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News: SermonAudio Home | All | Religion | Society | Tech | Choice | Fridays | SA Newsroom
Page 1 ·  Found: 306 news items | Category: SERMONAUDIO
Monday, January 07, 2019
  • SermonAudio Tip: Broadcasters, Earn SA COINS With A Simple ReferralMonday, January 07, 20192Attention broadcasters! We'd like to introduce something we're calling SA COINS! It's an easy way to earn credits to reduce or even eliminate your monthly bill by simply...
  • Tuesday, January 01, 2019
  • Special Report: 2019 | Happy New Year from SermonAudio!Tuesday, January 01, 20194(Photo: Our SermonAudio staff photo with special guest, David Murray, at a recent Christmas dinner. We are grateful for another year of progress. We are grateful for this talented...
  • Sunday, December 23, 2018
  • SA Founder's Father, Ted Lee, Dies at 76Sunday, December 23, 201815A simple note of tribute from the founder of SermonAudio, Steven Lee, upon the death of his father. A much fuller tribute can be watched around the 26-minute mark of the funeral....
  • Friday, November 16, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: New Sermon Dashboard for Managing Sermons!Friday, November 16, 201823Attention all broadcasters! After many months of painstaking development, we are finally ready to launch our new Sermon Dashboard to manage your sermons in one unified interface....
  • Thursday, November 08, 2018
  • Special Report: 10,000 Gospels of John to Burlington NCThursday, November 08, 20183Greetings to all, We're happy to announce that 10,000 copies of the Gospel of John have been mailed to homes in the Burlington NC region courtesy of the host church, Salem...
  • Saturday, October 27, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: Fresh New Shirts, New Look, New Feel!Saturday, October 27, 2018Attention everyone! We've got some brand new t-shirts out! NEW design on a higher quality-feel material. A special thank you to Designs Unlimited who did such a fantastic job...
  • Thursday, October 11, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: Audio Upload Improvements & DevelopmentsThursday, October 11, 2018Attention broadcasters, Our team continues to work hard behind-the-scenes to revamp & strengthen our media infrastructure. It is extremely important to us that the delivery...
  • Thursday, September 20, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: Building a Better Sermon Video Player!Thursday, September 20, 20187Attention all users! As you know, we house over a million audio sermons and 100,000+ videos from 30,000+ speakers all over the world which can be enjoyed by streaming,...
  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • Special Report: Hurricane Florence - SA Broadcaster UpdateWednesday, September 12, 20189To our SA broadcasters, We are praying for you as you and your church prepare for Hurricane Florence. Although we do not know what path this storm will take, we believe that “He...
  • Friday, July 13, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: Beautiful New Piano Meditations!Friday, July 13, 20184Hello everyone! From time to time we come across something that is such a blessing to us personally, that we desire to share it with the rest of the public! This is such a case....
  • Thursday, June 21, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: Outreach Business Cards .. More Options!Thursday, June 21, 201828Attention USA Broadcasters! We make it easy to order 500 business cards professionally printed with your church information (taken from your SermonAudio homepage) to help with...
  • Saturday, May 26, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: Introducing the SermonAudio Listen Line!Saturday, May 26, 2018Attention all users! Not everyone has a smartphone. Not everyone even has Internet access. However, everyone has access to and can easily use a regular telephone. Even with the...
  • Wednesday, May 02, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: Amazon Echo .. Alexa, Open SermonAudio!Wednesday, May 02, 201816Attention all users! We're happy to announce that SermonAudio officially has support for the Amazon Echo family of devices, including, the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo...
  • Saturday, April 21, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: Sermon Search Is Now Better, Stronger, Faster!Saturday, April 21, 20183Attention all users! With over a million sermons in our library, searching for sermons can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. We've remade our search engine to be...
  • Friday, March 16, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: Embed Everything .. Ultimate Embed Code Editor!Friday, March 16, 20188Attention all users! Update 3/16/18! The embed editor has been refreshed yet again with an entirely new interface which is much easier to navigate. Some new features include...
  • Friday, March 09, 2018
  • Feedback Friday for 3-9-18Friday, March 09, 20182As I spoke with one of our SermonAudio broadcasters recently, he commented that he thought of our site in terms of the parable Jesus once told. “So is the kingdom of God, as if a...
