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OCT 20, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  10/20/2017
Choice News THURSDAY, JAN 20, 2005  |  21 comments
Dr. Bob Jones III to retire as president of Bob Jones University

Rev. Stephen Jones to become President of Bob Jones University

GREENVILLE, SC – January 20, 2005 . . . Dr. Bob Jones III will retire as president of Bob Jones University at the annual commencement exercises May 7, 2005, Bob Jones University announced today. The Board of Trustees has elected Rev. Stephen Jones, Vice President for Administration and Chief Administrative Oversight Officer, to succeed his father as president.

Dr. Jones has been elected Chancellor of the University and will continue as Chairman of the Board.

During Dr. Jones' 34-year tenure as president, the University saw its largest advances in academic programs and expansion of campus facilities and extended its outreach around the globe, today drawing students from all 50 states and 46 countries.

Stephen Jones will be the fourth president in the 78-year history of the University. He earned a B.A. in Public Speaking from BJU in 1992, a Master of Divinity in 1996, and in May will earn a ...

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News Item1/27/05 12:56 PM
Bill | Greenville, SC  Contact via email
As a graduate and now employee of BJU for over 10 years, I feel compelled to comment on Ed's comments. First, is Bob Jones IV going to be President of BJU? No--why not? because the Lord led him to another ministry. Did the Lord lead Stephen Jones to another ministry? No, he is ministering here at BJU, as he has been since he graduated. Does the board of trustees have the right to choose Stephen Jones as the next president?--certainly. Did they have to choose him, that is, would they have been removed or would there have been a scandal if they did not?--no. What if the Lord had also called Stephen to another ministry? Stephen has been in the administration of the university now for several years and is now moving into another phase of that ministry.

Dr. Bob Sr had a saying about being able to start a Christian school for bowl-legged people in the US if you wanted to do so. Today the ACLU would be there with a lawsuit. That's understandable--they are quite liberal. But to have fellow Christians such as Ed casting doubt on Stephen's fitness to reign because he is a Jones is not suitable. We should focus on upholding Stephen in prayer (as I do) that he would remain true to the fundamentals of the faith and keep the chapel platform "hot" for the Lord.


News Item1/27/05 1:32 AM
The problem with Franklin Graham is that he is a sinner. But quite honestly, so am I. That's one problem that I have with many "fundamentalists" is that often they say, "Franklin Graham has problems!" But then they act as if their "heroes" do not have any problems. The reality is that we are all fallen creatures. And sure, Franklin Graham has some problems. But so does Dr. Bob III, Steven, and every one in this discussion. We would be dishonest to say that there is nothing wrong with any preacher. I'm not excusing sin. I'm just trying to say that we should not view some men of God as if they have no problems, and others as if they have nothing but problems. Instead, we should pray for one another, and encourage each other to be more like Christ.

News Item1/26/05 11:47 AM
John Yurich | USA  
What is wrong with Franklin Graham? Franklin Graham is doing exactly what his Father Billy Graham has done and that is to not preach hatred about the Catholic and Orthodox Churches but to recognize that they are True Christian Churches because they believe all the historic Christian doctrines.

News Item1/24/05 7:47 PM
Hey ED, You failed to answer a single question from these I asked you? Why?

"I have a few questions for you:

How do you know nobody else was considered?
How do you know if Dr Jones III isn't following the will of God?
Why did you deny attacking BJU when you specifically made accusations against it?"

Also, who attacked you? We are attacking your bogus message is all. You have spoken criticism with no fact to back it up, just railing for no reason ................ Show us why Stephen should not be his successor other than he is a son and we might hear you. So far you have just made accusations and voiced your unfounded opinion.


News Item1/24/05 12:59 PM
mike | mexico  
I think you are right. Maybe if Moody, Biola, Cedarville and others would have had heirs from the original founder, their schools would still be strong. Not that that is a true and tried practice, but just something to think about.

