going to hell. If you remember correctly, I even stated before that according to your testimony I believe you are going to heaven, but of course only you, God and the devil know that. I simply stated he should know better in regards to standing against the false doctrines of the rcc.
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