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MAR 23, 2018
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FRONT PAGE  |  3/23/2018
THURSDAY, JUN 8, 2006  |  70 comments
Panel edits Ten Commandments
A House panel decided Tuesday to do a little editing on the Ten Commandments.

Lawmakers made the alterations as they debated which version of the ancient biblical law — Protestant, Catholic or Jewish — should be embodied in a proposed state law.

The committee didn’t settle on the version to include but did amend the more Protestant-oriented version in the bill after a civil-rights lobbyist noted some disparities.

“It says ‘murder’ rather than ‘kill,’” said Michael Malec, noting the Sixth Commandment, which commonly reads “Thou shalt not kill.” ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item6/9/06 11:41 PM
Ashley Motsinger | North Carolina  Contact via email
Well, all I have to say is that any man that adds or takes away from the Word of God is being blasphemous! They will be judged before the throne of God one day for doing so!

People in today's society seem to "sugar coat" Bible truths because they are too chicken to accept them. It seems as if many church members today are leaving the churches who preach "old time religion" because preachers are preaching about the WHOLE Bible...not just the "comfort zone" subjects such as "read your Bible and be faithful to church". For example, I have known of people who have left certain churches because the preacher spoke on modesty among women, or how Christians should dress in public. Since these were not "comfort zone" subjects (which made the women uncomfortable b/c of THEIR immodesty), they ended up leaving those precious churches.

In America, the 10 commandments are probably too "harsh" for the pansies in our government offices, so they have to make them more "comfortable" for society and themselves. But that's o.k. Let them be comfortable on earth...but it'll be a different story at the Judgement Seat!


News Item6/9/06 9:31 PM
(I confess that Jesus Christ IS come IN THE FLESH. (I John 4:2)"
Pastor Lawless, Is that all you want to do all your life?

Sadly though,there are many a cultic group that only says those words, and yet NOT SAVED.
Because they also confess-- That Jesus is never God--ALL FLESH!


News Item6/9/06 8:36 PM
Mike | New York  

Ephesians 4:26 "Be ye angry and sin not; let not the sun go down on your wrath;.."

Sun's gone down here. How about there?


News Item6/9/06 8:24 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Mark, I was hoping for a bibliography or at least some URLS, not anecdotes & roadsigns.

To throw my hat into the ring, read "The Cousin's Wars," wherein Kevin Phillips, not a Christian to my knowledge & thus not trying to grind any sectarian axes (and hostile to church-statism as you conceive it), documents the profound influence Reformed Christians had on the War for Independence. Example: the Scots-Irish, one of the largest single English-speaking ethnic groups, were Presbyterian either in affiliation or thought patterns; many later became Methodists or Baptists (not Anabaptists) since Presby church polity couldn't keep up with their movements.

James Madison matriculated at the College of New Jersey, a Presby seminary.


News Item6/9/06 8:16 PM
Mark B. Lawless | Russell Springs, Kentucky  
I confess that Jesus Christ IS come IN THE FLESH. (I John 4:2)

Over and out!



News Item6/9/06 8:14 PM
Mark B. Lawless | Russell Springs, Kentucky  

Mark 3:5: "And when he [the Lord Jesus Christ] had looked round about on them with anger, being grieved for the hardness of their hearts..."

Ephesians 4:26: "Be ye angry, and sin not..."



News Item6/9/06 8:11 PM
Mark B. Lawless | Russell Springs, Kentucky  

Please go back and read those earlier posts of mine.

You said that I gave no evidence for the influence the Baptists had on the early colonies. You may not admit to what evidence I gave... but to say that I gave no evidence is a blatant lie!

Why, by petitioning the king, John Clarke recieved soul liberty and religious freedom for Rhode Island. This was the first time this was ever true anywhere! This same soul liberty and religious freedom is the same we enjoy today in the whole of America.

Now... I understand that you don't appreciate that freedom. You'd rather have it like the Puritans in Massachusetts - I understand that.

You see: You and I will never see eye-to-eye / we will never agree... because what you view as influential and what I view as influential are two things far removed!

I whole heartedly believe in the separation of church and state... and you think the two should be joined under YOUR brand of Christianity.

So... to you... the contribution Baptists made was not a contribution at all.

Since that's what's going on here (to the best of my understanding), why have any further discussion.

You set-up your church/state and allow the antichrist to move in so we can get this thing over with.



News Item6/9/06 8:11 PM
Mike | New York  
So many angry people!

