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Dr. James M. Phillips | Tehachapi, California & Fish Lake Valley
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Online Audio Ministry
Fish Lake Valley Nevada 89010
& Tehachapi, California 93561
Discover The Word With DR. Jim .com Online Ministry
P.O.Box 121
Dyer, Nevada, 89010
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Albums | Thumbnails
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Dr. James M. Phillips& Family 2

November 2009
This is an extension of the photo album of Dr. James M. Phillips AKA as N7IU family & friends This album is mainly made up of the ham radio family of the 3913 Bunch that has been meeting for the last 30+ years on 3913 lsb. Dr. Jim set up this album so the members could enjoy looking at the people they are talking with on ham radio. There have been over 290K hits on this photo album alone. The website got its beginning right here in this group of people. Dr. Jim's writings and hundreds of his Bible lessons are on the internet. Enjoy the pictures and listen to some Bible lessons. Dr. Jim talks about his Chickasaw Indian heritage in many of his classes telling wild stories about his great great grandfather Sam Paul and others in his American Indian family roots. There are pictures of many of those in his Indian family roots in this photo section. God Bless ministry.

222 photos | in this album:

The lucky conf­er­ate sold­ier's belt buckl­e..550 diam­eter bull­et. The ri...

Jim n7iu inst­all­ing the power supply in his new amp Alpha 8100. Jim. N...

Jim n7iu & Mar­ilyn kg6tbo part of the 3913 bunch.

Jim n7iu teach­ing Hebrew in one of his classs­es.

Joe w5wbt and Karen. Joe is one of the faithful 3913 bunch . He is on...

This is on of the 3913 far south memb­ers Chris 9y4d On Trin­idad off of...

Stan wb7okn


Larry KD6NSA, Irma and Mar­ilyn at Jim's n7iu having dinn­er.

Denny K1IY Ariz.

Fred n0ibd

Hal wg7z Ariz.

Harold K7OOS

Larry kd6nsa @ Jim n7iu's radio. Doesn't he look happy.

John K7JON Las Vegas one of the old 3913 bunch.

Ed k9hss and Melody in Phill­ips Wisc.

Bruce Ke7lgd and his friend Angela shoot­ing.

Stan wk6k

Bruce ke7lgd Utah

Jim Mar­ilyn, Dian and Jim's brother Jim Phill­ips

Leo K9leo

Al n7ud

Keith w5ypk in Fort Smith Ark. Keith has been a reg­ular on the 3913 bu...

Bruce ke7lgd and his wife Joyce.

Ron ni7j builder of the scorp­ion ant.

Keith w5ypk Fort Smith , Ark.

W6pug Doug and fam­ily.

1951 Pack­ard Patr­ic­ian 4oo Jim gave this car the name Anast­as­ia. becau...

another 1951 Pack­ard Patr­ic­ian 400 Mar­ilyn's baby.

Don kq6ca & wife Jackie ke7tnu one of the long lost but now found 3913...

Gino ka7h­am.

Jim n7iu & Dak­otah @ dustb­owl days in Arvin 10, 2009.

Jim speak­ing @Fairfax SBC.11-1-2009.

Rick w0ric & Kim

Kim & Rick W0RIC in HI.

Rick W0RIC

Mike n7xsl & Pat @ Jim n7iu's qth. One of the old 3913 bunch.

Rick w0ric Molly and Gordon from Alpha amp.

Jim n7iu in his shack talk­ing to the 3913 bunch.

Gary, Jim & Bill Paul at Jim's N7iu Oct­ober 2009.

Dak­otah , Bill & Cindy Paul Jim n7iu, and Jason Phill­ips.

Bill & Cindy Paul @ Jim n7iu's house Oct­ober 9-12-2009

Sam Paul Jim n7iu's great great grandf­ath­er. The famous marshal in Ind...

Jim n7iu ass­embl­ing as Alpha 8100 amp. Oct­ober 2009.

Brent ve7ren

Cindy & Bill Paul @ Jim n7iu's house having dinner and vis­it­ing. !0-10...

Hal wg7z ariz.

Jim n7iu's cousin (Double cous­in) Willie Paul's son the former Sen­ator...

Jim n7iu talk­ing to the 3913 bunch.

Jim Ross KF7FGN Ariz.

Jim KJ7VO and his family in Utah. Ethan, Jim, Joy and Shani.

KJ7Vo Jim & his fam­ily. T. J., Bail­ey,Sh­ani, Jim KJ7Vo, wife Joy, Trev...

Dave K7SIA in his shack. Mont­ana.

K7SIA Dave & his buddy Alex.

Dak­otah 12-2-2009 Birthday Bill & Cindy Paul sent Dak­otah a vase of f...

