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FRONT PAGE  |  3/28/2020
SATURDAY, JAN 13, 2007  |  58 comments
Joel Osteen Most Influential Christian in US

Barbara Walters' most fascinating pastor, Joel Osteen, now tops the list of the 50 Most Influential Christians in America.

Osteen heads one of the largest megachurches in the nation – Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas – and authors a #1 New York Times bestseller, Your Best Life Now. After Walters recently featured him as one of the 10 most fascinating people of the year, the Church Report announced the megapastor as the most influential Christian in its annual report.

"Always humble, Pastor Osteen gives credit to his wife, his staff and his church family for his success and the many blessings of Lakewood Church," the Church Report stated. "Pastor Osteen has a gift for reaching unreached people with his message of positive thought and God's plan for our lives." ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item2/16/07 9:17 AM
hadenough | massachusetts  Find all comments by hadenough
Joel Olsteen the "Feel good" preacher.

A lot of people are in for quite a surprise when the get to heaven.

He obviously never read Revelation. If he did, he doesn't recognize himself as one of the churches Jesus spoke about.

It won't be long now...Jesus is coming back. PRAISE HIM


News Item2/4/07 12:11 AM
ZeroGlory | nj  Find all comments by ZeroGlory
American culture has slipped so far into the church that it makes me sick. Men... being influencial?... The only person that influences me is God and if He chooses to do it through an insignificant man than all the more Glory to His name.

And I'm glad Joel didn't blashpheme the name of the Lord by thanking Him because God certainly had nothing to do in the writing of that book.


News Item2/3/07 8:02 PM
David43 | Midwest  Find all comments by David43
Interesting how Pastor Osteen rarely gives credit to God first or most.

News Item2/3/07 11:46 AM
A believer  Protected NameFind all comments by A believer
God had the final say. The rebellion was put down; the union preserved. From the worldy perspective, the United States is arguably better and stronger for it.

News Item2/3/07 11:30 AM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
How is secession called treason? The States voluntarily joined the Union. Is there a constitutional reason why this voluntary joining could not be reversed? Or was the federal position like that of the mafia, where leaving might call for a death sentence?

Consider that the invasion of the southern States could also be considered treason. Lincoln's blockade of southern ports was a declaration of war, a war against American States. Why is that not treason? His suspension of habeas corpus was unconstitutional. Why was that not grounds for impeachment?

We bemoan the liberty the federal government takes with our liberties today, in the name of "security." Apparently it was ok to do it in the name of the Union a century and a half ago.

If Lee, Jackson, and Davis should have been hanged for their sins, I suggest Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman should have been hanged for theirs.


News Item2/3/07 10:59 AM
Michael Hranek | Endicott, New York  Find all comments by Michael Hranek
Here in the U.S. we might ought to also consider

Prov 17:15
He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD.

Judging or not judging can very much cut (or destroy) us two ways.

one condemning anyone we personally don't like

but today with so many "Celebrity Evangelicals" the accepting of false teachers as Christians.

Isaiah 9:16
For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.


News Item2/3/07 10:50 AM
A believer  Protected NameFind all comments by A believer
John M. Otis has a sermon on the topic of prejudice. It is entitled "The Sin of Prejudice". It can be found here at the Sermonaudio website. Prejudice is a sin whether or not we like to admit it or acknowledge, even those who are professing believers. It is a sin of enormous proportions. It transcends time and must never be found in the lives of God's people.

News Item2/3/07 10:41 AM
A believer  Protected NameFind all comments by A believer
It has absolutely nothing to do with living north of the Dixon line. I've said it before and I'll say it again, nothing will be allowed in Heaven that offends. Add to that list anyone who is a racist or practices racism. The first test of a Christian is does he have love and compassion and concern for the well-being (salvation) for his fellow man made in the image of God. If he fails that test, he is not a true child of God.

Not my own litmus test, but one taken directly from the word of God.


News Item2/3/07 10:32 AM
A believer  Protected NameFind all comments by A believer
To flip: Sin transcends time. You seem to be implying that people actions are a result of one's time. That simply is not true. Are you suggesting that we are a product of our environment? God forbid. Lee had just as much knowledge of sin in his time as do those in our contemporary world who kill, steal, torture and do similarly evils things now. That's what separates the true believe from pretenders. By God's grace, they have been grantedtrue and real knowledge and conviction of sin, unlike unbelievers.

What you are advocating means that Saddam was also a product of his time and did evil deeds for that reason. If that is the case, he should not have been hanged. Lee, Jackson, Davis all should have been hanged just as John Brown was because they all committed treason against the United States. However, that pales in comparison to the crimes against humanity these men helped to sustain against people made in the image of God, many of them no doubt true believers. But God, himself, is the judge of these men as he is with all mankind. They may have escaped the justice of man on this earth but they like all men have a greater judge to face. Hope they repented of their sins and evil deeds and truly did come to know and trust Jesus as their savior.