  • Saturday, March 03, 2018
  • Special Report: SermonAudio & Our Position on Billy GrahamSaturday, March 03, 2018226“Truth is fallen in the streets.” — Isaiah 59:14 We feel compelled to make our position clear to our SermonAudio audience regarding the issue of Billy Graham with the...
  • Friday, March 02, 2018
  • Feedback Friday for 3-2-18Friday, March 02, 2018Not long ago I found myself exhausted in my body and weary in my soul. I read a verse that greatly encouraged me—one which I had never remembered pausing to consider. “For I have...
  • Monday, February 26, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: A SermonAudio Sign For Your Church!Monday, February 26, 2018Attention all users! Every so often we get feedback from people saying that they didn't even know their own church was on SermonAudio! I guess that makes sense since we don't...
  • Friday, February 16, 2018
  • Feedback Friday for 2-16-18Friday, February 16, 20188I enjoy watching the Olympics—not only to see great feats of athleticism but also to learn of the stories behind the athletes who compete. One athlete faced disappointing defeat...
  • Thursday, February 15, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: The Paperback Bible Makes the Bible Personal!Thursday, February 15, 2018Attention all users! We're pleased to announce the Paperback Bible! Available as free PDF downloads or as pre-printed, spiral-bound books by the box, we hope this new project...
  • Friday, February 09, 2018
  • Feedback Friday for 2-9-18Friday, February 09, 2018Vince Lombardi, the Hall of Fame coach of the Green Bay Packers, was notorious for his emphasis on fundamentals. His teams won championships because they could block, tackle, and...
  • Wednesday, February 07, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: Making the Sermon Player Great Again!Wednesday, February 07, 201841Attention all users! Update 2/7/18. The player has undergone a refresh! It sports some slick new animation when clicking the play button as well as redesigned elements. All...
  • Friday, February 02, 2018
  • Feedback Friday for 2-2-18Friday, February 02, 2018If you have been a Christian for very long, you know there are times when you sort of just go on “spiritual cruise control.” You speak Christian truth, serve faithfully, and...
  • Friday, January 26, 2018
  • Special Report: The Battle for Genesis as History — AgainFriday, January 26, 20187A ONE-NIGHT EVENT IN THEATERSTHURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22 ONLY “I had the great privilege of seeing this film last year and was thrilled with the production quality and heart of the...
  • Feedback Friday for 1-26-18Friday, January 26, 2018At the core of SermonAudio is the transmission of the Word of God from godly broadcasters to eager listeners. We are thankful for those who humbly hear the Word as well as those...
  • Special Report: SermonAudio Partners with VCY AmericaFriday, January 26, 2018Attention all users! SermonAudio has partnered up with popular radio network VCY America to deliver even more Christian programming content conveniently through our primary site...
  • Friday, January 19, 2018
  • Feedback Friday for 1-19-18Friday, January 19, 2018Psalm 119 is the most extensive affirmation of the authority and sufficiency of Scripture! Expanding on the teaching of Psalm 1, it is the "Mount Everest" of all the psalter. In...
  • Monday, January 15, 2018
  • SermonAudio Tip: Introducing the SermonAudio Fire Tablet Edition!Monday, January 15, 2018Attention all users! We're happy to announce a completely new-and-improved native SermonAudio app written specifically for Amazon Fire Tablet users! Listen to sermons, watch...
  • Friday, January 12, 2018
  • Feedback Friday for 1-12-18Friday, January 12, 20181In my OT Bible reading this year, I have been struck by the emphasis Scripture writers put on the nations. For example, in Genesis 12 God promises that through Abraham “all the...
  • Friday, January 05, 2018
  • Feedback Friday for 1-5-18Friday, January 05, 2018Most major cities around the world usually feature various monuments that remind passers-by of significant milestones in our history. One book of the Bible mentions seven...
  • Thursday, January 04, 2018
  • Special Report: 2018 | Happy New Year from SermonAudio!Thursday, January 04, 20186(Photo: Our SermonAudio staff photo with special guest, Steve Pettit, at a recent Christmas dinner. We have assembled a small group of very talented individuals that seek to use...
