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Katherine's fifth month

December 2008
Katherine's fifth house

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Home for Christmas • 12/27/2008

2 video clips | in this album:

Funny grandp­ar­ents

Play­ing with daddy

32 photos | in this album:

Early morn­ing ent­ert­ainm­ent

Chr­istmas morn­ing

Going to Grandma Wee's house.

Bring on the grub!!

My grandp­ar­ents are the funn­iest

Kath­er­ine gett­ing comf­ort­able with our guests

Pastor Mike with the Rapt­or's ann­ouncer

The Thorb­urns

That's me hold­ing the "210".

I'm 5 months old!!

couch potato

self-f­am­ily portr­ait

Photo shoot with teddy

We don't pay teddy enough for these photo shoots

Taking off in grandm­a's new car

Our tree

Look­ing in from the entr­ance

Living room

Dining room

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