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FRONT PAGE  |  5/23/2019
Choice News FRIDAY, JUN 27, 2003  |  12 comments
Sodomites Celebrate: Push for 'Marriage' in America

Crispin Hollings celebrates in San Francisco's Castro District following the Supreme Court ruling on Thursday, June 26, 2003, that struck down a Texas anti-sodomy law. The high court's 6-3 decision overturned not only the Texas statute but apparently swep

SAN FRANCISCO, June 26 — Gay men and lesbians poured into the streets today to celebrate a Supreme Court decision striking down or strictly limiting the country's last remaining sodomy laws in 13 states.

From Florida to Alaska, thousands of revelers vowed to push for more legal rights, including same-sex marriages.

Gay activists, many in tears, called the ruling the most significant legal victory in the gay rights movement, likening the decision to the seminal civil rights case, Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka, Kan. They predicted it would embolden the movement and, as in the segregation era, encourage more people to step forward and demand an end to prejudice.

"I feel like I have been walking six inches off the ground," said Kate Kendell, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, one of many gay and lesbian groups based here in San Francisco, where revelers ...

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News Item7/15/03 7:23 PM
Greg | Roseburg, Or.  Contact via email
To Trevor,from Sydney, and Jim Buescher from Rohnert Park, Ca. Just
to set the record straight, I think you have me confused with Chris who has written in defense of
the sin of homosexuality. If you
read my comment(posted 6-28-03)you
will notice that it was in response
to the evil of this lifestyle and how it will be judged along with all
the other unrepentent sinners at the
time of our blessed Lord's parousia!
To Him be all the praise and glory!

News Item7/4/03 3:51 PM
Jim Buescher | Rohnert Park, Ca.  Contact via email
Regarding Greg from Roseberg, Or.
We have agreed commonality in order to exist and communicate. Without language, where is communication? In that spirit, "we" look at Christ as HE appears, where? You say "God" loves you and your behavior, (homosexual, apparently). I say ok?! You speak of Jesus and by implication, at least, suggest HE approves of your behavior in the "Scriptures." If you base that belief on the Bible, approving your behavior, I have to disagree with your opinion that Jesus approves of homosexuality, as HE disapproves of adultery, fornication, idol worship, etc. I would also disagree that Jesus' Biblical message was simply, "love for all." He condemned the Pharasaic hypocrites, the money changers that perverted the Temple Worship, false traditions of man masquerading as GOD's ordinances, legalisms, and many other evils, if of course you take the Biblical basis for Christ. That is what freedom is all about, however, to believe what you like for you, without human punishment. Your speaking for the Biblical and historical Christ, however, comes up short when you say HE did not condemn behaviors nor "hate." To hate evil, (sin is clearly evil), is the beginning of wisdom, according to the Scriptures. If you dont stand for something, you'll fall for anything. We all have fallen short, without exception, and my falling short, will pnish me in ways peculiar to me. My job is to get in the mirror and see me, as I am and go to 1John1:9. If I am mistaken then, in my self inventory, by HIS Grace, in my hunger, (seeking), I believe that He will guide me to the truth. I cant see your inside so my "seeing", in this sense is for me. Legislating homosexualtiy as a tax recipiant, unfortunatly legitimizes sin. I'm Not for that.

News Item7/4/03 2:31 AM
Cameron Snoek | Sydney  Contact via email
Its the old problem between grace and truth. To those who love proving their biblical point I'd be wary of: John 8:7, Luke 6:37-42, Mark 10:38. To those who don't fear God and His whole law and the power of forgiveness through the death of His own begotten Son I'd be wary of: Matthew 5:17-20, John 10:9-11, John 14:6-9, John 3:16-17. And for both: John 12:48, and 1 Cor 15:13-19 As for people like me who think they are smart by giving comments should be wary of: Eph 4:15.

