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NOV 17, 2017
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Sermon A.W. Pink: Sanctification in Life and Literature | Laurence Justice
B. McCausland
"Thanks, Mr.Justice. This is a substantial lecture of much edification,..."
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Martin from Detroit
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News Item11/11/07 5:23 PM
steve Johnson | England  Find all comments by steve Johnson
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Going back to an earlier point, Are babies born homosexual because they are born sinners?

As far as I am aware, we are all born with a sinful nature as we are all descended from Adam and inherit his nature. There is a differece between a sinful nature and actual sins committed though. Sins committed are still a choice in the main.

Furthermore if we argue that babaies are born homosexual on the basis of having Adams sinful nature we would have to explain why we are here at all as Adam clearly wasn't homosexual else we wouldn't be here today.

Therefore you are not born homosexual any more than you are born a thief or a murderer. Sinful nature inclines you to choose your own way rather than Gods way but in terms of every day actions you still make a choice and are responsible for that choice. Otherwise how can God, who is righteous, judge a sinner whose defence is that they were born that way? Their nature is no more thir fault than their colour or race or height.

The gay lobby have always used psuedo science for their propaganda and the idea that you are born gay either genetically or hormonally is erroneous.

News Item11/11/07 5:03 PM
steve johnson | England  Find all comments by steve johnson
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Picking up on a few earlier points here...The gay lobby are not going to love who they percieve to be the sinner and hate the sin. We as christians however are described as a 'perculiar' people in the King James bible or if you like, a distinct, unique, different, particular kind of people. We are not meant to be the same as them. We have a great advantage when we are hated and maligned and attacked in that true christlikeness can be more clearly seen when we are badly treated. People generally have no problem being halfway decent to those who are halfway decent to them but to love your enemies and to bless those who curse you is contrary to human nature.

There seem to be two extremes those who call themselves christians get into when confronted by homosexuality. Firstly they capitulate and feel they ought to apologise for being christians. Some churches even tolorate homosexual ministers and seem to see offending someone as the worst sin. Others stand on 'truth' and hammer those who they oppose but not in a spirit of love. Rather they are condemning.

The thing is to be strong on truth and strong in love so that when men persecute us for standing on the truth our response will put men to shame

Just a few thoughts on the homosexuality debate in general.

News Item8/13/07 5:46 PM
steve johnson | england  Find all comments by steve johnson
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I would say that strictly speaking the ten commandments were given to the children of Israel. Remember how both sides {Israel and God} entered into a binding covenant together over these commandments.

The ten commandments were never meant to be taken in isolation as many christians do. They form the introductory overview of over 600 laws which include prohibitions against eating shellfish, non kosher meat, the compulsory adherance to things like circumcision, the feast of booths ect. Christians don't keep any of these things.

My view is the ten commandments do reflect something of the moral nature of God. Thou shalt not kill and thou shalt not steal are more or less recognised as moral neccessities across almost all cultures and religions. It's important that we grasp the principle behind the law rather than mearly the letter of it. That was part of th reason for the disagreements between Jesus and the Pharisees over the sabbath.

As christians under grace we are not under the law with it's associated blessings and curses. That does not mean we go to the other extreme and become lawless. The new testament has much to guide us in these matters. A christian is one who is saved BY grace THROUGH faith and as we have recieved Christ so should we walk in him.

News Item8/12/07 6:12 PM
steve johnson | england  Find all comments by steve johnson
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A man in a muslim community comes to Christ. He lives as a practicing christian and his family are quite accepting of this. At some point he dies and the local Mosque as an act of compassion offers to hold the funeral.

The family want the christians life to be accurately remembered and this includesa video presentation of the man's life which is overty christian.

Those who run the Mosque find themselves in an impossible position. According to their conciences and their beliefs they cannot let their mosque be used in this way to effectively endorse something they consider idolatry. On the other hand they do not want to cause offence to the family.

Now leaving aside whether we think Muslims or a Mosque would struggle with such an issue there are a few things to note. In the news story the perosn was homosexual, an offence to the church. In my illustration the person is a christian, an offence to the mosque. At the end of the day we don't have to agree with other peoples religions but I would not want to force my beliefs on Muslims. I may think their beliefs are wrong but they have to sincerely choose for themselves. In the other case people should respect the churches wishes even if they don't agree with the beleifs of that group.

News Item8/12/07 5:42 PM
steve johnson | england  Find all comments by steve johnson
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The Lords's day and the sabbath are definitely NOT the same thing. It amazes me how to this day there are a continual stream of protestant preachers who uphold the sabbath which is nothing of the sort.

The issue of the Lord's day, however, is an interesting one. Does the Lord's day replace the old sabbath? There seems to be some grounds for this in scripture but it is more a case of general practice than hard line law. Remember Paul the apostle spoke about one man who esteemed one day above another and another man who esteemed each day alike. He said 'let each man be convinced in his own mind'.

I believe that in principle christians should be in regular fellowship together. This is beneficial for us to edify as well as to serve one another. Teaching especially is usually done in a group context. It's practical to have this on a recognised day of the week but does it matter which day. Jesus told the Pharisees that the sabbath was made for man and not man for the sabbath. Which day of the week is 'holy' and obliging gentiles by means of an old testament Jewish law seems to have more in common with the Pharisees attitude than the attitude of Jesus.

Incidently I do worship with a congregation every sunday. For me as well as others it's just practical. Not a religious rule

News Item8/12/07 5:18 PM
steve johnson | england  Find all comments by steve johnson
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Being truly loving is being honest. As the scriptures say 'faithful are the wounds of a friend'. In all honesty I cannot reconcile the teachings of the bible with some of the practices and teachings of the Roman Catholic church. While there are many differences between churches that I think are secondary issues the Roman church teach things that I in all good concience cannot accept.

This doesn't mean I hate Catholics. It seems to me rather an unbalanced position to assume that because you don't agree with someone you must see them as some kind of trash. However, I can see where that view gains strength when I read of other unbalanced views which declare Graham is not even saved because of his liberal views on the church in Rome. Salvation is by grace through faith in Christ. {surely a clear protestant teaching if ever there was one}. While I might not agree with Graham's stance on everything he has come to saving faith. Questioning his very salvation on the basis of his views on the Roman church I think is unwise and unbalanced.

Do I therefore agree with Graham? No, but I'm not going to declare his soul damned to hell either. People will always pull out pet scriptures to prove their case but I don't think that such extreme condemnation is truly biblical.

Pastor Michael Pickett
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