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Jesus Said, Come Unto Me

May 2011
I wrote this hymn in 2005. It was my very first hymn, the result of a burden I had in my heart to see my own father saved. After all these years, the LORD has enabled me to return to my hymn and produce it as an You Tube video. Here are illustrations from the video, paintings by the Dutch artist, Albert Wessels. Go to: [] to see the new video.

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jesus said,c­ome unto me, on m
­atthew 11:28. i wrote this hym
n i...

JESUS SAID, COME UNTO ME, a new hymn by Kathl­een Shea Vick. It begins...

"­ushed ben­eath a load that exc­eeds all your str­ength to bear."

"You owe a debt God can't forg­et. Sin shall ruin bring. O sinn­er, how...

"Danger awaits you, O sinn­er."

"Fiery hell is your grav­e!"

"Heed, O man, the Word of the LORD: JESUS CAME TO SAVE!"

"All He will claim, His Father named. Wrath for them was stay­ed, long...

"Great is the bless­ing of know­ing all is not well with your soul. Welc...

"He prep­ares the way for you to greet the New Day."

"The New Day, the New Day, the New Day, the New Day!"

"Jes­us, Hims­elf, is that New Day. Rest, you who long to be free."

"At the cross, the blood of the Lamb paid the debt for thee. Death and...

"...wh­ere the Lamb is slain."

"Weary one, Christ knows your name!"

"Fr­iend, you are hear­ing the Gosp­el. Have faith in God and bel­ieve. Fa...

"Jesus said, Come! Weary one, Come!"

"You, Jesus Christ will rec­eiv­e!" JESUS SAID, COME UNTO ME - Words and...

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