News Item7/1/03 10:35 PM
Tim & Karen Bean | Mt. Gilead, Ohio  Contact via email
Dear Chris,

Romans 1:27 - And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

Chris, don't cleave to false assurances of salvation if you're caught in a habitual life of sin. You're a sinner in need of repentance. Christian's are to hate sin and to turn away from it. Man's "Christianity" soothes and pacifies the sinner by telling him it's okay to live as the world does, that God loves the sinner, etc. True, God loves the sinner, but He loves a converted sinner who is truly seeking to obey His word and to live a holy separated life, as God is holy and we are to be as well.

Repent and turn away from this lifestyle. God is merciful to save your soul and has the power to free you from the bonds of this sin. I'll be praying for you.



News Item7/1/03 4:14 PM
Chris | Indianapolis  Contact via email
Dear Patrick-

Jesus is NEVER quoted in the Bible saying that He condemns homosexual behavior.

Please...don't pray for me. I don't want your prayers! "Repent, and sin no more" - that's an original thought - like I've never heard that before! Think for yourself, don't be dictated to or believe everything your "preacher" tells you!


News Item6/29/03 4:17 PM
Trevor | Sydney. Australia  Contact via email
To Greg. That is good that you pay your tax.And yes Jesus dose love you (but) he hates the act (sodomy)

News Item6/28/03 3:24 PM
Wylie Fulton | Foothills of the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina  Contact via email
GOD has spoken His mind concerning sodomy! Leviticus 20:13, "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." I have quoted the Word of God, and when in the Flesh Jesus Himself never contradicted the Old Testament Scriptures. May God have mercy upon our nation if it continues to approve and "celebrate" such! Why are not the preachers faithfully warning against these sins?

News Item6/28/03 1:23 PM
patrick | california  Contact via email
This is mainly for Chris. I was curious to see if you could tell me where in the Bible homosexuality is condoned. It matters not what the Church thinks, because the Bible is the plumb line not the opinions of men. Jesus would cleanse His defiled church from the very thing you are saying He agrees with. Brother you are in my prayers, as are homosexuals worldwide, and because I care, I have one word for you. Repent, and sin no more!

News Item6/28/03 11:40 AM
Chris | Indianapolis  Contact via email
As a gay man who has been in a committed relationship for more than 10 years, I rejoice in the decision of the supreme court. My partner and I have parents, brothers and sisters, friends and God who love us as we are and support the love we share.

We are hard working people who pay taxes to the government. Why shouldn't we receive the benefits of those taxes like others do in being able to file our taxes jointly, in receiving social security benefits in the death of our partner, in receiving health benefits from our employer (which more companies are doing all the time)?
What I can't figure out is why others are so consumed with criticism and hatred toward us. I have often observed that it is those who speak the loudest against gays and lesbians who are oppressed and "closeted" gays themselves who have to verbalize this hate in order to continue to repress their true feelings.

If Jesus were here today, would He act as some do by criticizing and hating others? Look at the scriptures and observe Jesus. He extended love to all in a calm and non-threatening manner.

As the song goes, "let peace begin with me"...let love begin with me. Work on your own spiritual growth. It's not about looking outward and critizing, it's about being all that God wants you to be. What positive, loving gifts do you have to share with others, instead of the negative and criticizing words?


News Item6/28/03 1:13 AM
Greg | Roseburg, Or.  Contact via email
For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating,drinking,
and giving in mariage(gay?),until the day that Noah entered into the
ark(Christ).And knew not until the flood came,and took them all away;so
shall the coming of the Son of Man be!

News Item6/27/03 3:47 PM
Keith | Brooklyn  Contact via email
This makes me sick. Son Of Man go through the cities and set a mark on those that sigh and cry because of the wickedness that is done in them.(Paraphrase)

News Item6/27/03 1:51 PM
msc | Idaho  Contact via email
Did you notice the sign the guy is holding in the picture: "Celebrate Sodomy." And what happened to the cities of Sodom and Gommorah because of their sodomy?
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