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OCT 22, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  10/22/2017
THURSDAY, SEP 7, 2006  |  22 comments
Governor calls flat tax idea 'biblical'
LITTLE ROCK - Calling the idea a "biblical" solution, Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee _ a Baptist minister considering a 2008 presidential bid _ on Wednesday said he supports a flat tax.

Huckabee, a Republican who leaves office in January, compared a flat tax to tithing.

"If you think about it, the biblical prescription of giving was a tithe, which meant you paid proportionate to your income. You paid 10 percent," Huckabee said on his monthly call-in radio show. "It was proportionate to each person, so there was a complete equity. I think the idea of a flat tax is exactly what we need." ...

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News Item11/1/06 7:47 AM
priscilla | Florida  Find all comments by priscilla
Wikipedia has more pages written about Kent Hovind than they do about the 911 terrorist Mohammed Atta!
Do you not think this ODD ?

Kent Hovind has taken on massively endowed tax funded universities and put them to an open and public shame.

Did you really think that there would not be repercussions from this?

So easy to believe and pass on all you read without fully hearing and understanding both sides of the matter.

But remember while you rejoice in joyous exaltation over the destruction of Kent Hovind that next that article written may be about YOU , Christian . And the right of Habeus Corpus is GONE.

So while we wander about from house to house speaking what we ought not about Hovind needing to render unto Caesar maybe first dear Christian you may want to look within..and look at your own cushy tax situation.

Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's. 501 C-3 is SIN.

Lord said there would be a coin in the fishes mouth and too many ministers mouths today are guided by their HEAD the state. For tax exempt dainties they sell out Christ.

Not only this but now the ravenous pack runs to bash the poor man who had courage..stood up to the task and did the job. Shame!


News Item9/8/06 3:39 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Sure the gov't can tax everything, but it does not necessarily follow from the flat-tax position, that's all. Tax rates & taxed entities are different issues.

News Item9/8/06 3:37 PM
Eyes Wide Open  
Neil, why don't you think the government will tax anything and everything it possibly can? As to the roads, they were bought by foreign countries for a reason, to make money.

Your naivite reminds me of people who used to claim the ERA would never lead to homosexual marriages.

Why do you think they are having national animal ID, putting microphones in the computers to record your conversation, and cameras in the showers at the government schools?

If you think all this surveillance isn't going to be used to suck penny out of people, you need to rethink your position.


News Item9/8/06 3:23 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Not necessarily. A flat tax does not necessarily imply EVERYTHING is to be taxed. The term means a simplified rate, not a change in what is taxed, and it has been discussed in the context of federal income taxes only.

So long as flat tax law is simple, it should take LESS technology to collect it, not more. But I seriously doubt the flat tax is "going to happen." Too many lobbies would object.

Scott, old laws against gambling came out of Puritan scruples about the practice (sin of covetousness), & many Christians still object to it more or less for this reason. The usury issue is a complex one and I can't go into detail here, but Protestants historically have not objected to interest-bearing business loans.


News Item9/8/06 3:15 PM
Eyes Wide Open  
Neil, the flat tax is going to happen. You need high tech to make it happen. Everything is taxed, everything, at that moment. The only way to do that is with high tech, a national ID card, transponders, a cashless society.

News Item9/8/06 3:13 PM
Scott McMahan | Internet  Contact via email
If a government official goes to the Bible to find a flat tax ... shouldn't he go to the Bible for other money issues, such as usury? Gambling? It seems too convenient to appeal to the Bible for one issue and ignore others. I don't know if Arkansas has a state lottery, but a lot of states do, and if you have state-sponsored gambling in America, and go to the Bible for a flat tax, that's almost hyperbolically hypocritical.

News Item9/8/06 3:01 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Eyes, you haven't said WHY survelliance systems uniquely follow from a flat tax and not other kinds like progressive or poll taxes.

Jim, sure the gov't steals (as if that were in dispute), but you haven't answered my simple question: does it have a Biblical RIGHT to steal? You gave much digression but no answer.


News Item9/8/06 2:45 PM
Eyes Wide Open  
Neil, on the transponders, are you not aware of the NAFTA superhighway, or that our roads have been sold to foreign countries, and the plans are underway that all roads will be toll roads, and the transponders will measure the distances driven and charge accordingly.

Ergo, the government will have a record of everywhere you go, at what time, and for how long, and it will cost you a bundle to drive anywhere, above and beyond the hiked up prices of oil. You will be charged to drive on almost every road in America.

And BTW, there's plenty of oil. The war on terror is about shutting off the spigot, not finding more oil. You can't charge a bundle or **control** the oil business if you have too many players in on the gravy train.


