Praise Ye Jehovah
Author: Bob Jones, Jr. 1911-1997
Musician: Dwight Gustafson, b. 1930

Praise ye Jehovah, Who from the beginning
What He established in mercy maintains.
Founding, providing, protecting, abiding,
Praise to the Saviour Who constant remains.

Praise ye Jehovah, for heroes before us—
Battlescarred victors at rest from the fray.
Praying, contending, proclaiming, defending,
Faith of our fathers we will not betray.

Praise ye Jehovah, Who like as a father
Comforts our sorrows and quiets our fears.
Chast'ning, restraining, forgiving, sustaining,
From the beginning to fullness of years.

Praise ye Jehovah, from furnace of testing,
Fierce though the fire, the Saviour walks there.
Loving, beholding, preserving, enfolding,
From the beginning till He shall appear.

Praise ye Jehovah, for glories awaiting,
Prizes He giveth and crowns to be won.
Claiming, progressing, obtaining, possessing,
All He has promised through Jesus the Son.