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FRONT PAGE  |  5/14/2021
Choice News THURSDAY, SEP 18, 2003  |  20 comments
In Canada: 'Bible as hate speech' bill passes

Svend Robinson

Canada's House of Commons passed a controversial bill yesterday opposed by religious believers and free-speech advocates who say it will criminalize public expression against homosexual behavior.

The bill, passed 141-110, adds sexual orientation as a protected category in Canada's genocide and hate-crimes legislation, which carries a penalty of up to five years in prison.

"It's been a good week for equality in Canada," said the bill's sponsor, Svend Robinson, an openly homosexual member of Parliament.

The vote came just a day after MPs narrowly defeated a nonbinding motion reaffirming marriage is between a man and woman only. ...

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News Item4/26/04 11:25 PM
Dear God, may you give grace for many to repent for the sin of homosexuality. Otherwise, if it is your will, perhaps it is time to send strong judgment against the homosexual movement, such as sending a plague that targets homosexuals.

News Item4/26/04 11:10 PM
Homo-Terroism: This is what coming to the United States, and will come with the blessing of many "Christians".

News Item4/26/04 5:35 PM
Dominic | Texas  
I really cannot believe the outrushing of breath i experienced as what I read knocked it out of me.The Holy Bible,the Sacred Sciptures,relegated to the level of a criminality.Well,in a way I CAN believe it,considering what kind of animals are in control of the Country in Canada.I will tell you this much;if the same thing happens down here,they WILL have to put me in jail because I will NOT compromise with the Word Of God;I will tell them what it says about their willful wickedness,and if they do not like it---TOUGH!!!I obey God rather than men.

News Item10/10/03 2:50 AM
Colleen Kirkpatrick | Rialto, California  Contact via email
Isn't it funny how homosexuals make a blatant attempt to make the rest of the world accept their lifestyle, but if I or anyone else were to try and pass a law against their lifestyle they would fight to their dying breath and accuse me of passing my lifestyle on them? Why expect me to accept theirs? And people wonder why the world as we know it is going to hell in a hand basket (it literally is). I wish the homosexuals of this world would keep their lifestyle out of my world and quit hating me for being straight.

News Item9/29/03 1:27 AM
William Hill | British Columbia... Canada  Contact via email
What shocks me more than this disgusting Federal legislation, is the reaction by'd think this sort of thing never occurred in the past. The Bible is replete with a continuous stream of examples. The Church of Jesus Christ has been given a Kingdom mandate to not only persevere, but to destroy the very gates of Hell itself. Either believe what Jesus said in Matthew 28 (ALL POWER IS GIVEN ME IN HEAVEN AND EARTH), or pursue a so-called "Last Days" approach and look for a way to get out alive.....thank God the Apostles and Disciples did not entertain such nonsense! Closer examination of O.T and N.T scripture clearly spells out the Last Days as pertaining to the end of Israel as a nation and the supremacy of the Church. It's not the crisis we Christians face everyday that's important, rather it's how we respond to it. Are Christians hated? Of course...we've been Public Enemy No.1 since Genesis 3.....!!! Stiffen your resolve and be certain of your doctrine my beloved.

News Item9/27/03 11:49 AM
D M Stannard | Texas  Contact via email
There is a difference between Pure Democracy, where the people rule by marjority vote, something the early American founders were against, and Republican Democracy where the people elect representatives that vote for them. By this definition the United States is a Republican Democracy.

News Item9/27/03 1:50 AM
Lance Eccles | Sydney, Australia  Contact via email
I'm interested in Evelyn's statement that she hopes for the "return of Christ for His own in the rapture".

This, I guess, refers to belief in a pre-Tribulation Rapture. Is this something that Calvinists in general believe in?

If this is a topic that's previously been discussed in Sermonaudio's Surveys, could someone point me the way to finding the discussion?


News Item9/26/03 10:01 PM
evelyn | winnipwg  Contact via email
To the individual who wrote me to say I sounded discouraged--thankyou for your comments, but no, I'm not discouraged. The earthquakes, Jerusalem a cup of trembling, pestilences, the sexual perversion--these things are all a reminder that God means what He says. Luke 21:28..."when these things begin to come to pass, then lift up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws nigh." To know that my redemption draws nigh is not depressing. The return of Christ for His own in the rapture -- that is our blessed hope.

News Item9/26/03 5:27 PM
Don't want to go too far 'off message' here but though we may question Canada's democratic credentials, can it be described as a "republic"?

God save the Queen!


News Item9/26/03 3:50 PM
Robert Perry | Chaska MN  Contact via email
Mr. Klein, having read the whole article, it is clear to me that the title is not deceptive in the least. Believers who share those passages with homosexuals are being dragged into court already, and the new law does not appear to offer them any comfort. Tell someone of sin, go to jail.

One final note; Michelle, if you read the "Federalist Papers" that promoted the U.S. Constitution, you will learn that democracy and dictatorship are practically synonymns. The U.S. and Canada are not democracies; they are republics where the law is supposed to be the ultimate authority.


