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Katherine's fourth month

November 2008
Katherine's fourth month

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Sing­ing San to kee with the family

25 photos | in this album:

We're not big on Hall­ow­een, but it's hard to resist an opp­ort­un­ity to...

We got this outfit from my friend in Fresno.

We got this outfit from my looooong-t­ime friend in Kans­as.

Baby ded­ic­at­ion and 100th day

What a ham!!

Quite poss­ibly our first family pict­ure.

Fourth month photo shoot with teddy.

What was that you wanted me to do?

I just like her expr­ess­ion in this pict­ure.

Like the shirt says...I want lots of kiss­es.

Expl­or­ing the exers­auc­­at's what they are call­ed, right?

Attack of the drool monst­er.

Blow­in' bubbles

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