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FRONT PAGE  |  6/23/2021
Choice News SATURDAY, DEC 16, 2006  |  69 comments
Bed and breakfast owner closes door of home to same-sex couples; accused of discrimination

Adrian Watson is conscious of his family

A support group for gay men has accused an Ulster Unionist guest house owner of discriminating against same sex couples. Antrim councillor Adrian Watson said he would feel "uncomfortable" about having gay couples in his bed and breakfast.

"This is a bed and breakfast in a family home with three young children. Common sense has to prevail," he said.

"It is difficult because my 14-year-old daughter helps out immensely. And the obvious question: 'Why are two men, or why are two women in a double room?'"

Ken Wilkinson of the Progressive Unionist Party in Antrim told Mr Watson: "You are an embarrassment as the deputy mayor". ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

Attitude Toward Homosexuality?
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News Item12/31/06 5:19 AM
Wayne | UK  Find all comments by Wayne
SEE COMMENTS UNDER 'Homophobia' spies in the classroom' for a free book!

News Item12/30/06 1:53 PM
Louisa | U.S  Find all comments by Louisa
What you say is true cause i have read it before in books.God bless you!

News Item12/27/06 9:01 PM
Kat | Australia  Find all comments by Kat
Interestingly enough, I came across this article this morning. Puts things how I wish I could... Please have a read,

News Item12/27/06 4:52 AM
Robert Millar | County Antrim Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Robert Millar
"Ken Wilkinson of the Progressive Unionist Party in Antrim told Mr Watson: "You are an embarrassment as the deputy mayor". ...

Thats rich coming from a man who has been responsable for countless murders, maming, drug dealing, racketeering, brothels, and many more vile acts of terror.

Only in Ulster


News Item12/27/06 4:28 AM
Celebate  Find all comments by Celebate
Kat from Australia -- Right about the going celebate.

There's plenty of single people who are.

Why should the homos think they can go sniffing around the rose bushes for somebody to go at it with?

Worse than animals!


News Item12/27/06 2:32 AM
Jim from Wisconsin  Find all comments by Jim from Wisconsin

I appreciate your civil and thoughtful response. I will read the passages you have indicated.


News Item12/26/06 7:56 PM
Kat | Australia  Find all comments by Kat
God explains in the NT that gay relations are vile in Romans 1:20–35. Jesus quotes Genesis to explain what a relationship should be in Mark 10:6. God also says who we need to turn away from, and says who will NOT inherit the kingdom of God in 1 Corinthians 6:9 & 2 Timothy 3:1–7. Why do we want to allow and condone behaviour that will eternally damn someone? Should we not with love and compassion offer help and support? It's not unheard of for someone struggling with a sexual addiction to go celibate. It's not like they'd be denying themselves something they can't live without. Though truly a struggle I would never wish on anyone.

2 Timothy 3:1–7 also explains why a Christian does not NEED to allow corrupt people in or near his home. Why parents have every right to deny their kids bad influences in friends, etc. We have a right to protect ourselves and our children from evil influence. Which is why I agree also with the B&B owner (though I also agree, he doesn't sound utterly devoted to God for himself. He tried to appease all sides, and blame it on his wife).


News Item12/26/06 7:26 PM
Kat | Australia  Find all comments by Kat
Jim. I can see you must be a little frustrated, constantly having to defend yourself and lifestyle (I believe you are straight since you say so). I have many liberal Christian friends, who like you, don't really have a problem with gay behaviour, but it doesn't mean that they are gay! (come on everyone, you can have opinions one way or the other, and not actually BE gay). Jim, I think people here are concerned that your not thinking through what God has written down for us. That so many years of small corruptions in His Word by the Church have now lead to the idea that Jesus doesn't talk about gay relationships in a negative way (but He does). I love having discussions with people, but I hate it turning into a defensive attack, like a lot of message boards here. Do people think that when Jesus came, the need for the Old Testament was crushed? It's quite obvious in the Old Testament what God thinks of homosexuality. Why would that be different from today?

News Item12/26/06 2:43 PM
Jim from Wisconsin  Find all comments by Jim from Wisconsin
Dear Lot,
I'm not a "new person". I've been posting on SA for 3 years. Its not difficult at all. Just click "add new comment".

I'm also not "on a mission".

In Wisconsin we just passed a law that makes it illegal for gays to marry, but in Madison where I am from, the ban was defeated. Does this mean that everyone living in the capital city of Wisconsin is secretly gay or on a mission.

Finally, for the last time,

I agree that Mr. Watson can deny access to anyone he wants because he owns the house.

I also never said Mr. Watson was a bigot.


News Item12/26/06 2:18 PM
kenny  Find all comments by kenny
Howdy neighbor! My house is almost in Kennesaw. In fact, I'm about to drive 5 minutes over to Town Center Mall right now.

News Item12/26/06 1:10 PM
craig | georgia  Find all comments by craig

News Item12/26/06 1:02 PM
kenny  Find all comments by kenny
Hey Craig-What part of Georgia are you in? I live in Marietta just north of Atlanta.

News Item12/26/06 12:37 PM
Craig | Georgia  Find all comments by Craig
The bottom line is that the guest house belongs to Mr.Adrian Watson. He should be allowed to discriminate against anyone he doesn't want staying for any reason. The customers likewise can discriminate against the bed and breakfast and stay somewhere else.