News Item9/26/03 1:39 PM
Frank Klein | USA  Contact via email
The 1300+ views your article received are only the result of an erroneous & deceptive heading. Canada's parliament only wants to protect people from hate crimes.
When someone misuses the inspired Word of God, out of context, to express hatred, it is more diabolical than homosexuality. Justifying the hatred with portions from Romans 1:26-31, lacks the correct orientation with the passage as revealed in the subsequent verses: Rom 1:32‚Äď2:4. It is the "goodness of God" that leads to repentance, and in accurate context, expresses His message of love
As Jesus handled the situation in John 8, with the woman caught in adultery, we should be imitators of Him. She was, according to our schoolmaster-Law, worthy of capital punishment; however, Jesus reminded her accusers that they too were worthy of death. He expressed His message of reconciliation to the woman. We should be constrained by His amazing love, and our message should be the same good news: 2Corinthians 5:14 ‚Äď 21.

News Item9/25/03 11:16 PM
Michelle | Vancouver  Contact via email
Please don't assume we're all slumbering. Approx 10,000 attended a Vancouver rally supporting traditional marriage. Canadian believers have prayed, fasted, visited our MPs,written, phoned, faxed, & e-mailed them, as well as contacting the Prime Minister's office, the Justice Minister's office, (some repeatedly) some have contacted MPs from many ridings other than their own. Yes, we've done battle in the spiritual realm & also been active in the physical. The gov't wouldn't listen. This isn't so much of a democracy as it is a dictatorship; we just get to elect which dictator we want.
There is a provision in this Bill that permits expressing points of view contrary to homosexuality if it's within a Scriptural context. Now in such conversations, Canadians will need to reference God's Word (which is sharper than any 2-edged sword. Heb.4:12).
Rather than complain about us, pray for Canada - the gov't, the citizens, believers, etc... & may His will be done.

News Item9/21/03 9:05 PM
evelyn | winnipeg  Contact via email
This has been a Romans 1 week in Canada.... 'Men with men', even the women leaving the natural...and of course the environmental craziness that abounds...we house one of the world centers for sustainable development (read 'new world order') here...and of course you know while it is ok to destroy a little boy or girl in the womb, or some teen murders a man and is imprisioned for one better not touch some protected little furry beastie (don't get me wrong--the more people I meet, tis true, the more I love my mutt--but I am not about to worship him!)
It may be that the Lord will allow persecution of Christians in Canada, as these new rules begin to take effect...but persecution is what strengthens Christians. God gives us grace as we need it. We must resolve ahead of time... Daniel was prepared...he had "purposed in his heart", and God gave him the strength.
Judgment also begins in the house of the Lord. Fence-sitting just tougher!

News Item9/21/03 1:27 PM
Charlie Miller | Toronto  Contact via email
Mere handfulls of Christians turned out to pray, protest and influence the vote on this bill. We Christians have none to blame but ourselves for allowing this to happen. The Canadian Church slumbers.

News Item9/20/03 5:29 PM
You can say that again, Stuart. Although many Christians emphasize over and over that it isn't the person, but the sin that must be dealt with, the media fails to tell this.

News Item9/20/03 11:25 AM
Joe | Canada  
I am a Christian Canadian and I am grieved at these new laws being introduced into my country, but it is a sign of the last days and there is a great departure from the faith, and one reason for this is the apostasy in churches that is so abundant in this land and have departed from the old paths. I do believe God is soveriegn and in control and that the sins and abominations of our leaders and those pushing for this will not go unjudged in the sight God. At the moment all I can do is pray that God would restore this country, sign petitions and write my members of parliment and be a good witness for Christ and his truth in the workplace, for true Bible believing Christians are becoming a growing minority everyday, hated, and mostly verbally persecuted more and more.

Psalms 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Luke 18:7-8 And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them? I tell you that he will


News Item9/20/03 11:18 AM
Doesn't the Bible say something about "blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake"?

News Item9/20/03 8:43 AM
Stuart Moore | Portsmouth, United Kingdom  Contact via email
So much for the democratic countries of the West, promoting free speech and expression. This is most likely the first of many bills to be passed which will eventually outlaw Christianity. It is only a matter of time before the USA and Europe adopt a simliar stance. People do not want to hear biblical truth because it will focus on their sin and lack of morality. The day will soon come when to stand up for what you beleive will mean an end to your own liberty.
If it is good enough for Paul and Peter, it must be right for us to remian steadfast and true.
Revelation 22 vse 20

News Item9/19/03 2:26 AM
I agree with you, Jim. How can someone say "It's been a good week"?
It isn't so good according to the Bible and from what history shows concerning this.

News Item9/18/03 7:41 PM
Jim spannagel | NEW HAMPTON, NEW YORK  Contact via email
I guess Canada is a step or two ahead of the US on the road to damnation.
Is there any evidence that Canadian Christians took a stand against this abomination?, or as here (in the USA), do they think that merely saying " I'm against it" matters?
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