  • Friday, December 29, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 12-29-17Friday, December 29, 2017At the end of each year, many of us evaluate where we currently find ourselves in many areas of life and where we want to be a year from now. Perhaps the most soul-searching...
  • Friday, December 22, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 12-22-17Friday, December 22, 2017One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is singing the carols! I'm sure you have your own favorite carols as I do. While some of carols invite us into parts of the story...
  • Friday, December 15, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 12-15-17Friday, December 15, 2017Christmas is a season of lights as we think of the angels filling the skies outside Bethlehem and the star which led the wise men to the Christ. Balaam through the dim light of...
  • Friday, December 08, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 12-08-17Friday, December 08, 2017The Apostle John describes the incarnation of Jesus Christ as follows: “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only...
  • Friday, December 01, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 12-01-17Friday, December 01, 20171Charles Spurgeon described Psalm 84 as one of the most sweet of the psalms of peace.” The psalmist mentions three categories of people who are blessed by God. "Blessed are they...
  • Friday, November 24, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 11-24-17Friday, November 24, 2017You have likely heard about how you can pray through a passage of Scripture, but have you ever thought about thanking God through a passage of Scripture. I did this a few days ago...
  • Sunday, November 19, 2017
  • SermonAudio Tip: Say Hello To Our SermonAudio Android TV Edition!Sunday, November 19, 20172Attention all users! We're happy to announce new and easy way to listen to sermons, watch videos, and tune into live webcasts on SermonAudio -- instantly! All without a PC and...
  • Friday, November 17, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 11-17-17Friday, November 17, 20171“Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1 Thessalonians 5:16–18. These directives are...
  • Friday, November 10, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 11-10-17Friday, November 10, 2017When Paul gives specific instructions for gospel churches he begins with an emphasis on prayer: “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions,...
  • Thursday, November 09, 2017
  • Special Report: Pastors Appreciation Luncheon, GreenvilleThursday, November 09, 20172Greetings, The staff at SermonAudio greatly enjoyed the privilege of hosting our first ever Pastors Appreciation Luncheon overlooking beautiful downtown Greenville, SC on...
  • Monday, November 06, 2017
  • SermonAudio Tip: SermonAudio iPhone + iPad Edition v4.4.4!Monday, November 06, 2017116Attention all users! We're very happy to announce a revolutionary new way to listen to sermons, watch videos, and access other resources on -- instantly! All...
  • Friday, November 03, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 11-03-17Friday, November 03, 20171“O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;” (Psalm 63:1). Few other...
  • Friday, October 27, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 10-27-17Friday, October 27, 20172The last of the five solas of the Reformation is Soli Deo Gloria, to the glory of God alone! “For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever....
  • Sunday, October 22, 2017
  • SermonAudio Tip: Daily Devotional With McCheyne's Bible ReadingSunday, October 22, 2017Attention all users, Did you know that our Daily Devotional section on the site not only contains Spurgeon's Checkbook and Morning & Evening but you can also conveniently pull up...
  • Friday, October 20, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 10-20-17Friday, October 20, 2017Faith is being fully persuaded that God has the power to do what He promises. Paul declared unashamedly, “The just shall live by faith!” (Romans 1:17) This text changed Martin...
  • Friday, October 13, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 10-13-17Friday, October 13, 20171As Christians celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this month, we do well to remember that this was a time when there was a rediscovery or re-emphasis of God's...
  • Wednesday, October 11, 2017
  • SermonAudio Tip: Live Video Webcasting with Wide Platform Support!Wednesday, October 11, 2017Attention all broadcasters! We are excited to present to our broadcasters a completely flexible and affordable solution for LIVE VIDEO WEBCASTING that's easy to use and supports...
  • Friday, October 06, 2017
  • Feedback Friday for 10-06-17Friday, October 06, 2017Pastor John MacArthur wrote, ““What the Christian gospel is, is simply this: all the answers you need for time and eternity are in Christ. All the answers for your soul, all the...
  • Page 1 ·  Found: 306 news items | Category: SERMONAUDIO

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