I wonder for arguements sake if unwed male/female couples are allowed to stay in a room together. Then we would know if he is really a biggot as suggested or a true man of principles.


News Item12/26/06 9:44 AM
Lot | Got Out Just In Time and Good Riddance!  Find all comments by Lot
"you are an excellent gay advocate, because you actually believe their lies."

Rather, he's one of the ones making up the lies. I don't believe Jim from Wisconsin is a married straight guy but rather a lying homosexual trying to corrupt as many people as he can, just like the Bible says.

It's almost impossible for new people to even get into these forums because SA has made it so difficult. Only someone on a mission, such as Jim is, would even bother to try.

I've been trying to get a friend to check out the forum and he just can't figure out how to get in.


News Item12/26/06 6:23 AM
Dr K. B. Napier | Wales  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dr K. B. Napier
Dear Jim
Look closer at what is happening around the world. In the UK schools are forced to teach kids how to be gay, including gay sexual methods. The main teaching union there wants to teach three year olds this! In the USA, the same things are happening, and parents are not allowed to interfere. All this is down to gay activist demands. Gays really are trying to convert our children! I have plenty of information for anyone who wants it. Is it 'blowing everything out of proportion' when this is a worldwide problem? And when kids are given HIV at such a young age? God destroyed Sodom for its homosexuality (not for the warped reasons given by gays) and scripture is full of commands to be pure and holy. Homosexuality is condemned, and in the New Testament it is called 'an abomination'.
Persecuting gays? There is no evidence this is occurring. I have annual reports from USA and UK police, FBI, etc., and they say gays are faking it. Only recently, the UK Gay Police Association publicly told the world in an ad. that they were being attacked. We challenged them to provide proof - and they gave none!! They lied. Jim, you have no idea what you are talking about, but you are an excellent gay advocate, because you actually believe their lies. Homosexuality is appalling godlessness.

News Item12/25/06 10:59 PM
msc  Find all comments by msc
There doesn't need to be a commandment "Thou shalt not be homosexual." It's all summed up in obeying the Lord God and him only, which is a command. And He clearly illustrates what happens to the persistent and unrepentant homosexual. No need for direct command, because actions(as recorded in the Holy Bible) speak louder than words.

News Item12/25/06 10:50 PM
Jim from Wisconsin  Find all comments by Jim from Wisconsin

I haven't done any of the things you accused me of in your last posting. Why are you so angry with me? I'm not putting any propaganda anywhere.

I only suggested not to be so utterly cruel.

Also, E from Wisconsin, I didn't realize there was a commandment: Thou shalt not be homosexual

Everything is blown way out of proportion. Gays are not trying to take over or convert our children (really, they're not). Gays have been around forever and they just want us to stop persecuting them.

Kat from Australia,

Bigot:a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

I don't see how telling the truth is an insult used to avoid the issue. Bigotry IS the issue.


News Item12/25/06 7:31 PM
Kat | Australia  Find all comments by Kat

2 Timothy 3:16-17:
All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

PS. There is a great talk on here from an ex-gay man who married an ex-gay woman. His name is Richard Yates.


News Item12/25/06 7:31 PM
Kat | Australia  Find all comments by Kat
Uggg, its so frustrating to hear that people who believe in God and His word are called bigots! It's such a cop out! I agree, insults are a way to avoid the real issues, and cause a fight. Christians, we are told in James (1:26-27, 3:5-10)to watch our tongues.

We are also told to do everything in Love. If you love your child, do you let them do whatever they want? No! You set rules and guidelines; you want them to be safe and feel loved. When Christians are pointing out why they believe another Christian is doing wrong, it IS doing what God asked. These days it seems there is no such thing as church discipline, and that seems to be leading to the idea that if you judge someone for doing something, and show them why they are wrong, you are some sort of self righteous bigot! Those verses that most people take out of context, like the plank in your own eye (Luke 6:37-42)? Have you not read the last part of verse 42? Humble yourself, repent, remove the influences of evil from that part of your life...only then can you help someone who is struggling with the same thing. For some reason people find it hard to separate hate of behaviour from hate of a person. They are two separate things.



News Item12/25/06 4:55 AM
Dr K. B. Napier | Wales  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dr K. B. Napier
The paucity of truth in pro-gay statements is very sad.
I have over 30 years experience in research into gay causation, and over 20 years in presentation of AIDS research. Homosexuality is not normal, nor is it safe. History proves that the increase in homosexuality is a direct correlation of immorality. Homosexuals are forcing us to obey their agenda by law. So, it is hard to equalise opposition to homosexuality and gay propaganda! Homosexuals, as official figures show worldwide, lie and scheme to get their way. They want to train kids to enter homosexuality, against parents' wishes. Their part in the spread of AIDS is immense... and it is where AIDS came from initially. Any change made in favour of gays is always preceded by intimidation by gay activists. They lie about so-called 'attacks' on them. They invent stories to bring sympathy (see the blatant lies told by the Gay Police Association). They force people out of their jobs just for not agreeing with them. They prevent genuine research findings being made known. There is much, much more! As for what heterosexuals do in bed...normal sex does NOT include the filth perpetrated by homosexuals! The ignorance of pro-gays is indeed appalling. I am not attacking gays - I am merely stating what gays don't wish to hear. The truth.
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