News Item6/9/06 8:01 PM
Mark B. Lawless | Russell Springs, Kentucky  

I could say much, much more - but you are so intelligent that I probably don't have to.

By the way: What is so wild about the title "catholic reformed reconstructionist"? Are you trying to tell me... that such an animal does not exist? Who are you trying to kid?



News Item6/9/06 7:56 PM
Mark B. Lawless | Russell Springs, Kentucky  

If you're too lazy to read for yourself - I can do nothing about that - I didn't take you on to raise!

For example: If you don't know the contribution John Clarke made toward democracy and the religious freedom we enjoy in America - then you are blind, deceived or a deceiver!

For example: Do you know what the historial marker reads at Portsmouth, Rhode Island? Sure you don't! Why not?

I'll tell you what it says: "Portsmouth, Rhode Island - Birthplace of American Democracy."

Portsmouth, of course, was the city John Clarke founded and began the first Baptist Church in America.

Of course the birthplace of democracy holds no significance I suppose.

Or how about the statement that James Madison's wife made concerning Thomas Jefferson? She said: "Mr. Jefferson did gather those views from a Baptist church."

You're so smart Neil... why don't you just tell us all about it!



News Item6/9/06 7:40 PM
Neil | Tucson  
That remains to be proven, doesn't it?

It looks like you use the same tactics you accuse others of employing. Give us some substantiated historical facts, like which Founders were Baptists. You said how influential they were, yet gave no evidence.

"Catholic Reformed Reconstructionists" - oh please! Why don't you just call me a space alien, it makes as much sense.


News Item6/9/06 7:38 PM
Mark B. Lawless | Russell Springs, Kentucky  
The catholic reformed reconstructionists all agree on one thing: The end justifies the means.

In this, all the "kingdom" builders justify lying... while attributing their sin to party being lied about.

I feel sorry for anyone who can't see that.



News Item6/9/06 7:29 PM
Mark B. Lawless | Russell Springs, Kentucky  
Then why all the lies and half-truths boys?



News Item6/9/06 7:19 PM
Isn't that that the truth!

News Item6/9/06 7:03 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Sarcastic rhetoric & strawmen are no substitute for facts & truth. The 9th Commandment is still binding.

News Item6/9/06 5:21 PM
Mark B. Lawless | Russell Springs, Kentucky  
WOW! I am sorry (not really)!

Did I smudge someone's idol? Did I butcher someone's sacred cow?

I mean: I know you guys worship Calvin and all... but come on - this is a little pathetic and clingy if you ask me.


It's funny how zeal for the Lord Jesus Christ is looked upon with contempt... while zeal for Calvin is viewed as heroic.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus.


News Item6/9/06 3:06 PM
Neil | Tucson  
There's nothing strange about Dabney's remarks, except to those holding to the fallacy that applying faith to political questions is effectively the same as establishing a denomination.

If believers are to bring every thought captive to Christ (2 Cor. 10:5), & magistracy is a valid vocation for believers (contra Mennonites), it necessarily follows that a Christian magistrate should act according to his faith commitments. This does not mean he can treat constituents like church members, this is a different office.


News Item6/9/06 2:56 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
I see there has been some commentary about baptism in this series and a good booklet on how an Anabaptist church looks at it can be found at,

You are right, Neil, that many Anabaptist do not like mixing in politics as my pastor has said many times, e.g.,

and I think this booklet says many of the same things,

My French Huguenot heritage pops up probably too often so you'll get political comments out of me, which in no way represents IHCC.

While IHCC had a Mennonite attachment many years back, they do not anymore, and IHCC is not pacifist nor am I sure that the Mennonite group they were associated with, were either. It depends on the Mennonite.


News Item6/9/06 2:39 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Strange, a Presbyterian pastor, in the 19th century long ago knew of the dangers of mixing Church and State,

Christ did not come to change civil government.

The social responsibility of the church.

The Bill of Rights was added to the U.S. Constitution to get away from various European practices, one of them was an official tie to any church.


News Item6/9/06 2:11 PM
GG | South of the Mason-Dixon  
Let me say that I agree with Mike of NY, that Separation of Church and State is not in the Constitution. It was first mentioned as part of a letter by T. Jefferson to a Baptist preacher, reassuring him that the Govt was not about to get into church affairs. But, I believe there is a landmark Supreme Court cast in 1947 or 1949 that expands the notion of SoC&S.
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