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Summer/Fall 2009

December 2009
Summer/Fall 2009

93 photos | in this album:

Fun in the Sun

Fun at the Toste house in Fresno

Pick­ing alm­onds

These are cool

Cal­if­ornia State Fair (why is every­one laugh­ing?)

A giant teddy bear

Bigf­oot has been found!!

A cool exh­ibit about San Franc­isco made out of toothp­icks

The Sacr­am­ento Zoo

A nice view of the tiger - Kath­er­ine was so exc­ited to see the big kit...



What a web

On our way to meet the Tostes at Pismo Beach

Kokko (Kath­er­in­e's word for bird)

Kon Tiki - our hotel

Stairs lead­ing to the hotel

Kokko everywh­ere - Kath­er­in­e's par­ad­ise

Loving our room and the view

At the playgr­ound

Chas­ing Kokko

SO exc­it­ed!!

Tostes hunt­ing for sand doll­ars

The caves were fun

The man in the rock

The Cracked Crab - yummmm

Bye bye, Pism­o...w­e'll be back to play again

Adm­ir­ing the vastn­ess of the sand dunes

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