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DEC 13, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  12/13/2017
SATURDAY, OCT 15, 2005  |  32 comments
Exorcism course continues at Vatican
ROME -- A Vatican-recognized university is offering a course in exorcism and demonic possession for a second year, concerned about the devil's lure -- particularly among young Italians.

Standing in solemn prayer, around 120 priests, lay people and theology students began the course that is intended to clear up misconceptions and understand what makes people turn to the occult.

The opening class of the "Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation" on Thursday at the Pontifical Academy Regina Apostolorum featured lectures about liturgical and spiritual aspects of Satanism and problems related to exorcism.

"The aim of this course is to express a clear vision of the phenomenon," said Italian Bishop Andrea Gemma, a leading exorcist who delivered the opening lecture. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item10/20/05 7:25 PM
You mentioned the Foursquare Church here:

"Are you stating that there is nobody saved in the Baptist Churches, Assembly of God Churches, Foursquare Gospel Churches.."

The Foursquare movement was founded by a very controversial woman named Aimee Semple McPherson. I attended Foursquare Churches in the past. I think I can honestly say the Foursquare movement initiated a big pitfall of classical pentecostalism into the world ecumenical religious movement. The fact alone that Foursquare started with a woman's doctrines should be enough to alert the born again Bible-believing Christian to something scripturally unsound. The Apostle Paul did not allow women to teach the congregation of believers:"I suffer not a woman to teach..." Another example of a movement under a woman's guidance is the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, it's guide being Ellen White.


News Item10/20/05 4:18 PM
In the Book of the Acts of the Apostles we have a man named Cornelius. He prayed a lot, did good works, etc., yet all this did not bring God down from heaven nor did he obtain grace by his prayers. At the most an angel appeared and told Cornelius to go get a preacher of the Gospel named Peter. Peter came and didn't tell Cornelius and his family to repeat a special prayer or to be baptized, yet confessed to Cornelius that Jesus is Lord and whoever believes is forgiven of sins. And "God granted them repentance unto life."
Then we see Christ's commission to Paul in Acts 26:18 To "turn the Gentiles from darkness to light, from the power of satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among those sanctified by faith in me." Christ didn't give Paul a special prayer to tell others to repeat in order to obtain grace and forgiveness.
In Acts 2:36-38 Peter preaches Jesus Christ. The people are convicted of sins and ask "What must we do?" Peter preaches repentance and forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ and promises them they'll receive the Holy Ghost on that only, without telling them to say a particular prayer.
Last example: The jailer in Acts 16:31 asks "What must I do to be saved?" Here also no repetitious prayer is commanded to get grace.

News Item10/20/05 3:32 PM
John Yurich | USA  

I know all about what Baptist Churches teach about how to get saved because I have a friend who is a Southern Baptist and he states that the way to get saved is by praying to Christ and ask Him to become Savior in order to be cleansed by Christ's blood and in order to go to Heaven when pass away.

There is no other way to be cleansed by Christ's blood other than by praying to Christ and asking Him to become Savior and to be cleansed of all sin.

How else is someone supposed to be cleansed of sins by Christ's blood if it is not by praying to Christ and asking Him to become Savior and to be cleasned of all sins? That was the whole reason why Christ's blood was shed on the Cross was so that mankind could be cleansed of all sins and go to Heaven when they pass away.


News Item10/20/05 2:45 PM
Some comments here:

"Are you stating that there is nobody saved in the Baptist Churches, Assembly of God Churches, Foursquare Gospel Churches or other Pentecostal Churches because they teach that the way to get saved is by receiving Christ as Savior."

Again, what exactly is receiving Christ? The churches you mentioned above vary on that, from the denomination down to the local congregation, especially Pentecostals, some saying you have to get baptized only their way and have evidence of tongues to prove you are born again. I can also say there are Baptist churches which vary also...I doubt the Primitive Baptists tell people to repeat a particular prayer to be born again, not to mention other fundamental churches.

"You really are twisted you know that if you think that the way to get cleansed by Christ's blood is not by praying to Christ and asking Him to become Savior."

Then there should be massive undisputable evidence of this in Jesus' ministry and that of His Apostles.


News Item10/20/05 2:31 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Lance, of course it is the same old history of the Emperor Constantine founding the humanist church. Some people, just haven't read about it,
before, and of course, should read about it. However, what I find interesting is that, the Roman church practices exorcism all the time, which I didn't realize. The following article is how infants need to be exorcized.
What strange practices the Roman church has! One should read about infants,

John, you seem to have forgotten,
2Corinthians 6
14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?
17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean [thing]; and I will receive you,


News Item10/20/05 1:01 PM

I believe that you know very well the "church" that I'm describing. I submit that you simply don't see it from the same perspective.

Do you reject the doctrine of demons known as baptismal regeneration?



News Item10/20/05 8:09 AM
You didn't even look up those scriptures,and like I'v said before,don't use other churches or other people for your beliefs.
And yes,you don't tell those dirty hands that give you the wafer,that this is not the body soul blood of CHRIST,SO YOU DO DENY CHRIST BY KEEPING YOUR MOUTH SHUT!



News Item10/20/05 7:55 AM
John Yurich | USA  

Are you stating that there is nobody saved in the Baptist Churches, Assembly of God Churches, Foursquare Gospel Churches or other Pentecostal Churches because they teach that the way to get saved is by receiving Christ as Savior. You really are twisted you know that if you think that the way to get cleansed by Christ's blood is not by praying to Christ and asking Him to become Savior.

Christ will require on the Day of Judgement total righteousness of everybody to gain entrance into Heaven and the only way that total righteousness comes about is by receiving Christ as Savior.

