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May 2008

May 2008
Cousin Stella's graduation, mother's day, and random pictures

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cousin stella grad­uat­ion BJA on May 1, 2008!!!

stella and her budd­ies

stella and daddy

stella and zac

stella and her rel­at­ives

zac walk­ing betw­een grandma and grandpa lee

a church member also grad­uat­ing from BJA

nielsen bunch

josh with his mom and little bro (who's act­ually tall­er)

pick­ing acorns...

putt­ing them on his head.

pick­ing flow­ers

who's that?

whatcha doing?!

mmmmmm...d­el­ic­ious after a great meal for moth­er's day.

will he share with grandma lee?


brain freeze


i want that one!

i got me JELLO

peter and steph­anie

look­ing ident­ical



still pray­ing

ah ya ya

how many more pict­ures

breakf­ast at Ryans for moth­er's day

zac talk­ing to uncle peter and grandma choi

choi family

zac trying to get away from uncle pet­er's beard

the choi boys giving my a hug...p­oor mom., but she is loved. (note: t...

zac's new floaty

chill­ing with a drink

daddy made a desk for zac. this is before all the prim­ing and paintin...

front view

back view

side view

and thr­ough out this whole time of taking the pict­ures he lined up his...


after prim­ing and paint­ing side view

front view

more front view

back view

zac loves his new desk

check out my belly

our little "monk" in daddy's t-sh­irt


trying to crawl away real quick

slobb­ery cheese


sitt­ing on his "thr­one"

read­ing book while grandpa reads what­ever is on his comp­uter

Zac with Uncle Isaac

watch­ing tv tog­ether

really bumm­ing

Str­etch­ing with daddy

more str­etches

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