New Hope Reformed Fellowhsip
Pastor- Rev. D. J. Vander Klok  |  Dorr, Michigan@ Byron Road & 142 nd ST
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April 2006
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary- Dr. Joel Beeke: President. The halls of divinity

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PRTS at night of ded­ic­at­ion, 12/21/04

Rev. D. J. Vander Klok and Dr. Hywel R. Jones at ded­ic­at­ion of PRTS

Dr. Hywel R. Jones preach­ing the Word at PRTS

Dr. J. R. Beeke; Pres­id­ent of PRTS and prof­essor of Ref­ormed Dogm­at­ics

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nobel at PRTS ded­ic­at­ion

Mr. and Mrs. Hywel Jones at PRTS Ded­ic­at­ion

A glor­ious rev­el­at­ion of God's hand­iw­ork at PRTS

Pastor Vander Klok preach­ing God's holy Word

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