News Item2/3/07 10:30 AM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
Most influential "Christian"???

No mean feat, considering he's up
against the likes of Rick Warren
and the Grahams (Billy, and his
2 kids), Pat Robertson, and a host
of others.


News Item2/3/07 10:04 AM
Flip | USA  Find all comments by Flip
Do any of you throwing around the "Thou shalt not judge" banter actually ever read the verses surrounding that text???????

Did you notice the part about judging yourself rightly first? Taking the log out of your own eye before the speck of your brother? THEN you can judge them rightly? Did you ever read the apostle Paul say, "Judge them with a righteoous judgement?" Do you really believe God intends for us to not make judgements of those who would destroy His kingdom?


News Item2/3/07 10:00 AM
Flip | USA  Find all comments by Flip
To: "A Believer"

"By their fruits you shall know them."

God knows them by their faith. We know them by their works.

Have you even thought about the historical and cultural surroundings of Lee's time as compared to that of Osteen? I am guessing you live far north of the Mason-Dixon line and read your Bible with rose colored glasses.


News Item1/20/07 8:15 PM
A believer  Protected NameFind all comments by A believer
What makes a Christian? Someone please tell me how someone could say and judge Robert E. Lee as one and in the same breath judge Joel Osteen as anything but? God will judge Osteen just as he has judged Lee.

News Item1/20/07 7:28 PM
Churchmouse | Northern Hemisphere  Find all comments by Churchmouse
Joel Osteen is NOT A CHRISTIAN! I demand an appology.

News Item1/20/07 12:55 PM
rom623 | Sharon, PA  Contact via emailFind all comments by rom623
Someone needs to read the whole Word of God and not just a verse or two. The Word judge in its various forms appear over 700 times and most referencing judging something or someone. It is a sin not to judge, righteous judgment. And please use the entire text of Matt.7 if your going to make reference, and know what it means, quit taking the few verses you know and use the whole counsel of God, it will explain itself.
Osteen is nothing more than a motivational speaker, with a religious slant.

News Item1/20/07 12:44 PM
PV2 Robert Oliver | San Antonio, TX  Contact via emailFind all comments by PV2 Robert Oliver
"Always humble, Pastor Osteen gives credit to his wife, his staff and his church family for his success and the many blessings of Lakewood Church,"

Oh wow! No mention of thanks to God! He should be first and only on that list! One thing that makes me sick preachers making big money off the word of God! Seriously, how can one become famous off of Jesus? I myself never plan to try to become rich off of Jesus (writing a book that is top seller or pastoring a large church with a lump salary). I'm fine with a nice small country church. I dont mean to judge, but it just bothers me so much.


News Item1/18/07 10:35 AM
kenny  Find all comments by kenny
If, based on my knowledge of health and medicine in general, I decide not to go to a particular doctor in my city because I know that he is a quack & killing his patients with poison, I have JUDGED him to be a bad doctor who is dispensing poison and killing folks. I would feel compelled to warn others about him in the strongest language possible.

It's the same situation with Joel Osteen and all of the other show-biz TV charlatans. They are deceivers who are dipensing spiritual poison to anyone who will listen. They prey on people for profit. The difference is that the bad doctor can only kill your body. Osteen's lies will send you to a Christless eternity. This is serious business.

Osteen appeals to people by assuaging their guilt with sexy women, rock music, a disarming personality and big smile. Then he proceeds to preach a false gospel. People who sit mindlessly in front of their televisions every day & night find him charming and believe he is preaching truth. They are being deceived.

I do indeed judge him and rightfully so. Any discerning believer should judge him and all of the others like him. Osteen is a wolf in sheep's clothing.


News Item1/17/07 11:36 PM
msc  Find all comments by msc
It doesn't take a degree in law to "judge" Mr.Osteen's lack of division between saved and lost on a TV show. I haven't actually watched it, but I can get a pretty good idea of it from what others have said here. So Mr. Osteen denies the exclusivity of the Christian message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, did I understand that right? Maybe some folks get discernment mixed up with judgement. We are told to discern and be on alert.

News Item1/17/07 11:17 PM
MBL | J-town  Find all comments by MBL
Quote: "what ever happenend to thou shall not judge."

Come on.

This is a joke - right?!!?

Please, someone tell me this is a joke!!!!

I seriously laughed out loud (LOL)!!!!


News Item1/17/07 11:13 PM
mark s | spokane  Find all comments by mark s
what ever happenend to thou shall not judge.
There are a total of 58 user comments displayed | add new comment |Subscribe to these comments
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