News Item9/8/06 2:40 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Neil, I have never denied the fact that the United States has a Judeo-Christian tradition. It was important for us to become a democracy. If you mean the commandment not to steal, the government does that in many ways. It shows how secular we have become.

The new wrinkle is to use Eminent Domain to appropriate private land for commercial ventures, which are new "Christian" Supreme Court has given its approval to doing. The right of land ownership was just as much of an issue in the Bible than even taxation, as far as I can see. This is why the Jews own Israel!

The BBC article on flat taxes seems to be a fair viewing of them not something I would expect from the BBC.


News Item9/8/06 2:16 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Show how a car transponder is a necessary consequence of a legalized flat tax.

News Item9/8/06 2:15 PM
Eyes Wide Open  
Mike from NY: I like to call them neofascists, global crime syndicate, or murdering traitors.

But you can call them what you want.

The point is, they have their cameras aimed at **you,** and it is **you** they are searching in the airports, it's **you** who they are collecting information in databanks, it's **you** they are spying on, recording your conversations, taking retina scans and digital voiceprints, face scans, your entire naked body, and compiling lists of terrorists and your name is **probably** on those lists.

Not the Mexicans, not the Islamics, but yours.

Because the American middle class is the enemy. Get it? Have you reported any suspicious activity lately? Is your neighbor a terrorist? Do you love George Bush and Michael Chertoff and Dick Cheney and the rest? Aren't you glad that our country believes in snatching its own citizens and shipping them off to the torture centers with no trial and no charges, just a suspicion that they are a "terrorist?"

Do you know the long list of people our government considers to be "terrorists?" Do you know that homeschoolers and prolifers are included in that list?

You are wilfully deceived.


News Item9/8/06 1:43 PM
Mike | New York  
"Doesn't matter if it's the ACLU or Family Research Council, they all work for the same people, and we the dummies are their victims."

Let's see, the same people wouldn't happen to be the Illuminati/NWO people, would they?


News Item9/8/06 1:37 PM
Eyes Wide Open | Formerly from La La Land  
The flat tax would be a disaster. It would mean that every movement you make would be taxed. It would mean a transponder in your car measuring where you go and how far, and you'd be taxed. It would be Big Brother watching over you every second of the day, even more than now, charging you.

If you like the idea of transponders, microchips, cameras, microphones, and Big Brother looking at you, monitoring you, then go for the flat tax.

And guess what? Steve Forbes, Jerry Falwell, Sean Hannity, O'Reilly, Coulter, Limbaugh, Gary Bauer, and the so-called conservative think tanks have all been lying to us all these years, making us think we had a say and that these people really represented our interests.

Well, they don't. It was all a game, a lie, a deception, a joke played on us, that there was a "liberal media" keeping the "true conservatives" from speaking. What a great cover! I admit it had me fooled and fooled good for many years.

Doesn't matter if it's the ACLU or Family Research Council, they all work for the same people, and we the dummies are their victims.

There is no difference between the right and the left except for the rhetoric. In the end it all comes down to one thing -- tyranny and death.


News Item9/8/06 1:14 PM
Neil | Tucson  
But Dave, think of all the tax-prep businesses (like H&R Block & TurboTax) made redundant by such a law!

News Item9/8/06 1:09 PM
Dave Bocelli | Pittsburgh  
I've always thought that a flat 10% tax would be ideal. No tax deductions for anyone (including churches). All working class people would pay tons less in taxes. It's the major corporations, conservative billionaires, and mega churches who would suffer. Come to think about it, that's the Republican/Religious Right isn't it?

News Item9/8/06 12:05 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Because these ignorant unscientific men wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit, and that we should therefore know and heed every word of Scripture.

Besides, science (as understood by moderns at least) is shot through with logical fallacies; there is no truth in it, however useful it may be. Those who don't believe this should read philosophers of science like atheists Bertrand Russell & Karl Popper.


News Item9/8/06 12:00 PM
Pastor Mike  
The Bible is an outdated book written by ignorant men who didn't understand science. Why should it be used as a model for modern government?

News Item9/7/06 3:09 PM
Paul | Finger Lakes  
The OT principle for governmental tax was a head tax (a set amount for each man of age in Israel). That I would rather see that then a flat tax. Anything to cut down on the IRS overhead would be a step n the right direction.

News Item9/7/06 3:01 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Although I can't read the whole article thru the URL above, I would be charitable and assume he's arguing by analogy.

Way back when the colonies/states had established churches, legally mandated tithes for the church were distinct from civil taxes.


News Item9/7/06 2:53 PM
Tom Sawyer | Mississippi  
I wonder if Huckleberry Finn is aware that "tithing" didn't go to the Government.???
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