News Item1/24/05 11:56 AM
Robert Perry | Chaska MN  Contact via email
Regarding Moody, did he even have any sons that could have taken over his ministry? Pretty easy to avoid an appearance of nepotism when you don't have an heir. :^)

Regarding Bob Jones IV, I believe he's something of a maverick; got his masters' at Notre Dame and has been working for a while at World Magazine. Seems that he wants to make it on his own--good for him.

I personally have no objection to the Jones family keeping headship of the U in the family. They get in trouble from time to time and have idiosyncracies, but let's not forget that they're keeping faithful to the Gospel.


News Item1/24/05 2:18 AM
anon 33k  
Or maybe they just did not want to join the IV League?

News Item1/24/05 12:11 AM
Seeing as that Bob Jones IV wrote an article in World Magazine talking about how great Franklin Graham is, it's definitely not surprising that he was not chosen to be the next president of BJU.

News Item1/23/05 11:22 PM
Mike | Mexico  
An interesting thing is that Bob Jones IV was not elected to be the next president.

News Item1/23/05 11:00 PM
Ed | Green Bay, WI  
This will be my final comment on this matter, as it seems to be getting out of hand. Attack the messenger rather than face the issue.
I would hope that those who encourage people to give their lives in service for Christ for whatever He would have them do, are big enough to allow God to put anyone He wants to in service wherever He wants them, even including the very ministry that they hold at that time.
Is nepotism a bad thing? CK, you shared the definition but you must think this does not apply here.
If a search was ever made, I would have thought I would have seen the opening advertised somewhere even if only in BJU publications. I also did make mention of Stephen being elected by the trustees. I did not miss that fact.
I still have the BJU plate given to my wife and me for our wedding. She is a life member of the BJU alumni association because I encouraged her to do so. (you can look her up in your alumni directory)(I am assuming you are a BJU grad) None of our children attended BJU, none were discouraged not to.
The real BIG news would have been, new President of BJU not a memeber of the Jones family. This article is what was expected all along. That is not meant to be an attack, it is only an opinion of the article. That is what comments are for.

News Item1/22/05 11:59 PM

Pronunciation: (nep'u-tiz"um), [key]
patronage bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship, as in business and politics: She was accused of nepotism when she made her nephew an officer of the firm. "

Some facts for you Ed:
The Father Chose the Son to make the atonement.
All fathers wish their sons to follow in their footsteps.

We are to follow in our father's footsteps and become more and more Like Father God.

You missed this fact in the article "The Board of Trustees has elected Rev. Stephen Jones"

Repent of your envy and critical spirit, what are you doing that is more righteous than BJU that you look down your nose and criticize their decisions? I am not trying to be mean spirited, I hope you step out of yourself for just a moment and see the truth and repent! That is my prayer!

I will leave you with a little saying on correction:
Accept it and become a better man, reject it and become a bitter man!


News Item1/22/05 11:49 PM
Ed said "I am sure Stephen will do a fine job and maybe someday I will visit BJU or attend a function where he is the speaker."

Ed also said "Is it always God's will to have a member of the Jones family be President? Are there no other qualified candidates that are looked at?
We often have the same thing in churches today as well. The father somehow passes the ministry onto the son without even considering anyone else."

Make up your mind Ed! Are you saying yeah, or nay? It is not fitting of a christian to use such double speak! Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. When you find some legitimate concern over the appointment of Stephen, please rally some support and take it to Stephen, and then if he doesn't hear you, bring a couple of Godly men with you and bring it before the board.... any of this ring a bell?

BTW, my reference to Aaron was just a point well made, God don't care if it is family or not, some cases he ordains it. The true criteria is being full of the Holy Spirit and capable of the ministry to which one is called.

I have a few questions for you:

How do you know nobody else was considered?
How do you know if Dr Jones III isn't following the will of God?
Why did you deny attacking BJU when you specifically made accusations against it?