If I deny that the Mass is a sacrifice and if I deny that the bread and wine are the actual body and blood of Christ and if I deny the other unscriptural parts to the Mass then how am I denying Christ?


News Item10/20/05 7:41 AM
Like I said you will come back with the usual nonesense,like this church or that church
You can't say your righteous,as you deny CHRIST EVERY TIME YOU WORSHIP AT THE MASS.
You think that because you did something like ask CHRIST into your heart is enough,then go read the scriptures about those who also believed like you,and didn't GET INTO HEAVEN Matt 25-1,study what those verses are saying,and you will find yourself



News Item10/20/05 7:25 AM
John Yurich | USA  

If the way to get saved is not by receiving Christ as Savior then why do all Baptist Churches, Assembly of God Churches, Foursquare Gospel Churches and other Pentecostal Churches state that the way to get saved is by receiving Christ as Savior? That is what all Baptist Churches, Assembly of God Churches, Foursquare Gospel Churches and other Pentecostal Churches teach is the way to get saved. The only way to get cleansed by Christ's blood is by praying to Christ and asking Him to become Savior. There is no other way to be cleansed by Christ's blood.

On the Day of Judgement Christ will require total righteousness of everybody to gain entrance to Heaven and the only way that total righteousness comes about is by receiving Christ as Savior.

Why do you state that I worship the bread and wine? How can you state that I worship the bread and wine when I deny that the bread and wine are the actual body and blood of Christ? That is totally illogical to state that.


News Item10/20/05 6:44 AM
You have been shown countless times on here why people don't believe your a christian,just to give you one example,YOU DON'T OBEY THE WORD OF GOD!.
If you want to know what will happen on the day of judgement Read REV 20-12=15,and tell us were it says about asking CHRIST into your heart is all you have to do?
BUT,I know you will come back with what your brother,his church,or someone else said or done SO please if you have nothing to say from scripture to back you up,THEN JUST KEEP ON IN THE IDOL SHOP,WORSHIPPING THE WAFER OF ROME To christianity your as much use as an ashtray on a motor bike,or a chocolate fireguard


now come back with one of those witty remarks about peoples sanity,it makes us all fall about with laughter


News Item10/20/05 6:17 AM
John Yurich | USA  

These Fundamentalists on this forum are really twisted because they seem to have three requirements for salvation1)Receive Christ as Savior,(2)Leave Non Fundamentalist Churches and (3)Join a Fundamentalist Church.

If these Fundamentalists really believed that church membership has no bearing on salvation then they would not be stating that everybody who receives Christ as their Savior has to leave their Non Fundamentalist Church and join a Fundamentalist Church in order to be saved. And they would not have a problem with individuals who have received Christ as their Savior attending the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox or Non Fundamentalist Protestant Churches.


News Item10/20/05 5:15 AM
Lance Eccles | Sydney, Australia  Contact via email
I don't know what church that is you're describing, 33k. It sure doesn't sound like anything that I believe in.

News Item10/20/05 3:48 AM
Stranger still, there are those who tell us that after God divorced Israel for her unfaithfulness and failure to follow heart religion that he replaced it with Romanism where you can live as you like but so long as you were born and hocus pocus "baptised" a Romanist you go to heaven, or purgatory and then maybe to heaven after a very long time, or limbo and then maybe to heaven after possibly a very long time. Seems even more bizarre.



News Item10/20/05 3:10 AM
Lance Eccles | Sydney, Australia  Contact via email
Oh yes, I forgot, Mike. The Lord came back in the 1500s to establish Protestantism after He realised what a mess He'd made the first time.

News Item10/19/05 10:49 PM
mike | mex  
one thing's for sure lance--it wasn't the Lord Jesus Christ who founded your church. he doesn't found doctrines of demons. your pope would have let peter's mother in law die as a protest of his marriage. the Lord Jesus is against doctrines of demons. come out of your church. follow Christ and Him alone.

News Item10/19/05 10:24 PM
lance Eccles | Sydney, australia  Contact via email
It's just the usual "Constantine founded the RCC" story, Jim.

News Item10/19/05 2:44 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Right Albert!

"It is beyond question that he [the pope] can err even in matters touching the faith. He does this when he teaches heresy by his own judgment or decretal. In truth, many Roman Pontiffs were heretics." --Pope Adrian VI, 1523

You should look at this article, Lance.


News Item10/17/05 7:04 PM
It is your church and you who assume that peter was supreme,and that the pope succeeds to peters office and authority.
It is very evident that the pope is not his successor.
Peter posessed miraculous gifts,and popes lay claim to have the power of peter.
Popes do not teach the doctrines of peter;and as St Ambrose says"They have not the inheritance of peter ,who have not the faith of peter".
Were the humble,the laborious,the spiritual minded Apostle Peter to come to earth,would he acknowledge,as his successor,the proud pontiff who wears the triple crown; who is born on the shoulders of the people,and placed on the high alter of worship; who is "called GOD,and worshipped";who was surrounded by foreign bayonets dyed with the blood of his flock?
btw,If peter did reside at rome,and if mere residence would confer superiority,the eastern or Greek church has best claim to superiority,for the tradition which asserts that he resided in Rome,asserts also that he first resided in ANTIOCH,an eastern city!




News Item10/17/05 5:57 PM
lance Eccles | Sydney, australia  Contact via email
Mike from Mex, if our hypothetical reformed pastor did say to Satan "The Lord rebuke thee", then he would be attempting to exorcise the demon.

He'd be doing it in the Lord's name, and that is the only way it can be done, since, as you say, a demon is stronger than any human.

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