Dak­ot­ah's flow­ers from Bill & Cindy Paul for her birthd­ay. 12-2-2009

Dak­ot­ah's smily face panc­ake breakf­ast. 12-2-2009

Jim vis­ited Don WA6NBT sev­eral times over the years and this is Jim N7...

Jerry N9IPH Jerry is one of the long time 3913 bunch. He is a ret­ired...

Archie K9VQR and Steve the Frito band­ito

Howard NT8Q one of the 3913 bunch

This is a photo of Dr. Jim's Uncle Buck Paul's son Bill Paul and the s...

Saul ke7fpm in Mont­ana. Saul is one of the faithful the 3913 bunch. We...

This is Joe kb9vku and his young­est son Ean. Joe is Ed k9hss's son. We...

Joe kb9vku & his son Colin

This is James Ashl­ey's boyfr­iend and Ed k9hss's grandd­aughter Arianne.

THis i s a photo of Colin Joe kb9vk­u's son and a blackb­ear he shot. Jo...

This is another pict­ure of Ed k9hhs's grandch­ildren and the Bear that...

Bruce ke7lgd when he was in Vietn­am. Thanks bruce for your serv­ice to...

Bruce one of the 3913 bunch when he was hustl­ing the 6 meter radio in...

Jim n7iu at his radio stat­ion 1-6-2010 both alpha amps are in the pict...

Jim with both Yaesu 1000d's and both Alpha ampl­if­iers.

Jim n7iu @ his radio stat­ion 1-6-2010.

Here is a new member of the 3913 bunch Jeff w7nee. Welc­ome aboard Jef...

Dr. Jim n7iu 1965.

k9hss quad ant­enna.

Ed k9hss ant­ennas in the ice.

Ed's ant­ennas k9hss ant­enna farm in the ice.

Bob wb7cam near Verdy river Az.

Alan Wilson ke4nu one of the long time swl of the 3913 bunch. Alan eve...

Chris w8wrl one of the midw­est 3913 bunch.

A view of Jim n7iu's qth near old Riv­er,Ca.

A new Photo of Jim K0jim N.D.

Rick kb6ght & Family

Mike kb9rbl & Kim his wife Wisc.

Mike kb9rbl's qth in Wisc.

K9CAW Lee Port­age, Ind­iana & his grands­ons.

Mike kb9rbl's frozen tower. Wisc.

Ron k6wlc, Jay kg6 and Jim n7iu at Jim n7iu's hou8se 2-27-2010

Steve ka0emd in Co. Welc­ome to the 3913 bunch Steve.

This is a photo of the Rick's w0ric mob­ile. The flawl­ess inst­al­at­ion o...

This is a photo of one of the 3913 bunch in the Midw­est Rich kb0­oki. W...

One of the Midw­est 3913 bunch, How­ard.W8HSJ

This is one of the long time 3913 bunch Bob wa7kqo & Phyllis n7asx Th...

Robert WA7KQO in Jim n7iu's shack 3-2010

Bob wa7kqo, Jim n7iu and Phyllis n7azx at Jim & Mar­ilyn's 3/2010

Phyllis n7azx, Mar­ilyn kg6tbo & Bob wa7kqo at Jim n7iu's qth 3-22&23,2...

This is the Paul mans­ion in Pauls Valley Okl­ah­oma. That second story b...

One of our recent add­it­ions to the 3913 bunch Doug N6DWI. Doug also sh...

Dave k7sia and his wife Arlene vis­it­ing at Jim & Mar­ilyn's 4-21-2010.

This is another book about Dr. Phill­ips' fam­ily. This book is about Bi...

This is a pict­ure of the Famous Wilber 4-28-2010. She pulled a worn ou...

Welc­ome to the 3913 bunch Art wa6am. It is good to have you aboard eac...

5-21-2010 Mike w6hdv, Ed KJ6K­AU, and Jim n7iu at Jim's stat­ion. Mike...

Russ nk6r, Jim n7iu and Denise Russ' wife at the Diaz Lake get tog­ethe...

Charles Turner k6aru of Turner electr­on­ics. Charles id one of the occa...

Jim play­ing his guitar and Dak­otah at Lake Diaz may 2010 near Lone Pin...

This is one of our 3913 bunch all the way from the Atl­antic ocean. kb2...

Dak­otah Phill­ips ki6kiw class [ict­ure 6-2010.

Jim has told of the stor­ies of having the match shooter battl­es. Well...

Jim n7iu and Gary Harw­ell shoot­ing trap in Jim's backy­ard. 6-17-2010.

This is a pair of the famous spoke guns that Jim n7iu has talked about...

The Scouts Horse by Dak­otah Phill­ips

Bruc­e's latest pict­ur­eof his new shack. Ke7lgd.

This is a pict­ure of a guitar Jim n7iu built in 1976. Gary kd6qms now...

