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NOV 18, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  11/18/2017
FRIDAY, DEC 3, 2004  |  31 comments
Christians See Christmas Under Attack in Australia
Pacific Rim Bureau ( - The lord mayor of Australia's largest city was under fire Friday over a decision to limit spending on Christmas celebrations, a move some critics see as an attempt to avoid offending non-Christian immigrant communities.

Christians have decried the trend to play down the importance of the season as anything other than a time of consumerism and overindulgence, with all references to the Christian message removed.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore's decision to restrict city council spending to about $465,000 means the city hall has been decorated with a single illuminated tree, which is perched on a balcony over the building's entrance. ...

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News Item12/6/04 4:54 PM
Chris M | Australia  
Walt, I was only joking about your church being violent - hence the smiley face - sorry if you didn't notice that. I think you are way too touchy most of the time! However it seems by your own words that you are innately violent for some reason which is sad; I think it would be correct to say that Calvin and his crew were also (slow deaths for heretics etc...)

Christians are actually called to be gentle, kind and loving towards others; meekness is not weakness. Moses was the meekest man in all the earth yet he was not tollerant of evil etc.

Having said that, a Christian is called to spiritual self-violence = "the kingdom of heaven is taken by violence and the violent seize on it". As opposed to 'easy belief' and 'once saved always saved' and 'saved carnal christians' modern false doctrines of this age of course.

But I am glad you are not into the Christmas stuff, didn't think you were.


News Item12/6/04 2:39 PM
Robert Perry | Chaska MN  Contact via email
For reference, I looked up Norman Smith's posts, and his final post on November 26 indicates that he is continuing in faith in Christ. He is merely looking to pastures where he will be able to edify some.

He did, I believe, suffer some from various members of this forum. We might do well to consider our parts in this.

Regarding Covenanters and violence, take a look at this from Ian Paisley's website.

Covenanters have clearly been involved in war, according to one of their most prominent proponents. We can argue it was defensive (the McGuffey Readers do), but....

Going WAY WAY back to the initial story, I actually applaud the decision not to spend a lot on Christmas decorations. Let the people decide for themselves.


News Item12/6/04 2:10 PM
Gray Ghost | Dixie  
Walt: You've been reading Adolf again, haven't you. Tsk! Tsk! All that violent Presbyterian energy and no one to dominate. You said, "I'll be the first Covenanter in the world with a history of promoting violence". It is a measure of your twisted sense of justice, that you a) rejoice in the humiliation of a decent man (Norman) b)That you revel in the dubious honor of having a "history of promoting violence". You should consider counseling. As to my needing military protection, don't believe it dude. Texas is full of great shots. And we have a history of resisting petty dictators.

News Item12/6/04 9:12 AM
Christians don't have "holy days." Jesus said the days are evil.

News Item12/6/04 8:09 AM
Walt | Michigan  

No, we do not celebrate Christmas as an ordained Christian holy day to praise and worship Jesus Christ's birth.

I would ask you to read the sermons and if you are simply disgarding them each week, I will not send them to you any longer. You've made enough public statements against our church long enough, and even the claim today that Calvin was violent, and our church is violent is totally unwarranted.


News Item12/6/04 3:09 AM
Chris M | Australia  
Walt wrote "I'll be the first Covenanter in the world with a history of promoting violence..." Nope, that would be Calvin I think (unless there were others before him). I don't think Calvin and Walt are the only ones either sadly.

But back to this Christmas thing, Walt you & your violent church group ( ) don't celebrate Christmas do you?

PS I'm not too scared of a Grey Goost, besides he is probably a really nice guy under all that catholicy stuff, but I'm not gonna be the one to lift the robes and check thank you!


News Item12/6/04 1:11 AM
Walt | Michigan  
Yes, and GG is going to be after Chris, as his "strong Antichristian Catholic tradition" needs to be put in check. I'm just the Protestant and former Catholic to do the job!

Give me a year with him and like Norman and Chris he'll be running for the hills to escape my strong Christian wrath!!!

I'll be the first Covenanter in the world with a history of promoting violence, and Rome with her massive global power will retrieve GG from the hills and offer him miliatary protection.

Sounds like the basis for a new book from any of the Catholic Senators or Congressmen. That would be a money maker in the future and way to silence the Protestants once and for all...backed up, of course, with their Catholic military machine.


News Item12/6/04 12:55 AM
Chris M | Australia  
Ha, ha; see - Walt gets like me at times! Scary man... Better watch out you Catholtics!

News Item12/6/04 12:54 AM
Walt | Michigan  
Chris, are you ready, I'm coming after you next!?!

News Item12/6/04 12:09 AM
Chris M | Australia  
GG: I think Norman is a good man also but it seems Walt got to him with his unchristian and somewhat abrasive attitude and constant parroting of various man inspired texts. It happens unfortunately....

News Item12/5/04 9:34 PM
Gray Ghost | Dixie  
Norman was a nice guy. What happened to him to confuse him? Why did he leave the sermonline?

News Item12/5/04 4:39 PM
Walt | Michigan  
Hi Mike,

I reread that again as it was not my intention.

