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NOV 23, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  11/23/2017
Choice News MONDAY, NOV 20, 2006  |  11 comments
Pennsylvania photo altered to fog Ten Commandments

Notice the clarity of the photograph throughout – except for the art behind the justices which lists the Ten Commandments

The politically correct version of American history has Apollo 8 astronauts reading from "an ancient religious text" and a photo editor busy making alterations to reality for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, according to WND readers.

There was considerable outrage expressed – but little surprise – from WND's series of articles this week on efforts to edit America's history to eliminate references to Christianity, and Christians.

The series detailed how guides at the U.S. Supreme Court say the frieze representation of a stone tablet represents the Ten Amendments, instead of the Ten Commandments, and how guides at Jamestown say the settlement was founded for business interests, and how Monticello guides announce that Thomas Jefferson was a strict deist who dedicated his life to keeping the separation of church and state. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item11/20/06 2:55 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
But just to keep things clear, at the time the Const. was ratified, many of the original colonies/States had established churches & compulsory tithes were a debated issue. Thus, this is not radical secularism per Barry Lynn & IHCC.


News Item11/20/06 2:32 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Neil, you are basically correct, especially when it comes to the big names of the Founding Fathers. Many considered Christianity itself (The environment they came from) as good, but it didn't fit their individual lifestyle. America was never designed to be a theocracy.

Politics and the Believer


News Item11/20/06 1:57 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
Sure the Founders supported Christianity. Problem was, they were not interested in the Gospel itself (so far as I can tell), but only in Biblical morals as a means to the end of a "virtuous Republic."

That's the main difference today: modern intellectuals & politicians do not even concede that Biblical morals are valuable for the body politic.


News Item11/20/06 1:53 PM
Chris | TX  Find all comments by Chris
I don't think the issue of whether Jefferson was a Christian or not will be known by humanity until the Final Judgement.

Many of his writings were clearly Christian in Nature. He attended Church in the Capitol Building -- that's right there used to be Sunday worship services in the same rooms that congress worked in during the week! He also supported the use of Federal Tax dollars to send missionaries to the Indians -- so much for Jefferson's separation of Church and State.

His "Bible" with the miraculous taken out - was definately not Christian. I believe it has been said his hope was to use it to teach western morals to the Indians that would not convert to Christianity - if so good intention - but we all know about good intentions, the liberal church is full of them.


News Item11/20/06 1:48 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
Cathy, the popular confusion about the orthodoxy of the Founders is because they were bundles of contradictions, and on many issues. Both skeptics & Christians can find quotes agreeable to their side. Read Paul Johnson's "History of the American People" for good insight here. Jefferson, for example, despite his reputation as an Enlightenment rationalist, was a naive President, pathetically bad at running Monticello, and died $100K in debt. The man was not even qualified to be a church elder (ignoring his heterodoxy).

But I must emphasize that this does not mean that they ignored Biblical principles in formulating the Constitution. Their skepticism about man and their desire to safeguard personal rights and limit political power are *consistent* with Scripture, whether *derived* from it or not.


News Item11/20/06 12:16 PM
Cathy N | Ontario  Find all comments by Cathy N
All one has to do to disspell the fallacy of the Christian Jefferson is to read his hole-y bible. I would love to hear one of these Christian conservatives explain what Jefferson intended the purpose of cutting out portions of it to be.

See if your history sources show the possibility of even Jefferson needing to be "politically correct" in referring to "divine providence" instead of "God."


News Item11/20/06 12:09 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
Craig, where in Scripture do we get the idea of tax-funded welfare? All I see is almsgiving, which by definition is voluntary. Moral duties are not necessarily political.

It's not just the gov't that tries to suppress the Ten Commandments. How many *churches* emphasize them anymore?


News Item11/20/06 10:12 AM
Craig | USA  Find all comments by Craig
Jerome, I suggest you head to a nation which persecutes Christians and openly preach Christ so you can experience the spiritual high you are advocating and let the rest of us unspiritual folks dirty our hands to be salt and light in the world.

News Item11/20/06 10:05 AM
Vic | NC USA  Find all comments by Vic
All one has to do to dispell the fallacy of the diest Jefferson is read the Declaration of Independance. I would love to hear one of these secular extreamist explain what Jefferson intended his reference to "divine providence" to mean!

See for lots of info on the founders.


News Item11/20/06 9:55 AM
Jerome Cartier' | Canada  Find all comments by Jerome Cartier'
Everyone relax! Or better yet let me use the term "Rest in the Lord". Is God Sovereign? Did He not warn His people that they would be persecuted? Did He not warn that deceivers would war against His Church, the true "Israel Of God"? All of this flabbergasting by the right wing is intended to gain political agitation for earthly power, not to glorify God. The overwhelming majority of these attempts to stamp out Christian symbols of American heritage are orchestrated by Jews. Scratch the surface. They are at the core of every one of these groups of instigators, behind the scenes, while misled "Christians" abandon the Biblical teachings of God's Sovereignty by attempting to force His hand by creating a Jewish Super Power. There is no such thing as Judeo-Christian anything. Judaism is built on the premise that Jesus Christ was a fraud, his mother a whore, his followers worse than the lowest animals. How crafty that while they destroy the vestiges of American Christianity, American Christianity is devoted to increasing their influence in the same American Government and Society. No wonder Jesus said unto them, "Ye are of your father -the DEVIL!". Christ is King, He will NOT be defeated, but crush those who oppose Him like powder in His own good time.

News Item11/20/06 9:33 AM
Craig | USA  Find all comments by Craig
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians are all either apathetic or against Christ. King Jesus must be honored and His interests promoted by all civil magistrates (PSALM 2). A Political party which even remotely accomplishes this is nonexistent in the USA. I believe the biblical platform would, to put it simply, be "ultra conservative" socially and "liberal" fiscally with strong "welfare" programs tied to the strict moral code of the scripture in which the magistrates as "mothers and fathers" (Isaiah 49:23) shepherd the poor and weak who cannot handle freedom without restraint. The "small government" doctrines of Republicans and Libertatians are unscriptural and the immoral social doctrines of the Dems and Libertarians are unscriptural as well. As long as we support their movements than we will continue to see the type of slide toward Christian persecution which we have witnessed over the last 80 yrs. I don't want my grandchildren put in prison to be raped by thugs and forced into drug abuse, etc. much less subjected to forced "reindoctrination" programs to turn them into "moderate" Christians (read: practical atheists). This is the future if the Muslims are not successful in countering the Atheist/Pagans, with very little meaningful help.
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