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NOV 23, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  11/23/2017
TUESDAY, JUL 18, 2006  |  26 comments
IRS Warns Churches to Stay Neutral on Politics
The Internal Revenue Service is warning churches and nonprofits that improper campaigning in the upcoming political season could endanger their tax-exempt status.

The agency also launched a program to expedite investigations into claims of improper campaigning, prompting an advocacy group to charge this month that the program could restrict the free speech of nonprofit groups and churches.

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News Item9/18/06 4:49 PM
KK | USA  
TUESDAY, AUG 29, 2006
"Gov. Arnold signs bill forcing condoning of homosexuality,"( ??? )

"California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has tossed out all sexual moral conduct codes at colleges, private and Christian schools, daycare centers and other facilities throughout his state, if the institutions have any students who get state assistance.

The governor yesterday signed a bill that would require all businesses and groups receiving state funding -- even if it's a state grant for a student -- to condone homosexuality, bisexuality and trans sexuality."


It Is Time For Christians Throughout America to Stand Up With ONE VOICE In A UNIFIED EFFORT To Set Our Course ARIGHT !!! Hell is afoot and IF The Good People Of GOD refuse to STAND TOGETHER And Fight For What IS RIGHT --- THEN get ready for a great fall...

***It is a blind and stupid people who forget The Firm FOUNDATION Upon Which they WERE BUILT...

Those *pretenders* in Washington (our public SERVANTS ???) *will not* DO What Is Necessary To Ensure The Moral Stability Of America...

It is time to VOTE those pretenders OUT !!!

We've got trouble and if "We The People" will NOT STAND --- Then trouble will take over...

Do nothing and you will be overrun..


News Item9/16/06 2:27 PM
Jennifer | Cable  Contact via email
I have not read the entire article but I agree with the IRS, Churches should stay out of politics. That was not Christ's platform and as followers of our Lord, it's not ours either! Jesus could have easily gone after the Roman rule of His time but He obeyed the Father in doing what He was instructed to do. Focusing in on the eternal Kingdom that was, is and is to come. The same for mortal followers who've accepted immortality, we are too consumed with our own petty agendas, and not willing to suffer.
I was listening to the radio this morning and now the teachers have a Christian counterpart to the National Teachers Association, what a ungodly move. Christians are so afraid to stand up for what's right so they would rather start their own and call it Christian, and if someone who is not Christian wants to join because they may share the same conservative views (conservatism is not a synonym for Christian you know) I bet they won't be able to join because they are not 'Christian' what a cop out! Don't you see what you are doing Christians you are setting yourself up for a major defeat by the enemy. You are trying to separate yourselves but you are playing right into the hands of the enemy. We are the light that who reflects His Holiness and the salt that preserves righteousness.

News Item7/21/06 11:32 AM
KK | USA  
To: Mike from New York

That is RIGHT "Caesar dosn't deside what that is"
------------------------------ "WE The People" DO ------------------------------

We MUST Be More DESCRIMINATING Concerning The Election Of Our Representatives --- these folks have Forgotten WHO they work for (And Ultimatly WHO we all Work For [WHOSE AUTHORITY We All Come Under] --- God And His Word!!!


News Item7/20/06 6:34 PM
Mike | New York  
As Neil said,first we must know what is properly Caesar's.

From my view, yes we are to render to Caesar what is his, but under US constitutionality, Caesar doesn't decide what that is.


News Item7/20/06 6:02 PM
Neil | Tucson  
There's a further question: not only must we ask whether certain fiscal measures are morally wrong, but also, what should we do about it if they are? In most cases I think, lawful protest is the only recourse. I don't think tax evasion is worth going to jail for - bad testimony.

News Item7/20/06 5:47 PM
Neil | Tucson  
The 8th Cmdmt. has broader implications then pickpocketing or burglary (hence the Ex. case law), and because the state has confiscatory power, it is liable to the charge of theft no less than private persons are (e.g. Naboth's vineyard). The recent eminent domain court cases are modern examples of this. Knowing whose image is on the coin is but the starting point of this subject.

News Item7/20/06 4:26 PM
M G | Missouri  
How does the 8th amendment have anything to do with this? It's about punishment in criminal cases, not whether churches should pay taxes or what churches should say.
As far as what is Ceasar's, he was talking about whose image was on the coin. Since we have the image of our government (presidents) on our money, then we are to pay unto our government what is theirs'.

News Item7/20/06 4:08 PM
Neil | Tucson  
That is well, but first we must know what is properly Caesar's. For example, do our children belong to him? But more to this point, consider whether the 8th commandment applies to governments.

News Item7/20/06 4:07 PM
M G | Missouri  
Wasn't it Christ who said to "Pay unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's" ? I don't recall him giving any exemptions to anyone on this. I also don't think that government has any right to try and tell the church what to say.

