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Arthur and Kathleen Vick  |  Columbus, Ohio
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O My Father

December 2010
For the redeemed soul, Christmas time can be very tough. It's not so much the foolish Santa Claus thing that makes me want to hibernate during the month of December. What alarms me most is what "Christians" say and do, making a mockery of our LORD. Who hasn’t heard the phony-baloney radio ads: "Howdy friends. All of us here at Pipkin Pipe Fitters want to remind you that Jesus is the reason for the season. That means God gave His Son for us all and thanks for making Pipkin No.1 in Central Ohio this year.” It’s a challenge for me to persevere in the Spirit that I would be blessed in thoughts concerning His birth. In praying about all this, I began to think about another kind of “giving” that is almost never mentioned - what God the Father GAVE to God the Son. My own soul has been deeply edified meditating on these precious truths and I hope that this simple song will encourage you, too. See all the new music videos at: []

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