Milv­erton w9mms vis­it­ing Jim n7iu 7-10-2010 Milv­erton is one of the 39...

Milv­erton w9mms in front of Jim n7iu's qth with the 18 wheel mobile we...

Milv­erton w9mms one of the 3913 bunch at Mar­ilyn's kg6tbo table being...

Jim n7iu with his former stepdad Jim Greenl­ee. Jim just bought Jim n7i...

This is our furth­est south­ern 3913 bunch vis­itor BP vu3bpz from and sc...

This is a cap and ball duel­ing pistol that blew up in Jim n7iu's hand...

This is a photo of 4 torn­ados runn­ing side by side just south of Jim n...

This is the orig­inal Fish Lake in Fishl­ake Valley Nev­ada. This was a p...

Well here is the pict­ure Bruce Ke7lgd req­uest­ed. This is a pict­ure of...

This is a pict­ure of Dak­otah sign­ing our wedd­ing cert­if­ic­ate as a witn...

Ed K9hss One of the orig­inal 2913 bunch.

Bruce ke7lgd and Tony kf7dlq Utah. Two of the 3913 bunch.

Rich­ard k8cyk one of the 3913 bunch and the 7.220 bunch.

Mike ad7mb and Jim n7iu in Jim's shack in Old River, Ca. 9/25/2010

Mar­ilyn's 1st place award for her paint­ing in the Kern County fair Sep...

Dak­ot­ah's 4th place pict­ure at the Kern County fair Sept­ember 2010.

Bruce Ke7lgd and Angela in South West Utah. Part of the 3913 bunch

A pict­ure of Bill Paul co/­author of the Shadow of an Indian Star and t...

This is George WI7E out of Utah. George has been a long time list­ener...

Dak­otah ki8kiw wear­ing her cost­ume for Valley Bapt­ist Church cost­ume p...

Jim n7iu wear­ing a hat that Bruce ke7lgd sent to him. Native Pride. Th...

Bill Kirby, Phyllis Phill­ips and Jim Phill­ips at Grandv­eiw turn­out on...

Dale Reml­ing and Jim Phill­ips with their awards from Lamont Ca. Rodeo...

Dr. Jim stand­ing beside the petr­oglyph that he stood beside in the new...

Gary Phill­ips in his Sherrif unif­orm 1988.

This is a newsp­aper art­icle that was written about Jim while he lived...

This is #2 part of Newsp­aper atr­icle about Jim n7iu when he klived in...

Another newsp­aper art­icle about Jim n7iu the #3 part.

To those of you who have read Shadow of an Indian Star here is a pictu...

Jim n7iu after the racoon attack 11-18-2010. Dr. Jim Coon Hunt­ing in h...

One of the old time 3913 bunch Jerry in Reno, NV. ka7cjl

Jim n7iu and Rich kb0oki at N7iu's qth 12-10-2010. Rich came all the w...

Rich kb0oki and his wife Beth having breakf­ast at jim n7iu's qth 12-10...

James Monroe Phill­ips jr

Tec­umseh McCl­ure Dr. Jim's great Uncle. also Sam Paul's half broth­er.

Dr. Jim's grandch­ildren Jason and Jayme Phill­ips and 2 budd­ies Lucky L...

Scorp­ion ant­enna Ni7j sent to Jim n7iu. We know this is not the best i...

Scop­ion ant­enna built by ni7j Ron inst­alled on Jim n7iu's motor home.

Mike, Ed,S­ean,K­ar­en, vis­it­eing with Jim n7iu on Chr­istmas day 2010.

Mike w6hdv and family at Jim n7iu's for Chr­istmas Lunch. 12-25-2010

Jim n7iu's family Chr­istmas Eve. Dinn­er.

Connie Linn one of Jim;s stud­ents that he tut­ored all the way thr­ough...

This is Connie Linn one of Jim's coll­ege stud­ents that he tut­ored for...

Gary & Lisa Phill­ips & family in Holl­and Mich.12 2010

Jim & Doris long time memb­ers of the 3913b­unch wa6khg and kc6cwp. Welc...

Mar­ilyn's latest paint­ing of Fishl­ake valley lake. Jim's birthday pres...

One of the long time 3913b­unch Ray wa9sxj.

I don't usually put up a lot of ant­enna pict­ures but here is a real ne...

Dutch ky0r and his wife Carol. Welc­ome to the 3913 bunch.

Dak­ot­ah's new car a merc­ury 2003 , Her 1st car 2-10-2011.

Dak­ot­ah's new car.

dust storm Feb. 2011 at n7iu qth

Dust storm Feb. 2011 @n7­iu's qth

Car in Garage after dust storm. Fdeb. 2011

This is Becky Paul ve7­eix's daught­er. Becky lives in Texas and her mot...

A Pict­ure Of Jennie Tolb­ert Paul Sam Paul's wife from the book Shadow...

