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september and october pics 2008

October 2008
zac turned 2!!!

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Zac is 2!!! • 10/31/2008

72 photos | in this album:

Study­ing with dad

just chill­ing

chatt­ing on the phone

the wheels on the bus go round and round...

whatcha look­ing at?

ready to eat a "meal"

zac chill­ing with uncle sam who came for a quick visit!

comp­uter time!

zac with cousin rhoda from canada

one of zac's snapsh­ots

zac loves taking pict­ur­es!

still trying to take pict­ures

zac needs to be a little tall­er...m­aybe a lot taller

zac upset having the camera taken away

play­ing with ball­oons at uncle pet­er's house



tapp­ing his ball­oon so it will sing...s­ung by Elmo

enj­oy­ing the birthday tune


when can i eat it?

birthday kiss

open­ing his first birthday gift

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