I meant to say that the person sounded like Christian who formerally (used to) post here named Norman, but he has since left us for greener pastures.

There was no evidence, to me, that Norman had rejected the gospel of Jesus Christ through public testimony or otherwise before he left this forum.

Mike, I'm not entirely sure that we are required to "read his heart" as you mention to determine if one is a Christian. Man has absolutely no warrant in Scripture to be able to read a persons heart and know whether they are a truly saved Christian. This final judgment is left to Jesus Christ and His Father alone.

However, we are able to judge a man by their fruits, their testimony, their doctrine, their worship, etc.

Our ability to faithfully judge another must be carefully done with biblical charity and love, not with a fleshly or impatient mind, but with a love for Christ, His Church and His revealed Will in the Scriptures.


News Item12/5/04 4:36 PM
Lance Eccles | Sydney, Australia  Contact via email
Wow! Full of Joy, you really sound full of joy.

News Item12/5/04 4:16 PM
Mike | New York  
Hi Walt,
Noticed your reference to Norman as a "former Christian." I take it you've read his heart? What is his sin, other than to question his own presuppositions? Aren't you noted for questioning the presuppositions of others?

Now that Norman is no longer a Christian in your view, what is he?


News Item12/5/04 2:21 PM
Full of joy !  
I thank my God, and my heart is full of joy, that He is Sovereign, and that brands have actually been plucked from the burnings, whilst sat in a carol service, which IS will worship, also that brands have been plucked from the burnings whilst been in a disgraceful charismatic meeting when all around are rolling on the floor, also that brands have been plucked from the burnings as they have sat in a place that is
partaking in the blasphemous mass, and that brands have been plucked from the burnings in a meeting of Satanists, and that brands have been plucked from the burnings from a gathering of Cultists.

He is mighty. He is able. He is sovereign ! THAT is what my post was all about !


News Item12/5/04 11:20 AM
Walt | Michigan  
Full of Joy,

Sure, sorry to intrude. I saw a few of your comments jump recently into others discussions and thought I would follow suit. But clearly, your comments were directed at Tony.

Are you familiar with Norman who used to post on this site? I notice you are new to the site. Welcome aboard! It is great to see some new people come in under cover without a formal name.

It appears over the past year or so this has become quite popular to post under an alias as I suspect it will keep away the Jesuits or Feds from knocking on your door in the middle of the night!

Agains, welcome aboard, Full of Joy!


News Item12/5/04 11:11 AM
Full of joy !  
Thankyou Walt, but with all due respect, i am sure Tony will be able to speak for himself.

News Item12/5/04 11:10 AM
Tony | Greenville, SC  
I agree that God uses all things(as He has ordained all things) for His own glory whether sinful or righteous. Yet, God's decree is known to himself and is not our rule for practice. God has given His gospel and His commandments to believe and obey.

As it relates to Christian liberty, christian liberty as it is known cannot lead to license or be a thing already unlawful that destroys the root of Christian liberty.(It is a liberty under gospel and law.)

Seeing as Christmas, is setting up another holy day in place of the Lord's day it is a direct violation of the 4th commandment. This day that we are now in to be the times especially in which we show mercy to others body and soul as we have opportunity in place and calling.

It also should be noted usually this giving and the like is often to people who wait for this season just so they can prosper in their sin. In the reverse, those who are giving are believing it is their duty to give during this time of year. As if the time of year, commanded things from them. As stated above in my first paragraph, God will use these things and yea even our own personal and private sin for His glory this doesn t give us a right for disobedience.

Fullofjoy, I had no intentions of villifying you. I hope I have not done so.


News Item12/5/04 11:08 AM
Walt | Michigan  
Full of Joy,

You sound like a former Christian who used to post here named Norman, but he has since left us for greener pastures.

Please be assured that God is Sovereign in the eyes of Tony, as I can attest to this truth as I know this man.

Certainly the Lord will be glorified during this season, but it will not be due to the majority who participate in this celebration season. He will be glorified by the remnant and faithful church who protest against this tradition of Rome and her daughters.

As you sit in your carol service, think about those who pray that you will repent for false worship and praise.

Drawing the distinctions between what is faithful worship of God and what is (or can be) the acts of unfaithful worship of God, or will-worship, is an important doctrine. Paul says:

"Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness? But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, ***but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you.*** Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness (Rom.6:16-18).


News Item12/5/04 10:36 AM
Full of joy !  
what you say is basically right, but do not forget that God is Sovereign, and straightens crooked ways, and how about reflecting on the (generally speaking) goodness of people ,in, say, giving to the poor at this season, or , a person being converted through the means of a text of scripture blessed by the Holy Spirit as they sit in a carol service!

Listen to Al Martin's series on Christian liberty, and you may have to start thinking a bit more deeply on just casting this pagan season to one side,and be glad when it is all over !

What i am trying to say is, God is glorified even in this season which has its roots in Paganism,AntiChrist religion,and Fantasy, because all things are ordained according to His purpose.

Now i expect to be villified from pillar to post ! I say again though, God is Sovereign and still on the throne despite this season !

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