News Item1/22/05 9:07 PM
Ed | Green Bay, WI  
I do not understand how someone can say that I have attacked BJU. I am just commenting on the news report.
I have been to BJU many times, have attended many BJU friendship dinners, been in chapel services at other schools and churches where Dr. Bob Jr. and the III have spoken.
And I have even donated a few dollars to the University over the years as well.
I am sure Stephen will do a fine job and maybe someday I will visit BJU or attend a function where he is the speaker.
I also am not surprised that nepotism has such a hold of Christian ministries.

News Item1/22/05 1:57 PM
anon 33k  
I don't know much about BJU so will not comment directly on that.

Ed wrote:
"I just have a hard time believing this is a God ordained move it may be a good business decision, a safe move. "

I would be very surprised indeed if having a hereditary line were indeed a good business practice. Rarely in business is that the case. Often, a family member remains for the business to be able to cash in on the "goodwill" of the name, but rarely in full-time executive management.

A good example of the challenges faced for executive management is found in the crumbling Fiat empire, and the Agnelli dynasty. Nevertheless I wish them and the grandson John Elkann (who has sought earnestly to get to grips with business management and engineering) every success.


News Item1/22/05 1:07 PM
Jeff Coester | Illinois  Contact via email
I understand the sincerity of the criticism, but BJU is filled with godly people responsible for the choices that are made. Students have voted for generations with their attendance. Alumni have voted with their pocket books.

The school prospered under the leadership of the 3 previous administrators. That looks like God's hand to me.

Dr. Jones will need our prayers as would any person chosen. He will have my prayers and best wishes.

I think critical comments should be directed to the BJU Board.

We who love the gospel should not provide fodder for the media.


News Item1/21/05 2:07 PM
Paul | Ohio  Contact via email
Those who question Stephen Jones becoming the new president of BJU have not met him. He is knowledgable, gracious and godly. The Drs. Jones have been men of outstanding character and conviction. While other schools (like Moody, Cedarville, Biola, Liberty) have lost sight of their fundamental roots, BJU has stayed the course due in large part to the leadership of the past and present presidents God has blessed it with. Men like Ed question and attack what they don't understand.

News Item1/21/05 2:01 PM
Ed | Green Bay, WI  
We are not talking about the priesthood of the Old Testament. If so what about Eli's sons? What about the Kings of Israel? There were good ones and bad ones, but how many were actually God's choice?
This is a criticism that BJU has to face. It makes the ministry of BJU look just a business at the very least. And when one family runs the place it looks like a sole proprietorship.
In one respect, it is a good thing they are not a tax exempt oraganization because they do not operate like a bonafide religious organization.
Here is another to look at. What about First Baptist Church of Hammond, when Jack Hyles died, who became the Pastor? Since his son was not a good candidate, it was passed on to the son-in-law.
Where is God in all of this? Is it always God's will to pass the ministry on to the son?
I think BJU is a fine educational insitution and they can run that anyway they see fit. I just have a hard time believing this is a God ordained move it may be a good business decision, a safe move.
Where I go to church, the Pastor decided he wanted to retire. The church was given the name of the son by the pulpit committee and he was not voted in. The Pastor then decided he did not formally resign and stayed on. My guess is he will get voted on again real soon.

News Item1/21/05 12:44 PM
Aaron and his sons come to mind in the Levitical priesthood!

News Item1/21/05 12:28 PM
Ed | Green Bay, WI  
I do not find the Moody Bible Institute ever trying to keep things in the family.
It is one thing to be able to say we have found God's man to lead such a fine institution as opposed to saying we have elected another Jones to lead the place. I guess I saw this coming for years. Why expect anything else?

News Item1/21/05 12:15 PM
that sounds like the voice of envy ED!
the name of the university itself should settle the question. Bob Jones University. Why criticize another man's ministry with frivolity? If we are going to get upset, lets do it in a God honoring way. Let's lift our voices against false teaching and the like and stand against apostasy and stuff.

Additionally, Considering Bob Jones founded the university to begin with, and was called of God to start it, do you think maybe he also annointed him to choose who would succeed him? So if this be the case, what is wrong with the selection as long as the new Bob is upright, honest, full of the spirit etc?

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