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Katherine's Ninth Month

May 2009
Katherine's Ninth Month

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Month Nine • 5/2/2009

5 video clips | in this album:

Sing­ing and drumm­ing to the beat

Sing­ing and danc­ing

Kiss­ing her teddy bear

Razz­ing on the teacup

Ball­oon Enc­ounter

49 photos | in this album:

Danc­ing with her dogg­ie.

Easter Sunday

Yum, purple eggs, my fav­or­ite!


Watch­ing her new Baby Einst­ein video

Read­ing her Bible

Look what I caught!

Sing­ing flow­ers

Scoot­ing back

She loves to stand

and drum...

Lift­off pos­it­ion

Her buddy, Andr­ew, came for a brief visit

She loves her Jac­ob!!

How do I get that video to play again?

Pract­ic­ing the splits

She finds this train der­ailm­ent funny.

Two new budd­ies, Zach­ary and Connor

Can you twist your tong­ue?

Oh boy, ball­oons!!!!

Everyth­ing gets kissed these days.

Vis­it­ing Jess­ica on her 6th birthd­ay.

This is SOOOO not fair.

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