News Item7/20/06 3:18 PM
KK | USA  
Attn: Denise Kale from Washington, D.C.

Come on Denise --- Don't be such a hard-liner! I'm not looking to split hairs --- I think you get the gist of what I'm saying...

As I said ---
"Pastors throughout this land have Every Right to talk about ANYONE or ANYTHING they feel is Urgent And/Or Questionable And Warrants The Peoples Close Examination. ***This is what they FEAR in Washington!!! --- The very same thing L.B.J. FEARED [The Truth Getting Out!!!]." ---

Pastors should be FREE to speak out concerning ANYTHING their hearts are burdened with without fear of reprisal from our own Government via the IRS! ---

This use of the IRS as a bit in the mouths of Pastors is Nothing Short Of MaLfOrMeD JuStIcE and it is out of place here in a FREE Democratic Republic That Was FOUNDED On Biblical Principles...

Hey --- you might not agree with me --- there will be others...

In my Heart of Hearts "THIS" is what I Feel about the threat of the IRS stepping all over THE FREE SPEECH RIGHTS Of Pastors!!!

God Bless America Once Again!!!

Anyone else have a thought on this???


News Item7/20/06 2:28 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Quite right, Chris, Americans can take off their contributions to churches from their income taxes.

These preachers who can't separate politics from Christianity, do not realize we are not in the Kingdom,

These churches can have all the freedom of speech they want by giving up any tax exemptions they are getting. They then can do as they please. Yes, I think the tax exemption for the Unitarians should be revoked also, as should the Roman Catholic Church's.


News Item7/20/06 1:02 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Chris, I think the big buildings are primarily from higher per-capita church membership plus debt financing , though certainly the write-off doesn't hurt. Clergy also get certain tax benes (e.g.

We're just Laodicea, version two.


News Item7/20/06 10:24 AM
Denise Kale | Washington D.C.  
Thank you KK. Now please respond: Is it your contention that ONLY leftists emphasize the requirements of the state over the liberties of the individual?
Do not "rightists" such as the military dictatorships the USA has set up in countries where our CIA has overthrown the democratically elected "leftist" governemnts also emphasize the requirements of the state over the liberties of the individual? By your definition the Patriot Act is a leftist plot.

News Item7/19/06 6:59 PM
Chris M | Australia  
Is it true that contributions to a church can be claimed off your income tax return in the USA? Certainly this has never been the case here.

If this is so it would help to explain to me the huge grandiose church buildings I have seen when driving throughout the US.


News Item7/19/06 6:11 PM
KK | USA  
This is in response to:

Denise Kale from Washighton, D.C.

Thank you for your educated observation and explanation of my personal view concerning our own government using the IRS as a threat to silence Pastors in their Pulpits.

This is to further educate you as to The Truth concerning "Communism" and my statement ("This policy is nothing short of Communistic and it has no place in America") ---

Now Listen Closely ---
{**These two examples are specifically my point as it relates to this issue**}

This is what my thought was by saying "Communistic" --- #3 under "communist" in Webster's New World Dictionary [Third College Edition]
#3 says: loosely, anyone advocating ideas thought of as being leftist or subversive --- adjective.

And this is what you left out concerning your explanation of "Communism" --- *[From the same source] under "communism" toward the end of #2
#2 says: ... and an emphasis on the requirements of the state Rather Than ON Individual Liberties

Pastors throughout this land have Every Right to talk about ANYONE or ANYTHING they feel is Urgent And/Or Questionable And Warrants The Peoples Close Examination. ***This is what they FEAR in Washington!!! --- The very same thing L.B.J. FEARED [The Truth Getting Out!!!].

Wake Up!!!


News Item7/19/06 4:14 PM
Scrutari | Orbiter Dictum  
Tony Lopez-Cisneros

Hey Cisco Kid, with a name such as yours, you obviously come from a very long line of Roman Catholics. Yes.?

Therefore you owe a great deal to your antecedent Roman Catholic heritage and birthright.

Otherwise of course you wouldn't be here would you.?

Some on the site of course may provide a different perspective on that point.


News Item7/19/06 4:04 PM

News Item7/19/06 2:06 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Chris M., you are correct as long as these Christians are speaking outside the church.
It's a pity, it's the government that has to remind Christians what Christian Church is suppose to be doing,

I agree with the others about the tax-exempt status, and this article touches on that,


News Item7/19/06 1:46 PM
Daniel | USA  
The good thing about all the "churches" that claim to be Christian and have given the authority of Christ over to the State via 501c3 is that it's very easy to determine that they are false churches.

News Item7/19/06 12:38 PM
Jay Miklovic | Toledo, Ohio  
Who says giving should be tax exempt anyways? The government had gotten us addicted to the tax exemption we receive and is now using our addiction against us, to suppress our witness. If we must lose tax exempt status to be a true christian church then so be it.
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