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Jessica's Sixth Month (10/03)

October 2003
Jessica's Sixth Month (October 2003)

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I'm 5 months old!!!!


Me and my buddy, Teddy.

It's fun chas­ing mommy!!

Sitt­in' pretty

Danc­in' on the table. :)

Steps like these req­uire a lot of conc­entr­at­ion.

Roll­ing on my side.

Out at the clubh­ouse with mom.


Batht­ime is my fav­or­ite time. :)

Is it time to wash my hair, yet?

Mommy's little angel

Having fun with grandma.

Rel­ax­ing in the shade with dad.

Give me a "J"!

Give me an "E"!!

Being a baby is not easy.

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