Jim n7iu and Sooner his best coondog About 1966.

This is Jim n7iu's grandm­other and grandf­ath­er. The ones who raised hi...

Larry kd6nsa Jim n7iu and Jimmy Phill­ips Sept 1988.

burley Wilb­urn & Jim Phill­ips n7iu 1970's

Jim & Teri Phill­ips' wedd­ing pict­ure Sept. 1988.

This is Joe kc6nfv a long time member of the 3913 bunch. Joe list­ens a...

This is a photo of George Paul Dr. Jim's cous­in. One of the great­est B...

Dak­ot­ah's grad­uat­ion party for the I T Acad­emy May 2011. This is Dakot...

Dak­iotah rec­eiv­ing her gold medal grad­uat­ion award 5-10-2011

This is a pict­ure of Fred Coulter ki6­ukf. Fred is a member of the 3913...

Fred Coulter ki6ukf one of the 3913 bunch at Jim n7iu's radio room 5-2...

Dak­ot­ah's High School dipl­oma that she just earn­ed. The gold seal to t...

Dak­otah ki6k­iw's gold medal for grad­uat­iong from the Inf­orm­at­ion Techn...

Dak­otah Suz­anne Phill­ips grad­uat­ing from High School 6-1-2011

This is the young Lak­otah Indian boy who at a very young age killed Cu...

This is the Afr­ican Lion claw neckl­ace Jim n7iu made for his old Frien...

Steven Reagan and Dak­otah Phill­ips @ Jim n7iu's house 7/28/2011.

Jim N7IU % Mar­ilyn KG6TBO @ Dak­ot­ah's 1st day Conv­oc­at­ion @ CSU Bakers...

Jim n7iu, Mar­ilyn kg6tbo , Dak­otah ki6kiw & Steven with 500 others in...

Jim n7iu Seth and Jenn­if­er. Seth & JENN­IFER HAVE BEEN LONG TIME SHORTW...

This is one of the 3913's long time list­en­ers and som­et­imes vis­it­ors....

Here is Paul VE7­EIX's Obit­uary June 17,1939-N­ov.30,2011 It is with gre...

Rock is a long long time member of the 3913b­unch but we have just gott...

This ione of our long time list­en­ers and now part of the 7.220 bunch a...

This is a photo of Al Cap­on­e's 1928 Cad­ilac that Ed k9hss's father fix...

This is one of our new memb­ers of the 3913b­unch Les KG6­IDR. Les welcom...

Dr. Jim N7IU at the Footh­ill High School turn­ing 65 Birthday Party May...

Dr. Jim N7IU's Engl­ish teacher Mr Kum­elos sitt­ing next to Mar­ilyn KG6T...

This is a photo of Hattie Jane Paul Stew­art Russ­ell and her son Athur...

Star and Charlie the LLamas now friends after the wild fiasco when Cha...

This is the famous tropy room of Dr Jim's friend Photi. As you can see...

This is how our load signal out of Fort Meyers Flor­ida gets to Cal­ifor...

This is one of our new memb­ers of the 3913b­unch Al W6DLY. Al Welc­ome t...

Marily KG6TB­O's new paint­ing of the fish­ing boat in Alaska.

This is an old photo of Dr. Jim's fam­ily. His Great Grand mother Hatti...

This is a pict­ure of Sarah and Jul­iana Lamb­ert. Sarah was Dr. Jim's gr...

This is a pict­ure of Dr. Jim's great great great grandm­other Elat­eecha...

Joe W9YZS and Lori KB9CMF. Joe and Lori have been very long time membe...

This is a photo of Clayton W6CEC and his wife. Clayton is a dir­ector a...

This is a pict­ure of Sarah Anne Lilly Smith Pauls's last wife that he...

This is a photo of Smith Paul and Sarah Anne 's Daughter Tamsey Paul....

This is a very early photo that was found of Smith Paul.This photo mu...

This is a Photo of Lah­oma, Willie Paul's daughter and Dr. Jim's cousin...

Alex K6afs, Mar­ilyn kg6tbo, Patr­ic­ia, Will kj6jka. Dec­ember 2017

12-2-1992 Dak­ot­ah's 25th birthd­ay. Dr. Jim was talk­ing on 3913 the nig...

Brett Johnson one of Dr. Jim's long time stud­ents at the Cody Museum b...

Dr. Jim stand­ing beside the outst­and­ing petr­oglyph he stood by 40 year...

NJ Jim n7iu @ Par­iach Grove stand­ing in front of the larg­est Bristl­eco...

Dr. Jim and Art Johnson a rancher and long time friend of Dr. Jim. Jim...

Mar­ilyn by the petr­oglyph in trail cany­on. 6-12-2018

Art Johnson long time friend of Dr. Jim and rancher in Fish lake Valle...

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